Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday 55 & Da Count-Peace

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The Christmas gifts are put away, the decorations taken down. The last cookie has been stolen and the leftovers are gone. Fireworks and noisemakers are silent. The champagne has been drunk, the kisses given. The kids are back in school, the husband is back to work. A blanket of snow muffles all the sound. Aaaaahhhhh....

(Ok, fine Pennsylvania hasn't even seen a light dusting of snow that melts away in half an hour yet, but this IS nanofiction.)

*Pablo Picasso's Dove of Peace


After having 9 people in my house the week between Christmas and New Years and now having the quiet I am counting peace. It's nice to be able to schlub around in my jammies while I clean and not have to wait for hot water in the shower when I want it.

More significantly, I'm also counting the peace we had when the house was full. There is a long and contentious history with certain guests. It came to a very ugly head 3 years ago. Last week there were a few minor moments of stress, but nothing even close to as horrible as it has been in the past. My kids were also very gracious about giving up their bedrooms for alternate sleeping I am counting that peace. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh........
Wishing you all a peaceful weekend and all the world a more peaceful 2007.


lecram sinun said...

And peace be with you too! Cheers on a wonderful count.

KFarmer said...

That pic looks so relaxing and inviting. Peace is such a good count. Looking forward to some of my own soon :)

Anonymous said...

Far out Lime.

Can I crash at your pad?

Anonymous said...

Very Very cool post...
(, yeah, about that snow... when I was home I remember landing, and seeing the rain coming across the wings, and then a day or so later, sort of... snurries?
Alas... no snow.

Denver? LOTSA SNOW (oh boy...)
(nothing like wandering through the Denver hub of United after they had three days of stranded travellers. (5 bucks for a package of peanuts... ahuh..)
Looked pretty, smelled sort of like a giant bowling shoe...(okay, not exactly just, um, 'lived in.'

-totally cool that the whole herd did so well...

(I like the commercial for Hummer H3, where the kid brings a snowball back to his class for show and tell...)
-I tried to fit a plowtruck from the denver airport into the overhead rack, but no luck...
(Nearly got a flight attendant into my carryon bag... but she kept squirming, security made me give her back...)


jillie said...

And I am sure you were the hostess with the mostess.

Hope your New Year is peaceful for a while. Happy Friday.

Breazy said...

I would like to be doing what the lady in the first pic is doing...oh yeah baby! I am enjoying a bit of peace myself today. I was supposed to work with Mr. Breazy today but I have done something to my right heel and knee so that foot is swollen and uncomfortable right now .

I don't know how I would react to all those folks in my home . A couple of years ago I cooked Thanksgiving dinner and invited our families over , we had about forty people here and they were here maybe three hours or more and I was so glad when they were gone . I enjoyed them being here but I enjoyed the quietness when they were gone .

You have a peaceful weekend as well !

Logophile said...

I do so love taking baths.
I think my tenuous mental health is only as good as it is because I insist on taking long baths often and refuse to allow my family to disturb me.
Peace to you too

Seamus said...

There is some comfort in returning to some normalcy after the holidaze.

Oh! And your SNOW ... it stopped for a drink in Denver! ;)

snavy said...

We've had a light dusting of snow but like you said, melted in a 1/2 hour.

Anonymous said..., I can see you now shclubbing around in your jammies.:)

No snow here either(whispers).
I would like to see a couple of snowfalls sometime this winter.
I'm afraid we're going to pay bigtime down the road for this mild winter.

Thank you for your words of peace, I agree 100%.

Anonymous said...

Great 55 and...Hooray for da count!
We had an unusually peaceful xmas and new year this year so I can't complain, but now I can get down to some serious culinary experimenting. Peace Lime.

Anonymous said...

I just looked at your HNT's. I think the one with the rope is my favorite, though they are all good.

m said...

(-: I am glad things went relatively well this year! (-:

Welcome back to the land of jammie schlubbing in peace.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lime,

I know I am not around much, but when I check in, I always visit.

I am glad your holidays have ended with tranquility and I wish you more of the same.

I always look forward to your visits. Till next time, P.

barefoot_mistress said...

Ha first thing I thought was those are NOT limes feet...she has little short toes!
Be back Sunday night hurray!

Anonymous said...

As long as I'm free-loading, whats for lunch?

Tommy said...

If I remember right (and it was the 60s so I could be mistaken ... or having an acid flashback) but didn't peace come with a side dish of groovy and some free love on the side? If so, here's to piece, er ... peace.
ps my word verification is tjlmuff ... I think it's the cosmos telling me to get laid.

Anonymous said...

Nie to have the hectic time of year over now, huh? Hope you are doing well.

Best wishes;


Mel said...

I love schlubing...

So glad you're got a house full of quiet now. Ok, well.. as quiet as quiet gets with 3 kids but you know.


All the best this year my friend!!