Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Weird News Wednesday and an Update

I saw the doctor yesterday and had the sutures removed. He took more x-rays. After months of looking at pictures of my arm with all sorts of metal in it it was strange to see unadorned bones with holes in them where the pins used to be. So the good news is, things are healing nicely. The not so good news is now that the metal is out and there is an unobstructed view of the bone the doctor says he can see permanent damage to the bone that will continue causing problems (i.e. pain and loss of motion) in my wrist. He wasn't even going to send me back to therapy to work on it anymore and I said, 'No way! I went through this surgery to gain more use of my wrist and there is all sorts of post surgical stiffness and pain that needs to be worked through. I cannot rotate my wrist nor can I bear weight on it. I want therapy until it is demonstrated I will not make any more gains.' He ordered more.

In my mind I want to at least regain what I had BEFORE this last surgery. The two big goals that were unmet at that time were being able to play my guitar and being able to bear weight. I still have those goals. If I never gain any more wrist rotation I'll have to learn to play left handed. Ok, such is life. But bearing weight is still a big thing. Any hands and knees activity, bicycling, anything where I need to lean on both hands or lean on one and use the other, is more or less not happening...partly due to pain, partly due to inability to extend my wrist. Pain? Well, I guess we'll see what happens there though I am going to look into non-drug alternatives since tylenol doesn't cut it and narcotics are too strong (deathly allergic to aspirin therefore told to avoid ibuprofen & naproxen so that whole class of things flies out the window). Ok, enough of this.....I still have most of my function back even if it is modified, it's my non-dominant hand, I've come a long way already, etc. There's much more good than bad. I'm mostly just a tad annoyed by the way the doc seemed like he was trying to avoid the issue. He hasn't done that before so it threw me off.

In other news.....

GRAND HAVEN, Mich. - Ottawa County will pay about $40,000 to correct an embarrassing typo on its Nov. 7 election ballot: The "L" was left out of "public." A total of 170,000 ballots will have to be reprinted. The mistake appeared in the text of a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would ban some types of affirmative action. The word "public" was misspelled one of the six times it appears, county Clerk Daniel C. Krueger said Tuesday. Five or six people in his office had proofread the ballot, but it was an election clerk who found the mistake early last week. "It's just one of those words," Krueger said. "Even after we told people it was in there, they still read over it."

Personally, I think they should leave it as is. I think they just found a way to increase voter turnout. Every election should have a spot the typo feature. Can you imagine the snickering in the booths when voters find the typo for this one?

This typo alone is so rich with possibilities in municipal elections. There could be referendums on funding of Pubic Libraries, increase in the budget for the Pubic Works Department, the decision to build a new Pubic Welfare Office. There's also the highly debated need for more Pubic Parks complete with Pubic walking and bicycling trails. Clearly I am terribly puerile to enjoy this so much.

UPDATE: Ok, I've been playing here. This gender guesser makes a prediction based on your writing style. I've run about a dozen blog entries through it and only come out as weakly female on about 4 of them. The rest are weakly male or off the chart male. Does this mean I need to blog with a deeper voice? Or do I have to stand up when I blog? I'm so confused...


ttfootball said...

Lime u like ting eh!
good to hear your wrist is coming along.

snavy said...

LOL at the typo!!! I love the idea of "spot the typo" -- kind of like the where's waldo for the literate.

I agree - pt till you're satisfied with the results.

barefoot_mistress said...

Yes I agree, change public to pubic everywhere! What laughs, what fun, what trickery!

Ya know what Lime, playing guitar left handed isnt such a bad thing...just....restringing the guitar, then noone else can play it etc.....

Tan Lucy Pez said...

*laughing all the way on the UPDATE part*

I once proof-read a publication for a group of co-workers. They had looked the thing over many times. But the one mistake jumped out at me: They had misspelled Pennsylvania. We were all PA employees. They hadn't bothered looking at the title of the thing.

Sorry for the continuing problem with your arm. You are doing the right thing. Doctors are just people. No one knows better than you what you are capable of doing.

Anonymous said...

Physio is the best. often Doctors tell you stuff and when you get into the physio you end up suprising yourself.

BTW, there's lots of weird hypertext coming up on your blog.

Seamus said...

That would so suck if you can't play your guitar! I'd be utterly lost without mine!

MyUtopia said...

I hope they are able to do something for your arm! Whata bummer!

lecram sinun said...

Janita will be fine. Sure., there's gonna be work ahead but it will happen. :)

Anonymous said...


Keep working on the arm, it will come.

Re the typo, I kept waiting for the big one: Pubic Transportation.

Come on girl, engage. LOL


Blither said...

Pubic.. Bahahhaha.

I'm off to check out the "Here" :)

Blither said...

Ooo I dare not tempt the gender guesser.. Might give me a complex. I say we need to figure out who's on the other side of the screen.

Also.. I like the new digs Ms Limey. Is the Blue the New Lime?

lime said...

tt, thanks

snavy, awesome! you are charged with coming up with a catchy title for the new initiative

susie, you're as twisted as me, must be why i love ya

lucy, oh no, that's just so sad on so many levels, sad and funny!

alistair, that's my hope. and i was playing with my template all day.

seamus, here's hoping

myutopia, ditto

lecram, i'm ok with work...just give me the chance is all. thanks. janita waves to jimmy:)

phaedrous, LMAO!! you win! that IS the best one!

blither, no matter what it says re: gender you will always be our lovely lady blitherness. glad ya like the new look. i'm not done tinkering yet.

AndyT13 said...

Glad the surgery went well. Sorry bout the problems. You WILL play again and bear weight. The body is amazingly resilient and western doctors are amazingly clueless sometimes. Soak the injured wrist in water as hot as you can bear as often as you can and for as long as you can. You should see some improvement nearly right away and more the longer and more frequently you do it. I have a friend who was told he'd never walk again regain 100% mobility using the hot bath and acupuncture method. You may laugh but that shit works. Can't wait to check out the gender guesser. BTW I humbly suggest you shy away from the light colored fonts. I can't read them for jack.

Word ver= oiwish

lime said...

andy, the hot water thing makes sense (once the post surgical swelling goes down) the therpaists cook my arm before they ever start therapy, and it always feels really good. i mean to go fix the other fonts...they were posted when i still had the dark background.

Logophile said...

Yup, my writing came back male, I thought it would.
Even though I wear make up and nail polish and everything, those stupid gender thingees always call me a boy, oh well.

I don't care though, I am NOT standing to blog, too hard on the back :P

Good call on the PT. My leg may not be what it once was but it is far better than they guessed, you can doooooo eeet!

If you have a floating thingee you can play yours left handed though, always an option. Lefty is cooler anyway

Gary said...

Did you know tha Les Paul, the inventer of the electric guitar, broke his arm and had the doctor set it in a position where he could still play? If you ever get a chance, you should read his biography. He was quite an interesting fellow.

Fluffycat said...

Wow I love that Gender Guesser thing. I keep putting my blog entries in it, and I get a different gender for each entry. Weird.

m said...

Good for you for asking for more therapy! At this point your recovery is an open book. Don't put limits on your expectations..or let the doctors put limits on it.

I had a bad muscle pull in my right arm and was told I would never bowl or play golf again. I sometimes feel the pain if I overdo it,but I can still bowl. And my lack of talent in golf is hindering me more than the arm.

Nancy Drew said...

ROFL Lime am just as immature as y ou are LOVE the typo!!

Great for you not letting the md's get away with that glossing over the loss of function in the wrist. Can you change doctors? Don't like the sound of this one at all. Fooey on him and way to hang in there.

Nancy Drew said...

p.s. I wound up weak female once I fed that thing enough words. First verdict was weak male when I fed it a short sample.

Boo phooey. I rate it wimp!

Anonymous said...

Keep at it and surprise your doctor!

Off to try the gender thingy...

Heather said...

Good for you on telling your doctor what's what. Damn doctors annoy me sometimes. I'm glad he listened.

And the last part made me lol. Imagine making our politicians have to say 'pubic' instead of public. HA!