Friday, October 14, 2005

101 Things About Lime

I know this went around a while ago, but I never did it over at the Asylime so I'll do it here.

1. I'm a wife.
2. I am a mother to three kids.
3. I have a Special Ed. degree.
4. I met my husband at a Monkees concert.
5. I got married while I was still in college.
6. I was pregnant when I graduated.
7. I've studied French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.
8. I can't remember the French I took.
9. I can muddle through in Spanish.
10. I've been to Bolivia.
11. I lived in Trinidad for a year.
12. My second daughter was born there.
13. I'm adopted.
14. I'm ethnically Greek....
15.....culturally Pennsylvania German....
16.....Trini at heart.
17. In 1987 I travelled from PA to CA wiht a group of 9 bibyclists and two people in a car.
18. I drove the car, cooked, laundered, and set up camp.
19. Everyday I packed the belongings of 11 people into a Chevette and could still see out the back window.
20. I cannot believe how flat the middle of the USA is.
21. I love trees and mountains.
22. I love the ocean.
23. I started guitar lessons 18 months ago.
24. My teacher moved.
25. I haven't practiced since she moved 4 months ago.
26. I NEED a new teacher....a cheap one!
27. I am taking classes in library science.
28. I was a nerdy kid who read the dictionary and encyclopedia for entertainment.
29. I know this is weird, you don't have to tell me.
30. I love to dance.
31. I dance all over my house.
32. Sometimes I dance in stores if good music plays.
33. This mortifies my kids.
34. I like to sing around the house and in the car.
35. Others do not derive as much pleasure from this as I do.
36. I enjoy bugging my kids by dancing in public and singing loudly.
37. I think Mowgli and Tarzan are way cooler than Cinderella and Snow White.
38. As a kid, I bent the hell out of my canopy bed dismounting like Tarzan.
39. I still like to swing from ropes in trees.....
40.......and climb on rocks....
41.....and jump on trampolines...
42.....even though my lower back is a bit of a mess.
43. I had hair to below the middle of my back for 18 years...
44. ....partly because I am scared of hairdressers.
45. I cut it to boy short when my kids brought home head lice from school and shared it with me.
46. I did not know my hair was curly until I cut it.
47. I keep it about shoulder length now.
48. It is graying quickly.
49. I will never dye it.
50. I have brown eyes.
51. I am big on keepign eye contact during conversation.
52. It bugs me when other people aren't.
53. I have only worn make up 3 times inthe last 20 years.
54. My own wedding was not one of those occasions.
55. I love tie-dye.
56. I love batik.
57. I can sew well enough to make wearble clothing.
58. My kids and I volunteer at a living historical farm.
59. I sewed our costumes for that.
60. I used to be able to knit and crochet.
61. I want to learn to spin wool.
62. I know this is not a marketable skill.
63. I don't care.
64. I LOVE chocolate.
65. Some day before I die I want to swim in a vat of melted chocolate.
66. I have eaten curried goat.
67. I have eaten chicken feet.
68. I can make 3 kinds of roti (East Indian flat bread).
69. I do not make good curry to go with the roti.
70. Except curried venison.
71. My curried venison kicks ass.
72. I'd rather eat venison that beef.
73. I am violently allergic to aspirin, bananas, and Neil Diamond.
74. I am allergic to a lesser degree to penicillin, kiwi fruit, and Air Supply.
75. The worst job I ever had was in the laundry room of a nursing home.
76. I did like to visit some of the residents during my breaks.
77. My favorite job was as a camp counselor at a special ed. camp.
78. I got fired at the end of the 3rd summer for breaking curfew with the camp cook.
79. He was so not worth it.
80. I wonder where some of the camp kids are today.
81. When I worked as a house painter I got the nickname 'Sacagewea' because of how I squatted to do the low trim work.
82. I have lived in my current house for 2 years.
83. I still have not painted the walls.
84. All my pictures for the walls are still in boxes.
85. I want to visit Greece
86. Ireland
87. Australia
88. Kenya
89. Mongolia
90. Spain
91. Egypt.
92. Or anywhere someone would like to take me.
93. I don't want to visit in a touristy way.
94. I want a friend who lives in these places to show me what they love and what makes it home.
95. In college I used to hang out mostly with the foreign students.
96. I liked messing with the heads of the people who thought I was foreign too.
97. I often feel like a foreigner anyway.
98. I love to learn about different cultures.
99. I like learning about some unusual interest a friend may have.
100. I need one more thing about myself.
101. I am glad I got through this...hahahaha


bsoholic said...

Great list! It's good to know you a bit more. I think I might be allergic to Neil Diamond too. LOL!

When I did the list I found myself speaking and thinking in one sentence format for a day or two following. Very strange.

barefoot_mistress said...

I want to take you to India, cmon lets go! Very interesting list! Don't forget, we are also going to Greece!!!
Woo hoo!

James Goodman said...

It's good to learn a little more about you. Great list. :)

I also speak a bit of chinese, though I can't write it. I also speak a little French and quite a bit of spanish.

Ariella said...

Very interesting list, I like, good job!

lime said...

bs, i will share my epipen if overexposure to the singer who shall remain nameless threatens your health.

bare, i sure want to!!

goody, wow, that is neat to know about you too! hen hao??

ariella, ty for the quadriped vote of confidence

snavy said...

I love your list - so glad you did it!
I'll take you to Greece!!

I've lived here almost 4 yrs and wall pics are still in boxes too - I hate it here.

James Goodman said...

Fre Tun Hao Ni hen Pia Leong, hen peng you. As I said, I can't spell it, but phonetically, I think I got all that right. Now I'm off to eat some chinese food. What a coincedence. :)

lime said...

snavy, thanks. i feel better now!

um chinese is limited to an exchange of greetings and counting to the number five.....pathetic i know! I forgot everything else. xie xie ni! curious to know when you studied it and for how long?

bsoholic said...

mmmm, I love General Tso(?) chicken! i could go for some chinese food...

James Goodman said...

Along time ago in a land far away. :) I speak (with varying fluency)around 12 languages other than english. Granted, some are no more than greetings and a few curse words, but most are enough for me to pick up women, er...I mean interrogate people back in the good ole' bad days of my soldier life. I have always had a love for languages and it seems a bit of an ear for them too.

snavy said...

I know a little Mandarin & would love to learn more. Woe i ni peng-you! (excuse spelling)

lime said...

goody, that is so impressive. I tend to think i have a pretty decent ear too and love to learn languages. they fascinate me

James Goodman said...

Thanks, lime. Ah, we love you too, Snavy! :)

Sarah said...

A pleasure to meet you! i, too, had that weird midlife curly hair thing. mine has been becoming curly for a while now, but it really took off in the past year. isn't it weird?

thanks for the comment on my blog. i'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!