Sunday, November 06, 2005

Congratulations, Goody!


And now, for his stellar performance on 'Are You a Limer or do You Need Lime-ade?' let's see what Goody has won!

A year's supply of Turtle Wax! Make your car shine like the host's cheesy grin!
A case of Rice-a-roni! It's the San Francisco treat!
This beautiful porcelain Dalmation! Crafted by Italian artisans!
A cubic zirconium encrusted bumblebee brooch! A lovely accessory for the discriminating and stylish woman in your life!

Ok, ok, I can't really deliver those prizes and I don't really think you'd want them anyway. So instead, I offer you this:

Behind Door #1 is the opportunity to craft a list of questions for me to answer in my blog, list to be agreed upon by you and me.

Behind Door #2 is the opportunity to have me post pictures of me doing some PG or G rated activity, to be agreed upon by you and me.

Behind Door #3 is the opportunity for you to give me some other mutually agreed upon suggestion of what you'd like to see me do here to reward your keen powers of observation and recall.

Let me know which door you want, Goody and we will work out the details after. Congratulations!


barefoot_mistress said...

Oh man! Prizes? Too cool! LOL

snavy said...

Hehehe - I like the way this could turn out! Limeykins sweetness - Goody is very, scarily good at the imagination stuff - I would be scared if I were you!!!

lime said...

lol bare, yep!

snavy, i am just so damn impressed that the person who has known me the shortest amount of time aced the quiz. i gotta reward it!

Ariella said...

Do I get a runner up prize?
An honorable mention?
Throw me a fricking bone here, people!!

Jodes said...


Breazy said...

Congrats Goody! Great idea Lime!

James Goodman said...

Just for the record, I am leaning towards Door #2. While door #1 has great appeal, I am not sure if I could come up with suitable questions, that haven't been answered at some time or another.

Now, the trick is what should the pictures be?

I'll have to get back to you on that one. :)

lime said...

lol, goody ok. shall we keep it a surprise for everyone else as to what the ultimate plan is? shall i email you?

James Goodman said...

Why, yes...that would be great. My e-mail is

Tan Lucy Pez said...