Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Weird News Wednesday-Pass the Barf Bucket

KEELUNG, Taiwan (AFP) - Savoury ice cream has become a popular fad in trendy Western restaurants, but Taiwan vendor Liny Hsueh is whipping up business with an even stranger range of flavours -- seafood. Hsueh's "Dr. Ice" brand offers ice cream, "snowflake ice" (shaved ice) and "bubble ice" (thinly shaved ice) made from shrimp, cuttlefish, tuna, seaweed and laver (purple seaweed) combined with fruits, mint, wasabi, peanut and wine.
(Can someone give me a great big 'EEEWWWW!'?)

Salty, pungent seafood does not seem ideally suited to traditionally sweet and soft ice cream, yet Hsueh has managed to find a harmony between the two to create the island's only seafood flavoured frozen desserts line. The 13 flavours on offer include pineapple shrimp, wasabi cuttlefish, strawberry tuna and mango seaweed, all in stark colors from orange to green to black. All are served in white or blue shell on fish-shaped plates and bowls, and some also come with a sprinkle of small dried fish, roe or chopped squid.
(May I ask what was wrong with good old fashioned vanilla topped by hot fudge? If you need to get exotic how about pistachio?)

Peter Lin, a first-time customer who tried shrimp and seaweed flavored ice cream, said he was surprised that it didn't carry the smell or salty taste of seafood. "I was a little worried that it would taste disgusting and weird," said the 41-year-old man who paid 35 Taiwan dollars (about 1.04 US) for each scoop.
(I'd be surprised if I did not vomit on the spot.)

"I had to find a niche in the crowded market of ice desserts and I thought that even though Taiwan is an island with abundant oceanic resources, seafood was never used to make them and I wanted to give it a try. I am continuing to experiment with different seafood to create new flavours," she said, adding scallop could be the newest addition to her "Dr. Ice" line.
(Someone please stop this woman!)

I have to admit, in Trinidad you can get Guinness flavored ice-cream, which I think is pretty vile. So Taiwan has not cornered the market on gross ice cream. Here are some more flavors I never want to taste.
1. Sauerkraut ice cream
2. Liver ice cream
3. Kidney pie ice cream
4. Garlic ice cream (I like garlic and cook with it a lot, I could even sample this flavor here at the local 'Pocono Garlic Festival' but I DON'T WANT TO)
5. Vodka ice cream
6. Olive ice cream
7. Head Cheese ice cream (I swear, head cheese looks like the stuff you blow out of your nose after a head cold)
8. Scrapple ice cream
9. Sweetbreads ice cream
10. Mustard ice cream

Ok, so the most vile flavor ice cream you have heard of or would not want to see is?


bsoholic said...

Ok, so the most vile flavor ice cream you have heard of or would not want to see is?

Hmm, I'd have to say McFlurry! Hahaha

No seriously, I dig seafood but icecream? That just seems wrong.

Although, I'd try a Vodka one. ;)

barefoot_mistress said...

Headcheese ice cream, bring it on!!

In SF, you can get saffron icecream, its delicious!

Sorry, but I don't eat swimmers!

Ariella said...

Well, for unusual but good, I have had lavendar ice cream which was quite yummy.
They do garlic ice cream here too, at a festival, never worked up the stupid to try it.
Saw broccoli ice cream one but there was no one with a gun handy to threaten, so I didn't try that either.

Jodes said...

brussel sprout ice cream.

Blither said...

Just picture me making a really fugly face.

The Village Idiot said...

I would have to gravy falvored icecream


that about sums it up

The Village Idiot said...

seafood turns my stomache, but i'm in love with the guinness one. They can do no wrong with that beer in my (very thin) book.

(mine is a very thin book because my brain is a very shallow troth).

Have an awesome day!!
the idiot

Breazy said...

whew my stomach is turning just reading that . I wouldn't want to try any of those flavors . I am a plain kinda girl when it comes to ice cream , my favorite is vanilla ! LOL! Good post Lime , very unusual .

Thomcat said...

what ? no cheeto ice cream ? dang !

lime said...

wow, you all have come up with some really revolting flavors yourselves!

snavy said...

Eeeeewwwww and oh yeah, eeeewwww!

The Zombieslayer said...

(Can someone give me a great big 'EEEWWWW!'?)

What's with Asians and horrible desserts? I looooove Asian food, esp Sushi, Vietnamese, and Thai, yet only the Thais can make a decent desert.

I hate French food but I'll readily admit their desserts are absolutely wonderful.

As for vile ice cream flavors, we had some bad ones this weekend. My real estate agent and I have been going to the Asian market for supplies (I cook Asian food all the time) and he bought a bunch of Asian ice creams. None of them were any good.

Anonymous said...

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