Friday, March 10, 2006

Love Poems

Diana is googly eyed for a boy and this is a great time for her 10 year old brother, Isaac, to let his creativity flow freely. He was composing poetry for his sister and the boyfriend in question. Here are some of the gems.

Roses are red
Like a fiery comet.
Your face could make
Quasimodo vomit.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
If something smells bad
It's gotta be you

Roses are red
And here's a small chant
I wish you would drown
In a waste treatment plant.

Please feel free to let this stimulate your inner poet and share a few verses with me.
Happy Weekend all!

*UPDATE: Here's another one the boy added just tonight!
Roses are red,
Daffodils, yellow
You may be a girl
But you look like a fellow


bsoholic said...

LOL, he rocks!

Sheri said...

Roses are red
we hear it all the time,
nothing starts the day
like a good read at Lime.

Yeah - I'm lame , I know.

The Village Idiot said...

roses are red
black when they're dead
like a patient etherized upon a table....

no wait..I am sure i can do better after coffee

barefoot_mistress said...

Roses are red
Dianas lips are too
And that boys gonna kiss em
And there's nothing you can do!

Hey You said...

That's great!!

your said...
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Melody said...

hahaha...Siblings are just great aren't they.

Melody said...

hahaha...Siblings are just great aren't they.

snavy said...

Violets are purple
Roses are red
I'm only with you
Cuz I'm sick in the head...

Anonymous said...

cute, we have another budding poet on our hands, gees I wonder where he gets it from? lol

have a great weekend lime.:)

logo said...

Roses are blue
and their stems have pricks...
maybe ought to leave it at that, eh?

Chickadee said...

LMAO...has big sister seen these poems? He might be risking his life, expressing his creativity in unorthodox way. ;)

ShyRocket said...

Hey there... darn, I have lost your e-mail. Not sure how that happened, too. So I dropped by to say "hi" and thank you for visiting my blog so much the last few weeks. NO, your words were not too blunt or harsh... NEVER. In fact, your style is one of the things I like about you. Don't stop! YES! YES! YES! (OH, sorry, wrong screenplay.)

Drop me a note when you can. Have a great weekend... still loving the motorcycle pic!


Jodes said...

those are great. Hope you have a good weekend.

Bridget Jones said...

He's got a future at Hallmark...or a singing telegram place.....

EroticFae said...

Your son is adorable....I base this knowledge purely on his poetry. I came to thank you for your comment on my blog and found a gem.

(That means you!)

Can't wait to read more.


James Goodman said...

your son has quite a knack for this type of thing. I loved them. :D

Blither said...

Heh! Brilliant!

Yasser Rahman said...

Protective Brother...great! Sounds like a great lad :)

Robert van de Walle said...

He's just ten, and coming up with these? I bet it's way fun at your house.

Your poor daughter. Except, she's probably strong enough to take it and sling it back.

On thin ice you are skating,
Little brother, take care:
Soon you'll start dating
Your sister's revenge, beware!

lime said...

oh dear all. i just found out he plagarized all but the last one from forxtrot comments! he fessed up. eeek!!!! sorry all. my face is red!

Scott Arthur Edwards said...
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Fred said...

Hey, the internet's there for all of us to copy. That's what my students think, anyway.