Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weird Wednesday-Between a Rock (Band) and a Downy Soft Place

Monday I recapped the trip to and from Georgia. Overall, the visit went well on an interpersonal level. I'm very thankful for this since past visits have been, shall we say, less than pleasant. There was a rather odd mystery with a weird resolution though.

Grandma has a pool with a little lake nearby so we spent a good bit of time swimming. Upon returning to the house, Mr. Lime put the wet towels in the dryer. The next day we took them out and we noticed a very funky smell when we dried off with them. We all thought maybe they hadn't been dried fully. We washed them and dried them properly next time but noticed the whole laundry room smelled a bit funky.

The following day the laundry room was downright rank. Mr. Lime pulled out the machines to check under them and found nothing. Grandma thought it was the septic backing up since no obvious source of the stench could be found. I declared it the smell of ripe roadkill, not septic fumes. Then I noticed that if the dryer was running there was no smell. Mr. Lime pulled out the dryer again and disconnected the big vent pipe. Upon the most cursory glance a tail was found to be dangling from the back of the dryer. Rubber gloves and a bucket were fetched. After a moment, one very smelly and decomposing flying squirrel was extracted from the back of the dryer. Mr. Lime was lauded as a hero and after a bit of bleaching and replacement of fresh vent pipes the malodorous ordeal was over. I am glad for Grandma's sake that it happened while we were there so it could be taken care of easily for her. May I just say, I don't think flying squirrel scented dryer sheets will ever be a big seller.....just in case anyone ever has that idea.


As you know, it was a 15 hour trip down and a 15 hour trip back. I shared some of the things we did for amusement during said trek. Maybe I like Dave Barry too much but coming up with weird names for rock bands amuses me. Road signs, billboards, and other sights became a good source for this. And since AndyT is looking for rock band name suggestions I tossed a few out. Here they are plus some more.

Slow Children Playing (C'mon, this is good. I laugh ever time I see these signs...think about it.)
Dangerous Curves
Crazy Steve and the Fireworks (Get real crazy and think Flaming Lips. Look Ma! No hands!)
Cheap Cigarettes
Flagman and the Orange Vests
Live Nude Girls (Hey, if Bare Naked Ladies can make it, so can this group)
99 cent Whoppers
Hummer and the Wee Peepees
Fresh Bait and the Hookers
Screaming Hellion and the Bird Flippers (Saw a lot of these, it made me think of 10,000 Maniacs)
Exit 69
Hot Tar Sniffers
Hog and the Speedtraps
Elephant Butt (Yes, I am juvenile. This still makes me crack up days later.)

Ok,'re up. Give me a good road trip name for a rock band.


Breazy said...

LOL! I definately won't be purchasing any flying squirrel scented dryer sheets if the happen to hit the shelves any time soon ! You are so funny and I would love to have you along on a long trip to Texas. You would blend right in with my family because we spend the whole time laughing and coming up with off the wall things from billboards , county signs and so on . You have a good day !

tl said...

Jock Strapp and his Elastic Band.

lime said...

breazy, i say if ya can't laugh voluntarily youwind up barking a tthe moon on trips liek that. sign me up and have a goodone yourself:)

tl, LMAO!! Snappy!

Jodes said...

funny stuff.....will there be bullwinkle scented febreeze?

lecram sinun said...

No flying squirrel scented dryer sheets... yet turd shaped chocolate candies are big sellers. Go figure!

Oh, I got one! "No U Turn".

Margie Blystone said...

We once had a family trip ordeal that left us waiting for a new tire and rim in Butner, North Carolina... So my name for a band would hafta be... 'Break-Down in Butner' or any variation thereof...
'Broken-Down in Butner'
'Butner Break-Down'
Sounds rather Bachman Turner Overdrive'ish... Don't you think?

James Goodman said...

Men at Work...oh, wait that's already spoken for.

How about I-69 ?

I think it says it all... :D

AlRo said...

Being in a band, with my father no less, we have brainstormed band-names alot... and some of them were. . umm. less than serious...

My dad's old band name was Rockin' Our Souls .. now if you say it fast it'll come our Rockin arseholes.

Other great rock band names:

Buster Highman and the Penetrators.
Wet Seal.
Cerebrial Hemorage (heavy metal band).
Spanky and the Monkeys
Two Nuts and a telephone pole.
Exit Only (we actually considered this one!)

lime said...

jodes, perish the thought!

lecram, lol. friends of mine gave me one in a pink diaper when the first limelette was born.

margie, oh yeah , very BTO

james, a much better entry than my 'ext 69' i bow to a master!

alro, lmao@ rockin our souls.

The Melody Censor said...

Oh I have a good one...or at least I think it's good...

Are we there yet?

Cosima said...

Lol...all excellent names. AndyT's problem is solved.

Amber said...

I would go see a band with any of thoses names

Anonymous said...

Please please tell me it wasn't Rocky?

Logophile said...

Band name~ You Can't Get There From Here

Flying Squirrel dryer sheets are a no-go, huh?
Wow, how disappointing.

M said...

In honor of kids who sit in the back seat and feel ill...

The Car Sick-o's

miss_lissa said...

Burning Rubber

Rest Stop Ahead

Next GAS 5 miles

Left turn on Broadway

k, thats all I could come up with!!

Oh wait--->

Turn the Car Around!
(don't make me)


Oh and I saw the blogger roadtrip idea!! LOL I love it! You've always got a warm bed and cold beer here if you want it :D

Mark Leslie said...

Love the band name suggestions. Now a thought. Perhaps the group Slow Children Playing could break up, lose their main singer, and reform 20 years later as Slow Men Working.

airplanejayne said...

Hummer and the Wee Peepees.....

Did you know that Pepsi burns when it comes outta your nose?

Hummer and the Wee Peepees.....

Yup - worth all the burn...

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

(real signs)

'Food Gas Phone Hospital.'

'Last Exit in NJ'

'Ray's Bordello, Family Style Meals.' (I actually saw this in Nevada somewhere.)

'Donner Pass Food and Fuel' (yes, thee donner pass...)

'Do Not pick up Hitchhikers, stop, slow down, or pull over for any reason: Penitentary area. -Have a nice day.' (outside of NewPaltz, NY)

AndyT13 said...

The only one of these that floats my boat so far is Lime's last one. Exit 69 sounds rather promising actually. Plus the association is doubly pleasant for me since exiting a 69 generally means we're moving on to the main event! Ride it out for me baby!

Schadeboy said...

I don't think it's possible to like Dave Barry too much, unless you've discovered where he lives and are sneaking around his house to catch a glimpse of his Daveness.

Lurking around his blog doesn't count, either.

Schadeboy said...

Oh, and as for my rock band name suggestion, here are a couple:

Speed Limit
Road Construction
Road Narrows
Reduced Speed Ahead

I could be wrong. Those might be terrible names for rock bands.