Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday 55 & Da Count-Diana

*today it's 55 syllables instead of words


red head

will of iron

freckle speckled

challenger of fools,

what will tame your wild heart

which runs free in the woodlands?

come now, and still yourself

beneath the silver moon

then wander in peace

brook-fed spirit

silent heart



100_0788 (2)

Yesterday was opening day of the youth deer hunt here in Pennsylvania. I apologize to those readers who are anti-hunting. Our family eats what we take. It's cheap, organic meat that tastes better than beef. It's not about bloodsport. A trophy is not the goal, a full freezer is. We will get excited over a nice set of antlers but we won't pass up a good sized doe just to wait for a trophy rack.

Diana went out for her fourth hunting season and for the fourth year in a row she brought home a nice sized deer that will feed us for quite some time. For the fourth time she managed to bag her quarry within the first two hours of her first day out in the season. The kid really has done extremely well for herself and our family. Yes, she's a girl and she handles a .270 Ruger rifle with confidence and skill (and we are ADAMANT about safe handling since there is absolutely no room for error).

So for this week I want to count Diana. I'm counting her not just because she can hunt but for all of who she is. She came out of the chute 40 years old. She never considered that she was on anything less than equal footing with the rest of the world. She just assumed she was in charge. She told me when she was 3 that she knew more than I did and I should just be quiet and listen. It makes her quite 'interesting' to parent. All those grey hairs on my head? Diana is responsible for a LOT of them.

She has a very inquisitive mind. She wants to know WHY things are as they are. WHY are you asking her to do things a certain way? Good luck swaying her if you cannot convince her of the logic of your position. When she was nearly 4 and still refusing to be potty trained I asked her in exasperation WHY she wouldn't use the potty. In her own words she replied very matter-of-factly, 'Because I don't want you to control me.' Hand to God, I am not kidding you. That's what the kid said at the tender age of 3 1/2. It can be wearisome but I really do not worry about her bowing to peer pressure. She's got a good head on her shoulders and finds it quite laughable that someone would expect her to change in order to win their friendship.

She is very articulate too. She accepts that her peers don't always understand her. When she uses good vocabulary correctly and teachers give her strange looks she'll narrow her eyes and ask if she should use smaller words. She says exactly what she means and means exactly what she says. We are working on developing some level of diplomacy with her, not every opinion demands expression.

She'll soon be 16 but she never seemed to go through that horrendously self-conscious stage between 11-14. Even at that age she carried herself with more confidence than many adults. I was amazed at how comfortable she was in her own skin at that point.

She is utterly perseverant when it really matters to her. She's played trumpet for 5 years. She's been 2nd chair the whole time. She is determined to make first chair eventually. Even though there has been some clear favoritism going on toward the girl who is first chair (and this girl freely admits it) Diana has not given up and she has maintained a good friendship with the girl seated ahead of her. I can't tell you how proud I am that she's found the balance between pressing for excellence without stomping on people to be number one.

Sometimes it's easy to miss her tender side but she does have one. She works with the autistic son of a friend. The mother has trained her in the specific therapeutic activities he receives and Diana looks forward to her times with this boy. Her confidence helps keep him on task but her tenderness comes through in the smiles she gives and receives and the fun they have together.

She's done the same with me over the last few months as she's helped me with some of the things I need to do to get Janita working. She also proved she can keep cool in a crisis and do the things that need doing when I fell. She's been saying for a year that she wants to be a registered nurse. I didn't necessarily see her being gratified by sitting on a hospital floor shuffling paperwork and asked her about that. She looked at me as if to say, 'Duh, Mom!' and then she told me she wanted to be a trauma or a scrub nurse. I should have known...that would suit her well.

So this week, I'm counting my tenacious, strong-willed, articulate, bright, focused Diana. I'm so proud of her and I love her to bits.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lime,

Beautiful post. Diana reminds me of my daughter, close in age and temperment. To be so lucky as a parent to have an intelligent, beautiful, willful child sometimes gets lost when dealing with the "wilful" part. We are indeed blessed.

Good count.


Anonymous said...

:) Wonderful Da Count. My son is a "why?"-child too. Very inquisitive, strong-willed, and passionate. And like you, I don't want him any other way.

ttfootball said...

Lime this is beautiful, if only everyone could be so lucky to have children like that...AND she can hunt too? What more can you ask?

O and I like how you don't "sport hunt"

Anonymous said...

Diana, Goddess of the moon.

Congratulations on raising such a wonderful, inspired child. I would truly expect that from you. Just because of the way you are. :-)

Sounds like she has very honorable and respectable goals. I hope that she finds all she wants in life and I am glad that you have something to be so proud of.


Tommy said...

Awwwwww ... hun, if you are gonna continue making me weep on Friday, I'm gonna have to start waiting till Saturday to come by. Congrats to her on her kill and her genes, cuz I know a lot of that came from you. Have a good weekend sugar. TTYL

Seamus said...

Wow! I love this post! What a wonderful girl, that child of yours. Its nice to be able to step away from the moment and see our children as they relate to the world and not just as they relate to/aggravate us! :)

lecram sinun said...

What's that they say about the apple and the tree? I love this count! I have to brace you for many more moments of pride down the road. Cheers!

AndyT13 said...

Rock on! That's a great count! Reminds me of my sister somewhat actually. Same personality type.
I counted something funny and something serious today. Hope you're feeling better. Happy Late HNT!

Heather said...

What an awesome post. She sounds absolutely wonderful. Way to go!!!

snavy said...

She is a very amazing young woman.

Reminds me of someone...

barefoot_mistress said...

Wowee kazowee Lime, what an awesome 55!
That little woman is turning out to be quite the hunter, isn't she?
What a lovely young lady, you should be proud.

lime said...

phaedrous, thank you. you are right on all counts. blessed for sure!

cosima, my mantra has been 'honest questions get honest answers.' he will amaze youas he grows i am sure!

tt, thank you. she's quite something.

dr psy, yessss, goddess of the moon and the hunt ;)

tommy, you're a dear. i'll issue tissue alerts for you.

seamus, very well said! it's incredible to watch them grow.

lecram, i believe it's 'the limelette doesn't fall far...' ;)

andy, if she's an older sister you have my sympathies, teehee.

heather, thanks

snavy, she amazes me constantly *blushing*

susie, thanks! i am incredibly proud of her in so many ways.

Logophile said...

I'm so glad she has a mom who encourages her, let's her be her and admires and loves her.
You are both amazing women!

Lady Lux said...

lovely and heartwarming..I enjoyeed reading about your daughter and made me wish for a sec that I had one too...I have two boys...

She's clearly going to grow up to be someone who will inspire people along the way...

I'm happy for you

PS: I read your other posts down and learned a lot...thank you..

Anonymous said...


Anti-bloodsports? Yes!

Beautiful post, as usual.

Cootera said...

Schweeeet, Lime!! Your daughter sounds like the kind of person anyone would be lucky to count as a friend/daughter/sibling. Sounds to me that you and da Mr. Lime done a good job!

(Loved the poem.)

Oh, and HI!! I'm semi-back.

Sheri said...

Like daughter. YOu've raised her well. Oh - and I'm sure Mr. Lime must've had a little something to do to help. Kudos to you both!

Boysenberry said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful daughter you have. I can only hope that MissB grows with the same qualities.

Nancy Drew said...

This is one special one. Hope that she continues to grow into a special Reminds me of her mom.

KFarmer said...

Beautiful mom, beautiful daughter- Strong willed children can be a challenge but what a wonderful one it is.

If you dont mind me asking, I'm curious- what sign was she born under?

tl said...

Mum must be doing something right to have a daughter turn out that way.


Blither said...

Aww! Limey You are Such an Awesome Mommy! Diana Rules! What a pretty pretty girl!
When's Dinner?

Aunt Bea said...

i'm so glad you recognize her will as a good thing, even as frustrating as it can be! my mother always tried to squash it out of me. didn't work, and made for VERY difficult growing up years. sounds like she has a good head on her shoulders, even if it's a very hard one! :) you're doing a fantastic job. and yes, the limelette doesn't fall far from the Lime. (btw, she bears a striking resemblence to Aspen, Brico's daughter)

lime said...

logo, thanks, it takes one to know one.

lady lux, i'm sure your boys are an immeasurable blessing. thanks for the visit:)

alistair, thanks! you are welcome to come join us for some yummy venison dishes:D

cootera, welcome back and thanks

sheri, thanks. you're doing a great job too!

boysenberry, thank you. i'm sure Miss B will be an amazing little lady herself.

nancy, thanks, i'm blushing

kfarmer, it can be wearying, but she is a gift....and a sagittarius

tl, thanks. i am certainly trying.

blither, thanks:D come on over any time, we'll fire up the grill when you get here.

aunt bea, thanks. you're doing great too. and i thought the same thing about aspen when i saw her pics months ago ;)

Brian said...

That post was so vivid. She sounds absolutely wonderful! :)

Chickadee said...

What a wonderful tribute to your daughter. She certainly sounds like a great gal, she may have all the attributes you listed, but you have played a big role in the person she is today too, so give yourself some credit. :)

Also wanted to let you know that our computer server crashed on Tuesday which has meant NO email and NO blogging. And I have no idea when the server will be fixed. There's a good chance that all of material on my blog is forever lost and I will have to build from scratch. Ah well...a new beginning will be good.

Spitfire said...

k tenth try to comment *does a hail mary, I wanted to say darnit, I loved your count, I thought it was beautiful and you should be proud...I love reading about your parenting..and the children in your life.

They are lucky to have you. I have been trying to comment since Friday. Sorry this is so late.

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

LPN? Nope
RN? Nada
BSN? close but nah.

The kid has to be a nurse practitioner.

Then, when she's ready, should teach.
There are so many young women who will be inspired by her it is not funny.

(Don't even bother with an RN... she's too good.)

-and for what it's worth?
I refused to be controlled and potty trained either, -and I'm 43...

(just kidding.)

lime said...

brian, thank you!

chickadee, oh no! i hope you can recover things!

spitfire, blogger has been very evil. thanks for persevering

lacquer, that makes sense too...but i think she'll need to get the whole adrenaline rush aspect out of her system first.

Anonymous said...

wow! wonderful post. you are so proud and deserve to be! beautiful.

keda said...

ugh that was me. stupid blugger!

Moosekahl said...

She could always go to PA school and tell the nurses what to do :) But you know I'm partial to PA's, but without my nurses I'm useless. You have an amazing little Limelette on your hands.