Monday, October 09, 2006

Random Bullets of Crap*

*concept shamelessly ripped from Sheri.

  • Isaac, Calypso, and I worked at a local historical site during their festival this weekend. It's the site's biggest fundraiser of the year but it's still a very cheap day out where you can see a lot of interesting demonstrations about life on an early 19th century Pennsylvania German farm. I sold tickets for the one room schoolhouse program. They were fifty cents a pop. I told you, CHEAP! So, if you have spent googobs of money to drive here from NYC, you are wearing designer clothes and shoes, and you have a manicure and hairdo that look like they belong in a magazine don't tell me 50 cents is too expensive. Just tell me you're not really interested.
  • I love funnel cake, apple dumplings, and warm cider.
  • Indigo dye requires that the fiber being dyed first be soaked in ammonia. When indigo was first used, the only source was urine. London dyers paid top dollar for the first morning urine of little boys, apparently it had the highest concentration of ammonia. I learned that this weekend. Aren't you glad I shared?
  • When the leaves are changing and there is a cloudless blue sky that is a picture of heaven.
  • When you have a big scar or sutures showing it seems to be an invitation for strangers to tell you about all the garish medical procedures they've endured. I'm glad I have a strong stomach.
  • This picture is exactly why George Clooney makes me drool. The sparkle in his eyes, the mischeivous grin, and the greying hair all make him quite droolworthy. Yes, I dig the grey hair. I like that he's bucking Hollywood standards and letting it go grey. Have I mentioned this may be the only time I've ever wished to be a skinny blonde instead of an ample brunette?

  • I must be officially old because although I've always been a sucker for beards on men, I now think flecks of grey or even all grey beards are sexy. Oh, and in case the fellows out there are saying, 'Yeah, but she only digs it if it's on a guy who looks like Clooney.' Nope, there' s a guy at my post office with a receding hairline (grey) and more than a bit of middle aged paunch who makes me all weak in the knees too. It's the spark of devilment in the eyes and grin that just does me in every time. I think I need to go buy some stamps today.
  • It doesn't matter if you have said the same thing 6 times a day for 3 years or not. Your children will still look at you as if it is a new edict when you tell them that immediately inside the front door is not where shoes, bookbags, coats, and musical instruments belong.
  • I am the Queen of Procrastinators. The incomplete I took on my Library Management course back in April when I fell, expires at the end of this month. I have 4 assignments and a term project to do. That should motivate me, but I'm still waiting for panic to set in.
  • UPDATE AT 1PM: It's one of those slice of heaven days, warm and gorgeous. It's a perfect day to ride a motorcycle all around the twisting, winding back roads. Drive up into the hills in a meandering way. Take a hike under a canopy of fall leaves. Throw a blanket down on a crunchy but soft bed of pine needles when the hike is over and well.....just enjoy. Sigh, I really need to get Janita working so I can get my license one day.

Have a happy Monday.


barefoot_mistress said...

George Clooney...swoon swoon....
I cannot watch Toy Story without seeing Buzz Lightyear as George Clooney, yeah, I know he's really Tim Allen, but to me, Buzz will always be George Clooney...dontcha think they look alike?

Um, you can buy Urea now in pellet form in bottles, you dont have to have a boy kid pee on your white stuff to make indigo anymore! LOL

Logophile said...

Mr. Logo has a goatee thing growing and it have some grey bits in it.
To be honest, it doesn't look bad, but it soooo scratchy!! EOOOW!

Get busy on that school stuff, crazy lady!

lecram sinun said...

All the wonderful possibilities for comments on this post and all I can think of is splashing some little boy's urine in the faces of the NYC types. I'm disturbed, ya know?

Gary said...

Nice scattershot post.

You should have sold those tickets for 49 cents. It would have made them seem a lot cheaper. :)

I recently cut off my beard after I started getting a heat rash underneath it. Maybe I should only have one in the winter. Or move to Alsaka.

Anonymous said...

HOW do you get bullets to work in Blogger? They have NEVER worked for me!

Anonymous said...

Salt & pepper hair and sparkly eyes makes me drool too. Where exactly is that post office?

Jay said...

I have never enjoyed a bearded man, but adore stubble. I still can't decide where that thin line between stubble and beard lays...but I can still justify my opinion. I love the gray hair thing too, and kind of wish I would go gray myself.

Anonymous said...

Shit! blogger ate the post. Anyway it went something like this:

Hey! I think George is drool-worthy and I'm a hetero guy. He, along with Sean Connery, are the reason I sometimes wished I'd been born a dame.

I have grey flecked hair * lifts eyebrows coquettishly and twinkles right eye* and a grey-flecked beard.

Oh yeah, when I was a kid in London I used to sell my pee to strange old men. I made more money than on my paper route.

lime said...

susie, i am glad to know i'm not the only one who thought that about buzz lightyear.

logo, do i hafta?????

lecram, i am disturbed enough to cackle over the idea

gary, but then i'd have to have pennies for their change. and ...let you skin heal then grow it back. i bet it was fabulous!

dazed, i just click on the bullet icon

cosima, i like you more and more all the time ;)

jay, not a fan of stubble here. i want em either smooth shaven or a nicely groomed beard.

alistair, oooh sean connery is quite droolworthy too. you really should post a profile pic of yourself then instead of that scary monkey girl thing. and lmao about selling your pee.

Breazy said...

The festival sounds like something I would enjoy !

I love funnel cakes , apple dumplings and cider also !

I am glad that times have changed reguarding Indigo dye!LOL!

I love this time of year also !

I go to church with a lady that loves to tell you about all of her medical problems and everything the doctor said and did to help her . When she is done telling people about her she moves on to members of her family and then her neighbors .And like you said , one must have a very strong stomach to endure the details .

George Clooney is very lickable if you ask me !

My kids are the same way with our bar and kitchen table . The backpacks get hung on the back of the chairs along with their jacket/coat . It makes me wanna scream !

I will pray for you reguarding your assignments and the term project.

We are also having a gorgeous day !

I hope you have a great day !

Phain said...

I'm (nearly done) potty training a 3 year old boy...YES I know all about the smell of fresh young male urine in the morning. And there is no indigo dying going on in chez le chat!

Moosekahl said...

I love days like that...we enjoyed a beautiful weekend with a nap in the park in our wedding clothes...warm sun, leaves floating in the air. I LOVE Fall.

And don't feel bad, there is something about guys like George Cooney and Sean Connery that makes me weak in the knees too.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhhhh....that does sound nice lime!


Anonymous said...

OK Lime, you asked for it. Where can I send you a photo?


m said...

uh oh.
if you try to catch up on your assignments and term project in the next four weeks, i see many blogless days in your immediate future!
say it isn't so!

lime said...

breazy, i got hung up on 'lickable' mmmm.....yes i think some of the warm apple dumpling syrup all over mr clooney would ......oh n/m. time for a cold shower...

le chat, i completely understand. i knwo you'll be doing a very happy dance when the process is over.

moose, that sounds just perfect.

dr psy, thanks, i certainly thought so!

phaedrous, the email addy is on the profile:D

m, puhleeze, let's keep our priorities straight! it took a shattered arm or a trip top GA to keep me from blogging.

Nancy Drew said...


Charles said...

You are the Queen of Procrastinators? I'll comment on that later.

airplanejayne said...

George Clooney is on my short, very short list of men that I would do on a public corner in the middle of rush hour traffic.


The rest on the list?
in no particular order:
Brad Pitt
Johnny Depp
Keneau Reeves

Sorry -- I gotta go pick up the new Vanity Fair....

tl said...

Kids leaving stuff all over the place finally got up my nose. I informed them on a Thursday, anything of theirs left laying around the house was going out in the rubbish on Saturday, so clean up.
On Saturday night after they had gone to bed, I went round the house and gathered up everything of theirs laying on the floor, and took it to the City rubbish dump. And, refused to replace what they had lost. They had to work and earn their own money for that.
They didn't like it one little bit, but I only had to do it once, they learnt.


Graffiti said...

The woman George is dancing with is Gemma Ward. A quite young new model from Aussie. Graffiti