Monday, February 19, 2007

I got nuthin here.....

I had up a post that was horrifyingly sad. I thought better about keeping it up because it publicly addressed something that probably is not my business to publicly address. To be more discreet...if you are at all the type to pray, please pray for a family I know that has experienced unimaginable horror this past week...a woman with a 20 year illness that has robbed her of most function, a husband who has tenderly cared for her all those years and yet who came to a breaking point which erupted in unbelieveable violence. Shock waves are rippling through the community. The vultures sit perched ready to descend upon the vicitms. I am brokenhearted for each person in this wretched situation.

Tell me a story about a time when someone surprised you with an act of mercy or kindness when you most needed it.


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to all involved.
I can't think of anything at the moment but I'll give it some thought.

Sis B said...

I read it, but didn't get to comment earlier. One thing I've learned through my recent trials is that you have to be able to ask for and accept help when you need it. I've also learned that the community and even family and friends sometimes can't see your desperation unless you spell it out for them. In addition, I understand how a person can be broken and commit acts of violence that are typically not a part of themselves.

I frequently reflect on how close I feel to my little blog community, and how separated I feel from the other folks in my neighborhood. It's not just here, it's everywhere--we lead such fastpaced lives, we are so hooked in to other forms of communications, that sometimes we forget to check in on the people around us, for whom we could make a real difference.

To honor your request, I will tell you about what happened this past week when HD had the flu. I was caught off guard and needed groceries and medicine, but couldn't take him with me to the store because he was terribly sick. I called a friend who brought me everything I needed, and then wouldn't allow me to pay him back for it. A lady down the street brought a bag full of movies so that HD would be entertained for the duration of his illness. I didn't have to leave my home for 3 days, and HD got better.

We have a responsibility to take care of those around us, but we also have a responsibility to ask for and accept help when we need it.

I'm sorry for you and your community, and for him, his wife and his children. May the vultures be distracted quickly by something more interesting to devour.

M said...

I have experience kindness many times in my life! I believe in the overall goodness of people. Stress can cause the evil to come out, though!

I ran a race yesterday in a community which was helping a woman with cancer. The runners were giving each other encouragement as they passed each other. The community was giving encouragement and love to the woman who had cancer. It was a wonderful example of people coming together for a good cause.

Hypersonic said...

I would like to know the original strory, sounds as if soeone is in need of help.

My personal story? Last year, the UK, Sandy and my other blog pals suprising me with both financial and emotional support.

RennyBA said...

I'm so sorry to hear about this family. I think you did the right thing, not to put up some of the details in your blog though. You are a good person however, to think of them and care for them!
Sorry I can't think of a story, but I want you to know I was here and am thinking about you:-)

Prayer Knight said...

Michelle, please send me more specific details and I'll post on the Prayer Blog.


Moosekahl said...

Prayers I can do...stories of kindness. Here you go...

As a health care professional I don't accept help well at all. I'm more of the care giver. So when things go to shit I usually strap up my five buckle overshoes and wade through on my own. I don't think I'm too proud to accept help, it's just that I'm a helper. It's my personality. When I had 8 weeks left in PA school my husband left me. He gave my self, his mom and his boss two weeks notice and handed me his ring. I went to work the next morning and fell asleep on the desk in tears. They let me sleep.

As you can imagine, I plodded my way through the school part. That was the easy part of me. What I couldn't do was change the situation and the situation was that I was out of money. Within a week or two of graduation (I graduated AND passed my boards in spite of complete emotional break down) my student loan money ran out. I even considered moving back in with my parents but they pretty much said no (I realize now that was a GOOD thing). I did what I do best...I thought through it and went to the bank like a smart educated girl would. I left in hysterics because they refused to give me a lone in spite of my new master's degree and situation.

I called my best friend hopeless. Tried to talk through my options, come up with a plan. I eventually calmed down and figured I would make due because that's what I have always done. A week later a very large check showed up in my mailbox with no terms of repayment, no interest. Surprisingly a second friend did the same thing.

But what was the kindness was a plain white envelope with a simple thinking of you card that showed up with a california postal stamp and 3 $100 bills. To this day I have no idea who sent it. I've nearly paid all my friends back 3 years later and I've paid the other money forward. Didn't know what else to do.

Love ya, prayers for all involved.

G-Man said...

All my stories suck!
But don't let that depress you.

Look at the good things you got!!

Your the best Michelle........G

Gary said...

You are really a caring person.

It is sad when people reach a breaking point without getting help. Maybe they would if help were more easily available. Hard to say.

G-Man said...

Often the most subtle nuances mean the most..
Something as subtle as smiling and saying your name..Thanks Trini....G

Anonymous said...

Well, This past saturday night in a most embarrassing situation when the ladies room dispensing machine failed me some chick let me have a tampon. That count? I'd go for something more meaningful.. But Pfft.

airplanejayne said...

APJ story: When Voldemort left, I was taking classes finishing my teaching credential. I didn't know how I was going to pay my upcoming tuition ($2000) and was telling a friend. Friend whipped out checkbook and wrote it. That fast, that quick. Told me to pay back when I could.

Oh....and baby sis did the same thing less than a week later paying for my attorney. Only she refuses to let me pay her back.

My prayers tonight will be for your friends.


ttfootball said...

Read the original post, didnt comment but was just thinking about it...
People can be so stressed and you can offer to do the obvious things to help out but unless you touch that person or I should say they allow themselves to be helped from inside, this is what you get.
I dont have a specific story, but in my time here in the US I've been fortunate to have met people who have really come through for me when I needed the support and didn't know where to turn.

KFarmer said...

Sorry to come to this late and sorry that something so dreadful happened. :(

Happy Story: There was a wonderful person named Ms. Beautiful Lime. Ms. Lime would stop by to offer support and encouragement when another named K was down. This lifted K's spirits up and made her feel warm and fuzzy inside :)