Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Aussie Tuesday-

This week I received another bottle condom and a personalized stubbie cooler from the Land Down Under. I love them all! Many thanks to my benefactor! I may yet be turned into a proper Aussie sheila. So since I have 3 of them I was afraid I'd have some real juggling to do.

Good thing two of them have clips so I can attach one. Ok, my Aussie mates...how am I doing here?

Ok, so next order of business is for me to learn the rules of drinking down under. I may be a bit of a piker, but I'm no wowser and I certainly don't want to be accused of being a bloody Seppo bludger! So here's some help I found at a site recommended by my dear cooler supplier. Enjoy!

*this is copied directly from AustralianBeers.com

To shout is Australian meaning to buy something for someone. In a drinking context, it means to purchase a round of drinks (ie one for each person), often with the expectation of reciprocation. This was its original meaning. The consequence of the shouting ethic is, of course, a fairly rapid and consistent pace of drinking.

Consider the following scenario:
One bloke buys a jug of beer (the 'first shout')
Four blokes have their pots filled (typically by the person who shouted, he fills his glass last)
There is one beer left in the jug
The fastest drinker gets the last beer (or in some cases, the person who shouted gets the last beer)

As the jug is empty, the person next to the person who shouted last either:
feels obliged to get another jug quickly as it is his shout and it is early in the evening;
he gets pressured into buying another jug as one of his mates is thirsty (this may be done either verbally, or by staring at the jug, or by bashing one's glass on the table).

But it does not end there. Now, of course, there is no chance that the original shouter will be going anywhere, as he just shouted every mongrel at the table, and he has three jugs coming his way. Similarly, people who have been shouted feel as they cannot leave the table, for fear of being considered

Hence the shouts go round and round the table till either:
you leave on your shout or soon after your shout;
the night draws to an end and basically everyone has stopped drinking.

Oh, and in case any of you bloody yobbos get confused.....this is MY cooler! Ya bastards.

Happy Aussie Tuesday!


G-Man said...

Blimey Limey!!
Are you quaffing a Rolling Rock, this early in the morning?
Very G'day Mate......G

Logophile said...

See, this is why I never got into drinking as a sport, too many rules.

Jodes said...

limey - love this post, nothing makes me smile more than a good ole post about drinking. ;)

Rusty Nails said...

Obviously, since they are down under and you are not, you must stand on your head to while drinking a Fosters! Nice clips...

barefoot_mistress said...

I'll bet that's ginger beer!

I was going to give you a ration of my Aussie talk that mum taught me, but I do believe I forgotten it all! Croikey!

Hypersonic said...

Seeing as the blighters stole thir ruddy lingo from us...

Jeez Michelle, now you will sound just like every other stereotyped Australian such as Steve Irwin, Crocodile Dundee and Skippy.

DaMasta said...

Can't we just eat, drink, and be merry?!

You know, Australia has the most rodents in the world, eh? Hmm.. I knew there was a reason I liked them so much :P I actually get all my rats' hammocks and supplies from a chick in Australia who makes and sells them. Lots 'o great rat breeders in Aussieland, mate!

Breazy said...

Hey Lime! I am returning books at the library and couldn't resist getting on to say hey to a few of you. I miss you all so bad but we are almost there my friend. I should be moved into my new home within two no later than three weeks then I can get back to normal blogging!

Love ya,

Diesel said...

As long as the beer goes down under where it belongs, I don't care how it gets there.

airplanejayne said...

bottle condoms......hmmmmmm....

do they keep the bottles from breeding? copulating? what!?!?!?


bsoholic said...

mmmmmm beer...... **drools**

Sounds like an interesting game, although pretty confusing.

I'll just have a round for Aussie Tuesday.

Cheers mate!

Anonymous said...

You are always so full of cool information mate!
I love Australia.

lime said...

gman, that was a yeungling, a hard cide, and a ginger ale i was sporting.

logo, just make sure you buy a round when it's your turn and don't skip out is my understanding

jodes, ear to ear grin then?

rusty, if i keep up with shouts that may happen faster than you think!

bare, lol, no, i don't much care for ginger beer

hypersonic, ya bloody pommie!

damasta, cool! i had no idea!

breazy, i miss you too but i know you're going to be over the moon when youhave your new house

diesel, well said

apj, now THERE'S a visual!

bs, your shout, mate!

tc, glad you enjoyed, you in on this shout?

BTExpress said...

Guess I'm a "bloody confused yobbo bastard". WTF? LOL..........

Cosima said...

Good Day, Mate! I have been to Australia a couple of times. In pratice, it's not complicated at all. But maybe they gave me some slack :).

tl said...

A fine example of budding Australiahood.


lime said...

bte, yobbo=one who sits around watchign tv and draining beer cans all day

cosima, it doesn't seem complilcated really, buy a round when it's your turn

tl, glad you approve :D

Anonymous said...

So like.. there's booze involed.. this is sooo good. Mm good. Real good.

You, Hussy!

TorAa said...

OMG, what a sport. Sounds like running 10.000 meter (25 rounds) on a speed track. Don't think I'll need any condoms after that:)) Only a 25 hrs shower and sleep.:))

Long live the Aussies

Gawpo said...

Okay. I get it. Now I know how they get that beer from behind the bar: The shout it out.


cathy said...

Great reading about OZ. I spent some time there. Thanks for inspiring my next post. I'll be
adding your link to my blog too.

david mcmahon said...

You had me rolling in the aisles, ya bloody spirited Sheila.

You'd wrestle a bloody croc for ya stubby cooler, wouldn't ya?

And yep, the last line celebrates the fact that the word ``bastard'' is actually the highest for of Aussie endearment.

Ya talented bastard.