Friday, August 31, 2007

Da Count in 55-Light

Beads of dew
shining on flower petals
reflecting the watercolors of dawn
light piercing the leaves
sunbeams filling a room
gentle light bathing a cheek
gleams sparkling from eyes
alive with mischief
candle flame warming skin tones
highlights and shadows parting
then closing like dancers
choreographed and marking time
as the sun traces its path.


S said...

Oh now thats just lovely, Lime!

Have a great weekend.

Seamus said...

I'm going to go sit on my deck now! :)

lecram said...

Beautiful. Cheers!

MONA said...

how sweet poetic & romantic!
I love the 55 Lime :)

Charles said...

Nice. I like the mood and the visuals. Well done.

barman said...

So perfect. I coudl just feel every word. What betetr way to describe the sky and the affect on everything when the sun is on it's way up. I love it.

Welcomes you! said...

That was simply beautiful! Great 55!


Logophile said...

oooooow, lovely.
Mmmm, feels like a nice little dark chocolate truffle for the brain

RennyBA said...

What lovely and thoughtful and visual poem - thanks for sharing!
Wishing you a lovely end to your week:-)

tsduff said...

Your words paint the perfect picture in my mind - no photo needed. Lovely - wonderful image.

Rebicmel said...

Excellent Flash and I loved the imagery of it all.

Shari said...

Loved the sensory details. :) Colorful and descriptive. You're a natural.

Paul Champagne said...

It's amazing how you can pack so much detail into just 55 words.

Flash said...

a 55 word poem....a nice break from the ever growing sleazy story on my blog.

Beautiful story

J Morgetron said...

That was booootyful.


TLP said...

Very nice.

Rabbit rabbit.

MIke Kilgore said...

Stopped by for the first time on the 55 trail! Beautiful imagery from a fellow Pennsylvanian.

Gawpo said...

This is what you call a perfect poem, 55 words or less or more. Man, that is spot on (as Bazza would say). you iz vewwy good.

Charles said...

My Saturday Flash Fiction 55:

He took careful aim.
It was evil mean and nasty to center the good lady in his crosshairs.
Her disposition was angelic and her intentions always good.
Finger on the trigger, he slowly squeezed while holding his breath.
"This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you," he whispered quietly.
You've been tagged.

SignGurl said...

This is a beautiful 55, Lime. The imagery is amazing.

Jocelyn said...

The mischievous eyes MUST be yours.

Except, wait, your eyes are tie-dyed.

Must be one of your kid's eyes?

Pauline said...

what a lovely poem!