Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Field Trip

Yesterday Mr. Lime took Isaac to Cleveland to see an Indians game. I am told they had terrific seats and got to see an amazing triple play during the game. Since the boys were off having fun I thought the girls and I would go do something together. I suggested Longwood Gardens outside of Philadelphia and got a yawn. I suggested an amusement park and got a blase response. Then Diana suggested the Crayola Factory. I was shocked since it is geared toward kids, not teens. Calypso seconded the idea which shocked me even more since she is also a bit beyond the age AND she and her sister were actually agreeing on something, enthusiastically at that. I said ok, but to really enjoy this place we'd need to see if would could abscond with some little people. A call or two later and we had permission to snatch a set of 8 and 5 year old sisters who were dying of boredom.

There's a big glass corridor with buckets of special glass writing markers at either end. We spent about 45 minutes just drawing all over the walls. What other museum lets you write on the walls?

Next we have a couple of the girls working on their secret treasure map in the watercolor area. There's also a huge dryer over you can put your paintings through to dry them quickly so you don't have to carry around drippy papers, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Too much fun making stuff.

They give you blobs of the model magic clay so you can make things from that too. I made a couple pigs. The clay is all white but you can tint it with markers and make your own colors by kneading it in really well.

The 5 year old made this likeness of Diana.

We also made puppets and some other fun things but again, I was having too much fun making things or else carrying too many arts and crafts to think to take more pictures. We also had a chance to see how crayons and markers are made and learn about the history of Crayola.

The top floors of the building are given over The National Canal Museum. The museum has exhibits about the history of the canal system along the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers which was used to transport coal and other goods between port cities. Canals were dug parallel to the rivers and barges were towed by mules on raised paths. We didn't get to see any more than this room of the canal museum because....we were so busy having fun making crafts that we didn't get to the canal museum until 20 minutes before closing. this room had a really terrific hands on exhibit that showed the kids how locks work to move the boats through different ascents and descents in the canals. There were also experiments on buoyancy and such.

And now, in the spirit of G-man, some Crayola trivia...

  • The factory cranks out 12 million crayons a day.
  • There are currently 120 colors to choose from.
  • In February 1996 Mr. Rogers molded the 1 billionth crayon which was in a special limited run (only a million were made) color called 'blue ribbon.'
  • The factory was opened in 1903 in Easton , PA
  • All crayons were hand wrapped for the first 40 years.
  • The wax used is paraffin.
  • The wrappers are still glued together with a mixture of cornstarch and water so all materials used are nontoxic.
  • Local farmers often worked wrapping crayons in the winter months for 19 cents an hour.
  • During the depression this was an important part of the local economy.
  • Three colors have had their names changed. In 1958 Prussian Blue became Midnight Blue because teachers said students could not related to Prussian history. In 1962 Flesh became Peach to reflect the fact that skin colors are not all the same. In 1999 Indian Red became Chestnut to avoid the mistaken understanding that it was a reference to native American skin.
  • In 1990 Maize, Orange Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Orange Red, Raw Umber, Green Blue, Violet Blue, and Blue Gray were retired.
  • In October 2003 Teal Blue, Magic Mint, Mulberry, and Blizzard Blue were retired.
  • Grant Wood, artist of the famous painting American Gothic, entered and won a Crayola coloring contest in the early years of the factory. He later said winning the contest gave him the encouragement to pursue a career in art.
  • The Crayola brand name is recognized by 99% of Americans and ranks 51st in recognizability and consumer esteem in world brands.
  • According to a Yale study, Crayola crayons are among the 20 most recognizable scents to Americans.


Crabby said...

Diana's nips are hangin a little low. LMAO!
You did a nice job on those pigs. I had no idea you had clay talent.

Is it really immature that I find myself wanting really badly to go there and play?

Pauline said...

Looks like a really fun place to visit. I think there's one in England too but I don't know where it is.

G-Man said...

I wanna go!!!
I love places like that.
And Now I have to come up with a new post Trini, since I was gonna post all these facts today!!! Grrrrrrrrr

S said...

Oh I just love crayonS! I saw a crayon factory video on Mr Rogers once, and it just looks like so much fun!

I wouldnt have brought the little kids....cuz then you have ta share! LOL


steve said...

Awesome!! My Jeffrey went to see the Indians this summer:-}

Diesel said...

FYI, the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan also lets you color on the walls.

I may be making that up.

Your book is on its way. I even drew a picture for you!

Logophile said...

Diesel is lying, I listened to him and got in HUGE trouble at that museum!!

I wanna go there!!

lime said...

crabby, i don't think it's immature at all. it's a very fun place.

pauline, if there is one find some litle people and go!

gman,lol. you inspired me. i'm sure you'll come up with a good post in spite of me.

s, you probably saw the crayola factory on mister rogers.
and there are plenty of mateirals so youdon't have to worry about not having enough if you bring the kiddos.

steve, cool!

diesel, lol@ your factiod. can' twait to see my upside down drawing.

logo, bring the things out and we will have a grand time!

barman said...

I love those kind of places. We have a place, Impression 5 Museum, in my neck of the woods. No coloring on the wall but lots of fun things to do. Again it is aimed at the kids but, heck, I found the place fun too. I also was to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville Alabama and they had lots for the kids and the kids in all us adults but again, no writing on the wall.

I hope your day has went well and you are felling better. Take care super Mom.

lime said...

barman, glad to hear youare stil lin touch with your inner child. keeps us young doesn't it?

Sheri said...

Would it be childish of me to say that I WANNA GO THERE!!!! Hannah would love a fun place like that and so would I.

Thanks for all those Crayola facts. Neat!

Seamus said...

I want to go next time!!!

lime said...

sheri, it would nto be childish at all. it's a terrifically fun place.

seamus, if you ever make it this way i highly recommend it. if youneed some little people to borrow i can rustle them up too.

SignGurl said...

Your girls seem to take after their momma. How fun!

I loved the factoids. I didn't know any of them.

Shari said...

PA is too far away. (Waaahhh!!) That would be so cool to go there. My kids are 7 and 13, but I know they'd still like it.

Cool factoids. :)

Moosekahl said...

If i ever come visit I want to go THERE! What a great time. Looks like fun.

Margee-Martha-Marsha Pick-One said...

Okay, now you've got me wanting to plan a trip! Thanks so much for sharing!

Cooper said...

Funny...Rachel Simon Riding The Bus is a friend of mine. I've taken writing clsses from her and she is my "published author" mentor as I go thru the process of writing my own novel. It's a great book.

Jocelyn said...

Okay, I'm stuck back on the question of, "Why doesn't Lime ever call me and offer to take my two bored youngsters out for a day like this? WHY? WHY?"

Don't let the states between us deter you. My kids are yours.

For a day.

Or two.

Three, tops.

Dorky Dad said...

I am sooooo totally going to the Crayola factory. I just need to find my car keys and I'm outta here. Dang, that sounds like fun.

airplanejayne said...

A crayon museum!?!?!?!? I wanna go!!!!

I have this cool thing that you can put broken crayons in and mold them into swirly multicolored new ones.

I don't share it with many people....

Charles said...

I want to go, screw asking if its childish. I like to see how things are manufactured, and I like art. They kind of go hand in hand (crayon in hand?). I didn't even know they made a modeling clay. I guess I haven't been a kid for too long. I'm happy you told us that sculpture was of Diana, because I was afraid Frosty had got run over by a reindeer after stepping in reindeer poop, by the looks of it. :D

You are amazing. Taking your kids to where they want to go, taking other kids too, giving another mom time for herself, and enjoying it and fun doing it. Kudos to you, Lime. Bless you. You Rock.

Dan said...

Crayons rule! For the record, I only frequent restaurants that have crayons at the table so that I can draw while Laura figures out what I want to eat for dinner.

Sudiegirl said...

I agree with the "crayons rule" vibe...I have about four or five boxes at home for whenever I feel the urge.

I also have a box at my desk in the office in case kids come to visit...

I really LOVE the smell of crayons...right up there with new car and "barbie case" (that vinyl smell).

If you ever go to Vegas, I think this place is still there...the World of Coca-Cola. It's a several stories tall Coke bottle, and it's all about the history of Coke. I went there on my honeymoon (among other Vegas attractions)...it was fun!

KFarmer said...

The smell of a new box of crayons stills sends me into orbit~ What a wonderful place to vist! I'm glad you all had a great time :)

Love your new dress too~ You look faboulous darlin~

barman said...

That tall coca-cola reminded me of the museum in Louisville, Kentucky. The Louisville Slugger museum. It is fun seeing how they build the bats and how many different ones and types they have. They also make golf clubs. Anyway out front there is a giant Louisville Slugger baseball bat that would fit in perfectly with the bottle of coca-cola.

Crayons, I think I need to go get my big box of crayons out...

Anonymous said...

Fascinating cool stuff, who woulda thought.:)

snowelf said...

I didn't even know this place existed! That is SO cool! You guys sound like you had a great time and I am so digging the piggies!

One more place to add to my "Places I want to see on a vacation" list.


~Tim said...

Sounds like you have CDO -- it's similar to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, but it's in alphabetical order... the way it should be.

Also sounds like you had a good time!

Cheesy said...

How cool is that! What fun~~~~ I miss Raw Umber~~

MONA said...


I want to go tooooo!!! WAHHHH! you guys are having so much fun there!

You are so cool Lime, Taking the girls to such a wonderful place!

I love the piggies & The Diana model is cool!