Wednesday, November 21, 2007

As Requested

After Friday's post on family recipes I got several requests for some of them to be posted. One of them is a recipe for Graham Cracker Pie. Lemme tell ya, this stuff is goooooood. It's my 85 year old great aunt's recipe and I don't know where she got it from. When I asked her for the recipe she sent me a 3 page letter detailing the instructions, which I will now share with you because it certainly shows personality along with the recipe. My commentary is in parenthesis.

Dear Michelle,

Sometimes it takes me a little long to get things done. (Not because she is in frail or declining health mind you, but because she is so busy running circles around the rest of the world) So sorry I haven't gotten this off before.

When you make the pie you can buy the regular graham cracker pie shell. The filling will fit in it. I like to make my own. (So do I)

Making your own crust you need a 10"-2" deep pie plate. Butter your plate before putting in the crumbs & shape them into a crust. Save 1/2 cup for sprinkling on top of pie.

One time I gave the recipe to a lady and she took whole crackers & laid them in the pie plate. She wasn't too swift. (I would tend to agree)

Take 1 1/2 packs of graham crackers & crush them. About 13 crackers. Then go with the recipe.

When I make my filling I stir it all the while it is cooking. Make sure the pudding is not too runny thin. It should have a firm feeling. The filling can be quite tricky to make. If you have a double boiler use it. I don't have one the size I need. (Hey, if she can do without so can I.)

Have a bowl ready for your egg whites. Place in the frig until you are ready for them. Put your eggs & pudding mix right into the boiler you are going to use.

Make cook pudding, then put it in pie shell.

Make meringue. Put it on top of pie. Place leftover graham crackers (Crushed up into crumbs, not whole ones. You don't want my aunt thinking you aren't too swift.) on top of meringue.

Put back into oven 350F for 10 minutes. You are done.

Have a good pie. (Mmmmm, thanks, I will!)

It seems like it is a big deal but it really isn't. I am trying to give you all the tips that I can.

I hope I haven't confused you but these tips are important.

Aunt B

Crush graham crackers
1/2 cup melted butter
1/2 cup G. sugar
mix together and place in pie plate.
bake at 350F-10 mins

4 egg yolks
5 Tablespoon sugar
3 heaping Tb cornstarch
1/4 tsp. salt
1 qt. sweet milk (this just means fresh milk, as opposed to sour milk)
1 ts. vanilla, after cooked
cook & when done fill pie shell

Make Meringue
4 egg whites
1/2 tsp. baking powder
4 tbs sugar
place on pie
add remaining crumbs & bake at 350F-10 mins
all done, enjoy

Go ahead, be brave. Give it a try. I'm telling ya, it's good stuff.


SignGurl said...

I'm so hungry now!! Your aunt is a hoot! You come by it naturally.

I want to give this a try but I'm not sure what sweet milk is? (Sweetened Condensed?)

lime said...

signgurl, she is indeed a hoot. you should see her sing 'i've got a lovely bunch of coconuts.' anyway, sweet milk just means fresh milk, as in not sour.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful spirit.:)

lecram said...

Wow! That's intense... love the instructions! Not much of a baker but I just may give this one a shot.

Gledwood said...

I think I must really need new glasses... I just read "after blah blah recipes ... requests for them to be TOASTED" !!

Hypersonic said...

Now if I knew what Graham Crackers were and if I can get them here...

Charles said...

Wow. Sounds good, Lime.
Maybe you can enlighten Hypersonic as to what graham crackers are, where's he from? Has to be another country.

furiousBall said...

that's great. graham crackers are not to be taken lightly, that's how the North won the Civil War you know. That and the fact that the South didn't have motorcycles.

i'll take two

Dan said...

I think I can veganize this! :)

Happy Thanksgiving Lime!

lime said...

tc, you'd love her

lecram, let me know how it works out

gledwood, lol, yes get the glasses checked

hypersonic, here's an explanatory link

charles, see above comment

furiousball, LOL who knew? i feel much more well informed now, thanks!

dan, i cannot imagine how but i'd love to hear how it works out.

barman said...

I am not one for making the crust but mostly because I have never really tried. This looks wonderful and what a fun Aunt. That letter is worth way more than the recipe any day.
Hope you and the family have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

Gee whiz, now I want some desert.

RennyBA said...

Can we try that - in our kitchen - when you all come over to visit?

Btw: sorry I haven't been around lately as life is very hectic right now with family matters and a lot of traveling. I'll go to Brussels for the rest of the week, but try to catch up next week.

lime said...

barman, making graham cracker crust is waaaaay easy. a chimp could do it.

renny, oh i have so many recipes we can try! you pick! i'll be here when life settles down for you and diane. wishing you both all the best.

Brian said...

Now I'm getting hungry.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Liquid said...

(Oo) Leavin' some stones to let you know that I have visited. Have a happy Thanksgiving and know that I have counted you as one of my blessings!

rose_michelle said...

How awesome! This year I am excited to add my own recipe to the box since it is the first year I will be cooking. I'm going to do a simple salad, but it's a start.

Jeni said...

Oh man - I love pie for openers - about any kind but I especially love graham cracker cream pie! Thanks a bunch for posting this recipe and I loved your aunt's letter along with your hints and interpretations too!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Theresa said...

I am still laughing over the previous post. :D

Yum! We don't have graham crackers or graham cracker crusts over here, so that's going to be hard to do. :( I'll have to look for a substitute of some sort.

Mona said...

Happy Thanksgiving Lime! :)

Queenie said...

Sounds yummy, but what is a graham cracker, will they sell them over here??

javajazz said...

mmm, recipes!
Happy Thanksgiving Lime,
to you and your family.
hope you enjoy a great
holiday...xo lisa

lime said...

brian, and a very happy thanksgiving to you, my friend

liquid, thank you. wishing you the best.

rose, wonderful, we all start with the first one...

jeni, happy thanksgiving, glad i coudl get the taste buds fantasizing

theresa, i love your spanish verson of the story too! hope you can find a good alternative

mona, thank you, dearie

queenie, i provided a link earlier in my comments explaining what it is.

Queenie said...

I'm a Techno retard!

Casdok said...

Ive put on a few ponds just reading that!!