Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday 55 & Da Count-Creativity

Gently, carefully his skilled hands caressed her lovely form smoothing away time's ravages, restoring her youthful glow. He worked deliberately to honor her as he marvelled over her beauty, silently praised her maker. He whispered to her as he moved down her spine and thought he heard, 'A little lower and to the left, darling...'

RESTORATION.... A restorer of the Foundation of Prussian Castles and Gardens Berlin-Brandenburg cleans a marble sculpture from Sanssouci Castle's Orangerie in Potsdam, Germany. The castle's statues are traditionally cleaned and restored during the winter months. Photo courtesy: AFP.

I just LOVED this picture when I found it. It's been sitting in drafts for a while waiting for me to use it. It's been a while since I did a Friday 55 and it's not that I lack things to count but I was feeling somewhat uninspired in both areas. Then I went to read Lecram's count today and I knew it was time to use this. Now, I am no writer, artist or musician (yes, I like to blog and toss out the occasional poem or story, I can draw reasonable facsimiles of things I want to represent, I play guitar really badly and sing's all more or less to amuse myself, not because I have any delusions of giftedness) but I am so very grateful for the folks who have genuine gifts in these areas and bless the rest of us with them.

At the same time, I love to see what is produced as someone learns and develops skills in these areas. I have huge files of kid art (including at least a ream of dinosaurs, foxes, and heroes as Isaac went through his various early elementary artistic periods. He's now exiting the medieval warrior period and entering the football uniform design phase, hahaha. Just draw kiddo, anything you want. Don't stop.) I have more files of their stories and journals from when they started learning to write. Again, Isaac has produced some pretty hilarious stuff (a boy superhero who drives a nuclear powered Ford, some cute poetry inspired by Jack Prelutsky and Shel Silverstein, the adventures of the very stupid teacher....inspired by his very dim 3rd grade teacher.)

I'm so thankful for the people who inspire me in creativity and who help me encourage kids in theirs. When Calypso was taking piano lessons and started noodling around with something she had composed instead of her assigned lesson her teacher didn't reprimand her. She pulled out paper and said, 'Let's write that down so others can play it too!' She walked her through adding some more and polishing it up and Calypso performed it at her first recital. Can you just imagine the way that kid was beaming??

So this week I am counting the beauty of creativity. Have a great weekend and either add something creative or enjoy and encourage someone else who has.


ttfootball said...

aahm...Lime wha happen to de date?

I like this post, it's not often we stop to truly think about peoples' creativity and try to encourage it.

Anonymous said...

lime, I think YOU are very creative.
Your posts over the months I've known you have brought me hours of reading enjoyment full of humor and thoughtfulness.
I'm sure when you play guitar and sing it sounds pretty because you put your soul into it.
Your tiedyes are very creative and awesome to look at.
So today I salute YOUR creativity.

Logophile said...

I like,
to the creative spirit in all it's form for the wonder and beauty it brings to our world,

lecram sinun said...

A wonderful count! And I'm with Top Cat on this score... YOU are definately creative! Your posts ooze charm, wit, humor and style that is uniquely you. Perhaps you are still searching your form... but creative you are. No, I'm not blowing smoke up your asteroid either. I know it when I see it.


Cain said...

Wonderful Count! I love that pic,too!

The encouragement of those who are creative: In my case, I've encouraged my nieces & nephews, and in their lives they are blooming with talents, I'm proud to see.

Many have given me encouragement as well...

Your Count, is a good example, and meshes very well with the Muse in us all.



Jodes said...

wow that is a cool pic.

barefoot_mistress said...

You ARE a very creative person...tie dying takes talent...and Im still iaiting to see the bar purse craft project..heh!

I love that picture too, and your 55 is awesome...thanks for playing!

barefoot_mistress said...

thats Waiting to see the bra purse...

And I forgot to tell are one of the most creative writers that I have ever read in blogland.... and writing is definitely art...

G-Man said...

Your not creative?
That is so Lime-Like!
You are modest in many regards Michelle, but we know better. You are always thought provoking, insightful, witty, entertaning, and a loving Mother. What else is there?..Galen xx

KFarmer said...

I'm with the rest- you are very creative and I love visiting your blog because you are. PS- loved the skirt and shirt :)

Anonymous said...

That is inspiring Ms Limey! Inspiring! Hugs and Happy Friday.

MyUtopia said...

That is really cool!

lime said...

tt, thanks for catching the date thing...oops!

tc, you say the kindest things. thank you

logo, cheers indeed!

lecram, i am humbled, thank you

cain, i am so glad you've nurtured it in some young people you love

jodes, glad you like

susie, thanks *smooches*, and yes i AM very late on that bra purse project, sorry....perhaps this weekend hhmm....

g-man, thanks so much you are always so generous with praise

kfarmer thanks!

blither, hugs back to you

myutopia, great pic isn't it??

EVERYONE, i should clarify that i wasn't saying i think i am not creative. i certainly try to be...only that i doubt i could make a living off bloggiing or drawing and definitely music, hehehehe. thank you all for your words of affirmation. it's very encouraging to know you all enjoy my little corner over here.

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

...there has been a tradition in history that Michaelangelo, when he was going after a sculpture, would work feverishly and endlessly on the stone, until the chips had come away, -and he could not rest until he felt he had released the subject from the block that held it.

Your speaking of saving your children's drawings reminds me also of Bridgeman, (one of the best in terms of life/figure drawing, (who drew with charcoal at the end of a stick, --each lecture he'd throw the drawings away, -and his students used to have to follow him and sneak them out of the TRASH,
(His understanding of anatomy and the mechanics of the body are amazing.)

Which leads to the final point.

Too often those who are really talented and gifted just plain don't see it. (Part of humility I suppose.)

-Communicating with others is such a rare thing anymore, and to bring others your world, -and discuss the world in general
-so that others see the beauty, depth, and richness of that reward? Takes not just learned and practices skill,
-but first, things that one can only be born with.

-You are one of the better people who I've read who does this.

(My Blogroll?
-others who do this effectively as well.
(Which is why it is there.
-these are not my peers,
these are, in so many ways what I wish my writing to raise to the level of,

-and your writing is one of ones I read daily without fail.

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...


-just this man's opinion, but you need to write a couple of plays.

-your sense of dialogue and character is phenomenal.
(I'd start out with some short story work, then sink back from it, (pare it down,) and then go with pure dialogue.

(I could think of a fesival or two that would want your work....) (ahem.)

Lolly said...

That was wonderful! i think your children are very lucky to have you. And that piano teacher was the best.

i loved your interpretation of the picture! That's one of my favorite blog games - writing a story about a picture!

"..... but I am so very grateful for the folks who have genuine gifts in these areas and bless the rest of us with them." - That's me!

Lolly said...

Whoa! I my last paragraph, I meant that "I" am so very grateful, also, for the folks with genuine gifts. Not that I am one with a gift! If only I had had a piano teacher that encouraged me to do more... :) I've resigned myself to the fact that I am destined to be one of those people who support the arts. i do enjoy them.

Cosima said...

You are way too modest Lime! Even if it doesn't pay for a living, it's still art.

That you encourage creativity in your kids is wonderful. Especially here in Asia too much emphasis is put on rod learning. Even a person who ends up in a very unarty profession still needs creativity to do a good job.

Like you, I engage in my arty "hobbies" to enjoy myself... and, in my case, they keep me sane too :).

Rusty Nails said...

Very nice 55. I loved the ending. Quite amusing. You did great!

RennyBA said...

Thanks for this post and this words. Reading it was a lovely and inspiring start to my day. You really have added some creativity in me - thank you!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend too;-)

lime said...

lacquer, wow...i am utterly humbled, encouraged, and just wow....thank you for such kind words and practical suggestions.

lolly, without the supoprt and the enjoyment others derive there is something missing

cosima, that sanity factor should never be underestimated for us mothers! good point on business too

rusty, thanks so much, glad you enjoyed

renny, aww thanks.. you are a delight to read. i always learn so much from you!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt you could make a living out of anything you choose to do.:)

snavy said...

That was a great count. I always marvel at the various talents people have.

tkkerouac said...

very nice!

steve said...

Great pic and love the story!

Mark Leslie said...

Three cheers to the beauty of creativity - I certainly enjoy that while I'm visiting here!