Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday 55& Da Count-More Good Words

(in keeping with last week's theme of "wordplay," here is a conversation I had with Isaac this week.)

As we drove he said, "Hey Mom, the flagpole is erect. The flag is flaccid."
"Trying out some new words from sex ed are we?"
He grinned and nodded.
"You want one to go lay on your teacher?"
"Oh yeah!"
"What's that?"
"Pertaining to a swollen organ; maintaining an erection."
"Cool! Good word! Tuuuuuuumesssssscence."

(Feel free to add some more fun words again this week.)


On Monday I briefly mentioned that my car's brakes decided to make some truly horrid noises over the weekend. You may recall from this summer that I had a less that satisfactory experience with the repair shop I went to for a new transmission. When that occurred I got in touch with my "inner Paul" (that side of my personality most influenced by my father, who has an exceedingly low tolerance for bovine scatology and a tremendously forceful manner of expressing such intolerance). I also informed Mr. Lime that under no circumstances would said repair shop ever be entrusted with one of my vehicles again. When my brakes began to make sounds like sandpaper, progressing quickly to metal grinding on metal, Mr. Lime informed me, "Since YOU don't like our shop YOU'LL have to go find one you DO like and figure out how to get the car there and pay for it." His tone led me to think he was not only washing his hands of the entire situation but hoping I'd fail.

However, I knew exactly where I intended to take the van and did so the next day. I was not able to get it there until 2:30 in the afternoon though since that was the earliest I could find someone willing to bring me back home and I was then going to have to go about taxiing the progeny in Mr. Lime's truck (he took his bike to work). Around 3:30 the shop called me but I could not take it while I was on the road. I called them back around 4:00. They told me I needed brakes and rotors and asked if I wanted it that day or could it wait until the next day. I said it would be very helpful if it were done today but I realized it was getting close to quitting time and I didn't want to pressure them. They said they'd see what they could do. At 5:03 I got a call, "Ma'am, this is the shop. Would you believe me if I told you your car is ready? We are closing in 15 minutes but if you are able to come we will stay open long enough for you to pick it up."

I was quite pleased with not only a 2 and a half hour turn around time but the accommodation for my convenience and the friendly manner in which it was all provided. I got myself down to the shop and walked in on the big, burly manager having a phone conversation which he ended with, "Ok, see you when I get home. I love you." It's not directly related to car service but when the guy got off the phone I announced, "That's what I like to hear!" He looked kind of confused and asked, "What?" I said it was very encouraging to hear him tell his wife he loved her. He blushed a little and let me know that no matter who is talking to in his family he ends his phone calls that way because....I finished his sentence, "It could be the last thing they hear from you." His face brightened and he nodded emphatically before noting that in all his years working there no customer ever noticed or commented on that before but he had taken lots of ribbing from coworkers (not that he cared in the least). I just told him he made my day because I got good service, from friendly and seemingly competent people after a totally crap experience at my last shop, AND I got to witness a guy being good to his wife. He beamed and thanked me for the business and the compliment.

So this week I am counting unexpected good words. I also want to encourage all of you to be generous with your words, whether with loved ones or just people you encounter in your daily business.

Feel free to let me know when a good word took you by surprise and made your day.


G-Man said...

Is this blog NC-17 yet?

Very cute 55 Trini, and I really LOVED Da Count this week.

Thanks for always playing so well, and have a Great Week-End!!!

G-Man said...


Cherry-Poppin G-Man!!!

Mona said...

Your Da Count is great, as is the 55ve!

My Day was made many a times. I have so many thinks to be thankful for! I won a lot of prizes , held a lot of posts in various committees , did social work and helped families and individuals to my utter satisfaction etc. etc.

barman said...

Love the 55, very interesting and I even learned something.

Da Count was wonderful. Congratulations on finding such a wonderful new location. I know I treasure my repair shops that I feel I can trust.

Now a word that was shared with me that made my day. There have been enough but for one reason or another this one stands out with me.

I have been taught that when your are in church, singing is like praying with God to encourage people to sing. I forget exactly how that went but I think you get the idea.

Anyway I am not shy when I sing in church although I am not the best in the world. When mass was over the lady in front of me turned around and she said I have a lovely voice. Not only did that make my day but it apparently meant more to me than I realized.

Thank you for helping me remember that. Your counts are always wonderful to read.

furiousBall said...

i am going to be so bad at boner-talk, i can't even type the word boner without laughing

74WIXYgrad said...

That's taking a hard line on education, and the penetration of knowledge is always a good thing leading to a climax of learning.

S said...

I just love my mechanic that I found all by myself. I met him because his shop is next to the laundromat that I've been going to for 16 years.
Once, he noticed my tires were low and offered to fix em up for me. No charge.
Next time I had a flat I came to him. I had a huge screw in my tire. He fixed it right away. No charge. "Eh, it's just a piece of rubber and a little cement"
He also gives me free advice such as recommending that I purchase the extra towing coverage from the auto club because even HE had to once pay a tow truck to bring his sick car home and it cost a pretty penny too.
I had a part that the ford dealer wanted 900 dollars to fix, well, my mechanic fixed it for $50 bucks.
Anyway I cant wait to hear if your son uses tumescent today in class.


S said...

I just love my mechanic that I found all by myself. I met him because his shop is next to the laundromat that I've been going to for 16 years.
Once, he noticed my tires were low and offered to fix em up for me. No charge.
Next time I had a flat I came to him. I had a huge screw in my tire. He fixed it right away. No charge. "Eh, it's just a piece of rubber and a little cement"
He also gives me free advice such as recommending that I purchase the extra towing coverage from the auto club because even HE had to once pay a tow truck to bring his sick car home and it cost a pretty penny too.
I had a part that the ford dealer wanted 900 dollars to fix, well, my mechanic fixed it for $50 bucks.
Anyway I cant wait to hear if your son uses tumescent today in class.


Cheesy said...

Oh lord I sometimes.. only SOMETIMES... miss those convo's lol...


Cooking and sheet fun combined!

Craver Vii said...

" exceedingly low tolerance for bovine scatology"

That's good stuff, Lime. I expect there should be lots of opportunities to use it, but I'll be careful to avoid overkill.

Speaking of overkill, my youngest son has a ritual that he does with every hello and goodbye greeting. He kisses me on the cheek, I kiss him on top of the head, and there is a separate, intentional hug. He does this for the same reason you said. When the unfortunate inevitable happens, he wants this to be our last interaction. But he does it ALL the time!!! Mrs. Craver says not to criticize, because when he stops it, I'll miss it.

Craver Vii said...

Good for you Barman (re: singing out loud in church); that's the way to do it! Me too; I may not be top quality, but I'm certainly no mumbler!

lime said...

g-man, lol, i think it's barely PG-13 here

mona, sounds like you've had much to be thankful for

barman, like to "make a joyful noise" do ya? keep it up. :)

furiousball, well the word "boner" is a funny one.

WIXY, i see you really can rise to the occasion when pressed to it.

s, it's a good feeling to be able to trust folks like that and know they are taking care of you, not just your car and their wallet.

cheesy, only sometimes? i get a big kick out of them.

Mojo said...

I confess... I had to read the line about "laying the teacher"... erm... "laying one on the teacher" a couple of times before my eyes focused enough to realize what you were saying.

I had a similar experience with a tire shop earlier this week. not a guy being nice to his wife (I don't even know if he's married to be honest) but for a change I caught a break at a repair shop. I put tires on my truck last May to the tune of about $850. And yeah, I probably should have bit the bullet and ponied up the extra $150 or so for the road hazard warranty. But the sticker shock was just too much for me and I didn't.

Predictably, last Monday I was assaulted by a random bit of metal (which turned out to be a broken utility knife blade of all things) which brought my right rear to a very premature end.

So with dread in my heart I dropped the tire off at the shop I'd bought it from on my way to work. Equally predictable was the call I got before I ever reached my office saying the tire couldn't be repaired and would have to be replaced.

So it was with a heavy heart and somber visage that I returned to the shop after work fully expecting a bill in the $250-$275 range.

But for whatever reason, the manager did somethign he didn't have to do... he called me over to his terminal and said, I'm gonna try and make this as painless as possible. You just got these tires back in May, so they're only a few months old... still in good shape. So what we're gonna do is turn back time here, and you're gonna buy the road hazard warranty back in May.

And I watched in amazement as my bill from five months ago was adjusted by $130, and my tab for the day tallied at $148.

Now he didn't have to do this... he could've just sold me a new tire and let me go with an "I told you so". He didn't. He saved me probably $100 just on that job, and best of all if I run afoul of some other random nail, screw, or other sharp object I'm covered.

So I caught a break when I really need one bad...

How's dat for a good word or two?

lime said...

craver, you and barman and i could form the worst sounding trio of pew singers ever. good thing many states separate us all. as for your son, that boy is wise beyond his years. how wonderful!

lime said...

mojo, so you enjoyed my own bit of word play there too? with regard to your tire shop, i'd say that fellow deserves as much business as you can send his way...hopefully by referral more than your own need. good one.

lecram said...

A wonderful excellent count! Yes, words have so much power.

My own upbringing included never saying anything unless I truly meant it. As a result (my friends have told me) what I say is measured... in every sense of the word. lol. Some would claim that I am frugal with them. But when I do express (whether it be praise, affection, a critique, etc) my friends say it carries heft. Not sure if this is good or bad... but it has become a part of me.

Cocotte said...

I love to hear good customer service stories. There are so rare these days! I just read one in the paper: a woman had purchased a designer dress at a small shop to wear that evening and when she got home, she saw that the clerk had failed to remove the metal security device. She called the shop and the manager drove out to her house to remove it for her!

ciara said...

ha ha cute 55, lime!

da count was really sweet. not only did you find a good shop where the guys won't mess around simply because you're a woman, and obviously incompetent, but it's obvious that they're caring. :)

i'm up, btw.

Liquid said...

You are such a good Mommy!
I loved it!

Great 55!
Make it a wonderous weekend!

Akelamalu said...

His teacher is going to be so impressed! ;)

VE said...

Talk about swelling with pride!

Anonymous said...

Trying to get your son expelled, are ya? :)

Lulda Casadaga said...

Kids should learn from their parents...right?! ;)

I'm lucky my repairman is a friend of my husbands', I always get a good deal...but, there was one time he wouldn't pass my OLD car for inspection...I had to get the HOLE in the floorboard repaired first!! LOL

SignGurl said...

You learn something new every day! Awesome!

Your count brought a little glimmer of hope for mankind. How sweet of you to let that man know.

Anonymous said...

You can catch more flies with honey....a good word never hurts..

Moosekahl said...

When the big guys are the gentle one's I always get a soft spot :) glad your car is back in working order.

KFarmer said...

A good mechanic is a treasure~ Glad you found a teddy bear :)

Seamus said...

Finding a good mechanic is like trying to find any good professional - just 'cause their name's in the phone directory doesn't mean they know what they are doing. Sounds like you lucked into a good'un!

LOL at your 55 word play!

Donnetta Lee said...

Hello, Lime: I didn't realize you were doing the 55ers. I'm always a day late and a dollar short. I enjoyed this one. Nice work! Fun! D

lime said...

lecram, there is great value in your perspective. meaning what you say and saying what you mean is understanding the import of your words. thanks for sharing.

cocotte, what a terrific story! that's real service!

ciara, i think their slogan should be, "we take care of people, not just cars."

liquid, some might beg to differ but thanks ;)

akelamelu, won't she though!

ve, tumescent with pride perhaps?

citizen, i want my boy to have a the biggest....vocabulary

lulda, i figure if kids are gonna teach on the bus at least my kids can either be the properly educated teachers or correct the misconceptions.

signgurl, we like glimmers of hope. we need them

cooper, that presupposes it is flies you want to catch, hehehehe

moose, i feel the same way, it's such an endearing quality

kfarmer, he's a plum!

seamus, yes, i do indeed feel very fortunate. i heard very good things about this shop from other people and others will hear good things about them from me.

donnetta, not to worry. we like latecomers just as well

snowelf said...

You know Lime, I've been in such a funk the past few weeks, and I don't feel like I'm out of it, but your words today really are helping me remember what I should and should not get upset about.
I'm glad you found a place you like and I hope your van stays fixed now. :)


DianeCA said...

When we need a repair, I like to talk to the repairman. I usually get good service by praising there skills, and they do a great job too. But you have to stick with one shop!!

Thought the story about your son was fantastic hahaha!! So much fun when they are learning new and embarassing stuff!

Brian said...

That is a really nice story...good service and a guy being sweet to his wife. There is precious little enough of either in this world today.

Fred said...

Take THAT, Mr. Lime. I'll bet he takes his truck there next time.

My surprise isn't a word, but a phrase. A student referred to my class as the "6th period carnival." I loved it.

Beach Bum said...

Who was that ancient Greek that went around looking for an honest man? A honest mechanic and nice to his wife? There might be hope for humanity yet.

lime said...

snowelf, i'm glad if i could have a little part in helping chase the funk

diane, yes, a little praise goes a long way. the former shop was not praiseworthy in any way. this one is a keeper.

brian, yep, that's why i thought it was worth celebrating

fred, 6th period carnival? wow. can i sign up for your class?

beach bum, just doing my part to spread the little bit of hope i find.

Jocelyn said...

I'm ready for Mr. Lime to start leaving you with an "I love you," like the mechanic man.

No, really, I'm not mad at him anymore.

Not a lot.