Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday 55s-More Laundry Zen

This week you get not one but THREE 55s!  

The Meditation of Sorting
Reds and oranges,
reds and oranges,
tie dyes, tie dyes, tie dyes,
denim shorts and linen skirts,
towel, towel, sheet,
t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts,
(How many do we need?)
skivvies, skivvies, thong,
cottons, rayons, polyester blends,
 delicates, and handwashables,
ponder the aroma.
Oh dear Lord
those socks 
are putrid!

The Meditation of the Washline
Snap, snap, snap, snap
fluff up the towels.
Clothespin, clothespin, next towel.
Puuuull out the sheets,
match up the corners,
clothespin, stretch, clothespin, stretch, clothespin.
Jeans suspended by their ankles.
T-shirts all in line large to small,
in rainbow color.
Clothespin, clothespin, next shirt.
Did I just feel a raindrop?

The Meditation of Folding
Breathe in the fresh scent.
Towels, hem to hem,
half, half, thirds.
Sheets, hem to hem,
short half, long half, long half, quarters.
T-shirts, shoulders in, fold in half,
stack, stack, stack.
Match the bras to their panties,
fold, fold, stack.
I'll put them away when I next need the basket.


Brian Miller said...

ha. these are brilliant....isnt it just the time for rain when you get them all out...and i think our basket needs emptying as well...nice 55s!

moondustwriter said...

ah a brill 55
Lime you wore me out just thinking about it
my baskets are about full or empty
meaning I have my work cut out for me

Love from the Moon

Jannie Funster said...

Hey, matching bras and panties? Fancy! The way I was in the olden days. :)

I think I have to do fold some laundry now...

See ya!

magiceye said...

lovely takes!

Dianne said...

yep, the larger the acre, the greater the harvest.

the greater the family, the larger the laundry.
have a fun weekend...I think this is Zen in simplicity

present and attentive,

S said... all the world there's no such feat
as trying to fold the fitted sheet.

I played!

mrsnesbitt said...

Loved this! Out of ALL the domestic chores I have to do (sigh) Washing is my favourite! I love to see the washing billowing on the line....end of enthusiastic bit! Then it is the laborious fetching in & folding! Do you know I once worked with a woman who HAD to peg the washing out with matching coloured pegs!!!!!!! Sad thing is, I think of her EVERY time I hang the washing out!

Great stuff - loved the honesty and domesticity matched in your wonderful 55's!

Mona said...

OMG! You make washing sound like a fun activity. A DESIRABLE activity in fact!

Austin said...

I laughed the whole way, great take on a mediocre task!

Mine is up here

John's comments said...

Washing and Ironing? Doesn't one's people do that?

To hear or read my non-PC illustrated Friday 55 click here. Warning you may have to read the footnote after to make sense of it!

Craig said...

In recent years, we've taken to Sunday evening family fold-ins (so everyone has clean laundry for the beginning of the week, dontchaknow). A truly monumental experience - 6-8 of us, sitting around the family room, with maybe a movie playing, and the entire center of the room paved with laundry baskets. . .

And, uh, what's this "matching bras to panties"?

Claudia said...

ah - that's fantastic - how creative one can get by doing the laundry...beautiful 55!

Jazz said...

You have matching bras and panties? Awesome!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

The first one wants me to put a peg on my nose.

Lovely 55s!

G-Man said...

I feel so Squeeky Clean after reading this!!
Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!
You get Extra Credit...

Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

clean and crazy said...

awesome a perfectly described laundry day!!

Craver Vii said...

You get to hang-dry your laundry? They don't allow that in Bolingbrook. When I am emperor of this region, I'll change that rule.

VE said...

Wow, three for the price of one. It's like a mattress sale!!! Oh, wait...there's only two. Then it's like a Big Mac sale...three buns...

Cricket said...

A cute spin on the whole thing. As I said on the previous, you're making me miss our old lines. I neither love nor hate doing laundry. It just is. Still, it was more pleasant hanging and folding out in the yard. Now, I do that in the basement. Not horrible, but not as nice.

I'm glad my kids have grown up some, though. Here's a meditation on the past for you:

Friggin' tiny socks...
Where the hell are all their mates?!?
Washing baby clothes.

Anonymous said...

how do you fold a thong?

KB said...

Folding laundry is like meditation to me. Have a great weekend.

Mine’s here.

Jingle said...

you are so very productive and creative.
very cool 55s'

Dave said...

You are quite a poet Michelle - Dave

Logophile said...

Should I take this to mean you might not approve of my haphazard piling method?

Mama Zen said...

These are absolutely marvelous!

Jillsy said...

it makes me actually want to do some laundry!! did i say that??

secret agent woman said...

Nice. As Zen teacher I knew would say, "When folding, just fold."