Monday, November 22, 2010

Da Big Count-Taking Stock

Time for a bit of reflection on many of the things I am thankful for since last year.

  1. Just making it through the year's ups and downs and still standing.
  2. Getting a new job in the office where I've been a patient after working in the office from hell first.
  3. Terrific coworkers who function as a team.
  4. Understanding bosses when my family has had crisis after crisis and I've missed work to sit in a hospital.
  5. A mother who came to help.
  6. A stepmother who shocked me beyond words with a very generous gift intended to help.
  7. A dad, who in the past would have barely acknowledged the difficulties, but who gave words of support when they were needed.
  8. Moments of great maturity displayed by my kids.
  9. The times when they've included me or opened up to me.
  10. The excellent choice in friends Diana has made at college...(service minded kids who take good care of each other and in an emergency make sure to put a mom's mind at ease)
  11. Calypso's perseverance with regard to getting through her senior year well in spite of her health issues.
  12. Isaac handling, with relative grace, the loss of his two favorite sporting seasons due to injuries requiring surgery.
  13. Successful surgeries.
  14. Generally having at least one functioning vehicle or managing to find the money to make one function when needed.
  15. Not being seriously injured when I hit the deer.
  16. Having part of another deer (from during archery season last month) in the freezer.
  17. Enough wood pellets to keep the stove burning and the house warm.
  18. Enough food to keep the bellies filled (even the adolescent male one, which seems like a bottomless pit).
  19. Piles of books to keep my mind full.
  20. Medicine when we need it.
  21. Free care from my boss to keep my back working and to help Calypso regain some health.
  22. The comfort of old friends.
  23. The encouragement from present friends.
  24. The hope of new friends.
  25. That as challenging as things have been, I'm still standing and so is my family.
Tell me, what are some of the things you'll be giving thanks for this year?


Beach Bum said...

I am thankful that my kids are healthy and that both my wife's job and mine APPEAR safe. I qualify that statement only because these days you can't really tell.

...even the adolescent male one, which seems like a bottomless pit.

Same here, my son even wants a small refrigerator for his own room and I think he will get it.

G-Man said...

Everyday that I Wake up alive, is a good day for me.

Anonymous said...

You will get through. Brighter times are ahead. I'm just grateful you're still blogging.

- Jazz

Craig said...

Life, family & friends (that last would include you; just for the sake of sayin' so). And continued employment ('cuz it wasn't so long ago that that was very much NOT a given).

And listen, I know all about those adolescent male bellies, having raised three of 'em, and two more yet to come. Heck, I had one of 'em myself, once. . .

WordVer = 'strokit'

Huh?!? (But I don't golf. . .) ;)

S said...

I am giving thanks this year, that:

Little Rita and I haven't killed each other.
Little Rita's feet are too big to borrow my shoes...
I'll stop could get long!

Craver Vii said...

I've been married 22 years now, and this past year was the sweetest of them all. I am thankful for Mrs. Craver. At the same time, I wonder what wicked thing she did that she should be punished with a schmo like me.

Craig said...

@ Craver -

Oh, I so hear you. . . ;)

lecram said...

That is quite the list. Mine boils down to being alive so that I can.


secret agent woman said...

Looks like we both are spending some time counting blessings.

KFarmer said...

As usual, you post is making me think... and this one will require that I do so : )