Sunday, December 11, 2011

Train of Thought

  • I am REALLY relieved that Mr. Lime finally got a deer so we have a freezer full of venison for the year.
  • I can't believe I will soon have a kid old enough to drink alcohol.
  • I can't believe when I was her age I'd already been married for nearly a year.
  • I'm really glad the guy I married is handy enough to fix a shower faucet that leaks incessantly because the perpetually slimy stall and bathroom floor was really disgusting and I have enough things to spend money on these days without having to hire a handyman.
  • Handymen make me think of the Red Green Show, which I first saw in Trinidad in 1992.  I find it utterly hilarious that I was introduced to such distinctly Canadian humor while living 11 degrees above the equator.  It definitely enhanced the humor of the show.
  • I can't wait for my friends to arrive from Trinidad and yet I'd like a little more time to get ready for the visit because....
  • Back pain REALLY sucks hairy donkey balls and it is messing with my ability to get everything done I need to do before my friends and Christmas arrive.  Hell, it's messing with my ability to do ANYTHING at all.
  • Having an anniversary and a child born in December makes for a busier month than it is already by default.
  • Have I mentioned the suckwadageness of back pain during such a busy month?
  • I am thankful for coworkers willing to help me get through the day at work and a boss who treats me for free and for every increment of improvement to counteract the suckwadageness.
  • I like a cappella music. (This random thought brought to you by my random flipping through the channels)
  • I am NOT a fan of extra twangy country music. (This random thought also brought to you by random channel flipping)
  • I'm glad the house is done being decorated.
  • I wish I had my shopping and cards done.
  • I cannot believe I have lived in this house for 8 years and yet I am working on my THIRD address for the same location.  If I wanted a new address I'd sell this house, pack up all my stuff and haul it to a new location, thank you very much.
  • It only took the post office and various utility companies and banks and credit card companies and doctors offices and our extended families to all get our last address right and all the mail delivered when and where it was sent.  I wonder how long it will take this time.
  • I'm cold because we turn the heat down at night.  One of the benefits of having out friends from Trinidad come visit is we will be keeping the house warmer since the standard there is quilts on the bed when the nights plummet to a frosty 70 degrees Fahrenheit and we don't want them to die of frostbite INSIDE our house.
  • I think no matter what they will find the toilet seats cold so I will warn them of this regional hazard since I now know what a horrendous shock it is after another Trini friend told us.
  • At least the bathroom will be dry and non-slimy, thanks to Mr. Lime.
  • And they can enjoy a big pot of curried venison thanks to him.
  • Thanks to THEM, Diana and Calypso should each have their own tawah and dabla for frying up roti to go with the curry.  Ssshhh...don't tell.  It's a surprise!


Beach Bum said...

Was having some really bad back pain last week and tried something new which worked for me at least.

Grabbed a medium-sized towel and got it wet, not soaking but just enough for the entire clothe to be damp. Placed it in the microwave for thirty to forty seconds and then wrapped it around my torso with it aligned with the lower portion of my back.

It was far hotter than the weak heating pad we have but I did that three times and I'll be damned but my back felt better.

Moannie said...

Why is it that I am drooling before I've reached the end of your post?

Have the most wonderful time with your friends.

Bijoux said...

The funny thing about having a kid who can drink alcohol is that you forget what sort of booze you like at that age. My daughter hates our beer and wine! And I hate the frou-frou drinks that she enjoys!

Anonymous said...

If one is married before being able to legally drink alcohol, does it give one the automatic right to drink, or does one still have to wait for 21?

Craig said...

Jen and I have four legal drinkers among our offspring. And two who are older than we were when we were married and having kids. . .

I LOVE the Red Green Show. ("An' if my wife is watchin', lemme just say that I've learned that there are some things Man is not meant to know; an' I'm hopin' you're not one of 'em. . .")

'suckwadageness' is a word-coinage worthy of my beloved wife (except, you know, for the whole 'suckwad' thing. . .) (and 'hairy donkey balls'; she doesn't do 'hairy donkey balls'. . .)

You remind me of a story from when we hosted a Nigerian student for a year. . . But I don't want to ruin the story for when I post it later. . .

And you also remind me that I need to replace the faucet core to our shower. . .

And curried venison. . . Mmmmmmmm. . . I can only imagine. . .

Cricket said...

Much sympathy on the back pain, my friend. Though I'm sure you will receive all manner of advice, what works for me is a constant supply of thermacare wraps, worn constantly 'til the back settles down... especially at night, though the label says don't. Why, I don't know. That's when my back seizes up, if it's gonna. with the wrap? Ahhhhhhh.

Craig said...

I neglected to mention, in my previous comment, that, when I 'sprung' my back some years ago, my doc gave me a set of stretches to do, in which I would hug my legs against my chest and rock back-and-forth. Then one leg at a time hugged against the chest, while the other leg is pointed away lengthwise. Repeat as necessary. I don't know if it caused my back to get better faster, or not; but it did provide some short-term relief. . .

silly rabbit said...

Lots to be thankful here!
I have had a similar culture shock with cold toilet seats when I moved to my colder home.
My house changed addresses once... what a super hassle! Especially trying to explain that I had not moved an inch.
I'm envious of your freezer full of deer! Hooray for Mr. Lime! Our deer successfully hid from us. :(

secret agent woman said...

Qhy is your house changing addresses? How does that happen?

G-Man said...

Nice collection of thoughts Trini.
Pass the Roti please

Mother Theresa said...

Wow, I can't believe number got married that young? Then again, I didn't wait much longer...and it looks like we did okay. :) Sorry to hear about your back...feel better!

Hilary said...

I'm getting excited for you. I know how much you're looking forward to seeing your people.

The house address change throws me.. who.. how.. why?

I'm sorry that you're hurting.. back pain affects just about everything. Do adjustments not help? You're sure in the best work atmosphere for your ailment.

Craver Vii said...

Ouch. Back pain is no fun at all.

Enjoy some a cappella with good harmonies and don't forget to breathe.

lime said...

for those wondering about the address thing, we used to be a rural route. first they change the number of the rural route, now they are going to actual street addresses. either way, it's a complete annoyance because i am pretty sure our mailman isn't going to get it right no matter what. going to the mailbox is always a mystery...where is our mail and whose mail is in our box?

Jocelyn said...

I am SOOO excited for this visit for all of you, cold toilet seats or not. May your back pain ease enough that your head can fully engage with the joy of friends.

And this one is a bit staggering:

"I can't believe when I was her age I'd already been married for nearly a year."

Kat said...

So very exciting, but oh so much WORK!!!! Whew! And with a messed up back too. That is awful.
I hope your back if feeling much better soon and that you get all you want to get done before your lovely visitors arrive!