Friday, March 16, 2012

deCordova Sculpture Park

Since I so thoroughly enjoyed the MFA, Lisa suggested we spend some time at deCordova Sculpture Park. She and Jacob have been there before and he loves the place. Jacob is also a fan of the show Work of Art in which artists are given an assignment and judged on their results in competition with one another. We spent a beautiful morning with a clipboard so we could give our own scores to the works of art we saw in the park.

This is called Rain Gates by the artist.  Jacob and Lisa dubbed it Dream Doors during their last visit to the park.  Jacob was having a rough time with some things so Lisa told him to go through the doors and walk into happier feelings.  That time it worked.  This time Jacob told me he was walking into nightmares when he went through the doors but he was strong and taking care of the bad things he found.  We spent a good deal of time romping around this piece together and talking about dreams.  It was a very good conversation.  I love when art does that. We gave this work some high marks for beauty and sparking imagination.

I wasn't able to find markers on everything so I don't know the name of this.  Notice the container with a stick at the end.  Each end had those and visitors were encouraged to use the sticks on the sculpture which functioned as a large xylophone.  We had a lot of fun racing around it chasing each other while we dragged our sticks along the tubes.  The sound drew several other people.  After we were done playing it was fun to step back and watch the expressions of the other people who discovered it.  Not a single person failed to smile ear to ear.  High marks for simplicity and joy factor.

I've read about yarn bombing but had never seen it before.  Throughout the park there were several spots that had been yarn bombed.  I liked the whimsy of it.

This is a detail of Eve Celebrant.  We saw Lilith in the MFA and Eve at deCordova.  I liked that she was carrying a pomegranate instead of an apple.  The come hither gesture also seemed appropriate. 

In amongst a small stand of evergreens I found a group of these guards of the forest called Cones.  I think it would be easy to miss them because of the way they were obscured but I'm sure that was intentional.  They were arrayed in rows and standing at attention but they seemed a friendly, perhaps a little weary and glad for company, as well.

After a little army of pinecone people I found a metal forest.

There was another small grove of trees.  Amongst them were fallen knights in various positions with no markers.  All you Monty Python fans out there will understand why I call this None Shall Pass.

The artist called this Jacob's Dream.  I wasn't all that impressed and Jacob didn't seem to be either.  His happiest dreams involve cats and Harry Potter, not twisted blobs of metal.  Not the highest marks here.

Finally, just as it was time to be departing I found this work entitled The Merry-Go-Round of Hidden Agendas.  The windmill on top moved with the wind propelling small figures with speech bubbles around the track and through the various houses.  The speech bubbles contained one statement on the outside with another perspective on the inside.  It was a pretty fascinating piece of social commentary.  I gave it high marks for creatively getting its point across in a very clear way.


Craig said...

Mmmmmm. . . pomegranates. . . (and of course, I mean that in the biblical sense. . .) ;)

And that yarn-bombing reminds me of what some folks have taken to doing with their Christmas lights, in recent years (altho, how they can afford that many lights, I have no idea. . .)

And the knight still has three of his limbs attached; what's up with that? "What are you gonna do? Bleed on us?"

Bijoux said...

Again, I LOVED this post! Outdoor scultures is the best way to view, rather in a sterile museum. I have never heard of yarn bombing, but I do love that tree sweater. My kids would go nuts for that xylophone. I would love to check out that hidden agenda.

Just Me said...

Very fascinating! This place would be a huge draw with my kids and me.

Suldog said...

MY WIFE and I both love the DeCordova. So glad you had a chance to visit it and enjoy with Lisa and Jacob!

Beach Bum said...

I liked that she was carrying a pomegranate instead of an apple.

I don't know, for reasons I can't really explain in words it looks like a grenade to me.

lime said...

craig, i just want to know HOW they knit around a tree!

bijoux, the xylophone thing was just so much fun.

just me, if you're ever in the boston area i'd highly recommend it

suldog, i wondered if' you'd been there since i think it was kinda sorta in your general direction

beach bum, well i do believe the word grenade is derived from an old french word for pomegranate because of the fruits being so segmented and the weapon fragmenting into a zillion bits.

silly rabbit said...

Awww... poor Knights who go ni! Hahahaha

Great post. I love it when art does something besides just stand there, such as make music too. All of these are great conversation pieces, sure to get your brain doing something other than looking.

Jocelyn said...

Love the yarn bombing (yes, for the whimsy) and would love to see that Merry-Go-Round up close. Very clever idea.

Isn't art outdoors such a different experience than in a gallery?

G-Man said...

What a neat place!
It sure beats the modern art at the Mall!

lime said...

silly rabbit, i just have one thing to say to that....ecky ecky ecky patang zoom poing!

jocelyn, it is a very differnt experience, especially if you are encouraged to touch the art rather than yelled at for doing so. 9docent in seattle yelled at me for putting my hands on a rusty multiton hunk of iron. really? it's standing the rain...rusting...and you're uptight about fingeprints?)

gman, isn't "mall art" an oxymoron?

Secret Agent Woman said...

Before I read your copy, when I scrolled through first to look at the photos I saw the knight and thought, "It's just a flesh wound!"

Dave said...

Sculpture parks can be interesting places huh Michelle - Dave

TorAa said...

Thanks for sharing. I love sculpture parks.
This one reminds me about Frederil Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park just outside Grand Rapids. MI

(I posted from our visit in July last year)