Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trying out the New Lens in Central PA

The weekend before my surgery I went with Diana to a street festival in a small town in central Pennsylvania.  I loved the architectural details on the buildings in the town so it was fun to be able to zoom in and capture some of the details I wouldn't have been able to capture before.

Pretty great pretty grate.

Something about real shutters always catches my eye.

I'd imagine this stained glass is far prettier from the inside with the sun streaming through.

A nice contrast of colors.

This amount of carved detail amazed me. It spanned the length of the building and was on all floors from the second up to the top.

Again, the colors and subtle details caught my eye.

Ok,nothing subtle here.  I've worked as a painter.  May I just say I am exceedingly glad I never had to scrape and paint something like this with all the color changes.  I certainly appreciate whoever did it though.


Daryl Edelstein said...

all that detail so loving preserved/maintained .. what lens did you get?

Craig said...

The architecture reminds me of when we visited Gettysburg, many years ago. . .

Kat said...

Love it! Great job! :)

Bijoux said...

I love all of those colors. I'm always amazed at how much the little added details make such a huge difference.

Logophile said...


nice job capturing all that.
Love it.
Can't wait for my tour

Rob said...

Oh, you're giving tours now? Let me send you my itinerary so you can pencil me in! ;-)

Great eye and outstanding execution of your photographic skills, as usual, Michelle!

Secret Agent Woman said...

Great details. I love real shutters, too. I wish they hadn't gone out of fashion.

lime said...

daryl, i guess it's not entirely new anymore. it's the sigma 70-300mm with macro capability

craig, it's quite common in pa

kat, thanks!

bijoux,i've enjoyed walking around looking for the details since i was a teen

logo, when you getting out here?

rob, yes, returning the favor to logo from when she showed me seattle. glad you enjoyed the shots :)

secret agent, they make the fake ones look so sad

Beach Bum said...

Great job!

Dave said...

Nice photos Michelle. yes, I wouldn't fancy painting those parts either - Dave

Hilary said...

Lovely architecture. I'm glad you're enjoying your lens. :)