Monday, September 01, 2014

It's All Happening at the Zoo

The week I was going back and forth to Philadelphia for my testing I decided to make a trip to the zoo one day.  I've always loved the Philadelphia Zoo, which has the distinction of being our nation's first. I met my friend Gwen and her little one, Sweet Pea there. Join us.

 Flamingos always make me giggle.
There were a couple of women discussing this position with the little one they were accompanying.  We all agreed it looked like giraffe yoga.  Downward giraffe anyone?
 I was following my prep diet for the scans while at the zoo.  Last year I may have fought the otter for the fish.  This year my cravings were all about cheese, so I could just enjoy the otter's antics.  We also had an extended discussion with the otter's keeper.  We learned a lot about the breeding programs.  Essentially the worldwide zoo population of these river otters is descended mostly from the same mother and there are more hoops to jump through to get your otter laid than any sane person would even want to imagine.
 This bear seemed wholly unconcerned with any of that.
 We were hoping the peacock would give us a show.  He did not oblige.
Getting ready for a date and checking his deodorant?
"Listen, Glen may have on his aftershave but he still can't dance.  Just look at that ungainly display on the dance floor."
 GQ Lemur edition.
 The beauty shop at the primate house.
 Deep in thought or needing a smoke?
 Whoa, Mama!  the ground is waaaaaay down there!
 She seemed fairly annoyed by the people around.
 Sweet Pea's favorite toy is her stuffed lion.  It goes everywhere with her.  She wanted this lion to meet her lion.
If you've ever read E. B. White's Trumpet of the Swan you may recall the main character Louis lives at the Philadelphia Zoo for a time and plays his trumpet for tourists.  The swan boats at the zoo are in honor of the book.
 Just inside the entrance is this fountain.  I've loved it since I was a child.


joeh said...

Captions...hilarious and spot on!

(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip, said...

I love zoos.
Somehow I missed going to the Philadelphia Zoo.

Stephen Hayes said...

You managed to get some great pictures. When I go to the zoo the animals are either hiding or asleep.

Craig said...

Wonderful stuff, as always. Thanks for sharing. . .

The little-bitty zoo in Our Town used to have a peacock (maybe even a mating pair; I forget), that would run around free among the patrons, and when the mood suited him, he'd give us a display. Wonderful moments, those. . .

June said...

I enjoyed these photos. What kind of bear is that?

Bijoux said...

Otters and penguins are always my fave at any zoo.

Logophile said...

I'm with Bijoux on this, otters and penguins are my favorites.
Zoos very often make me sad for the animals, they have ever since I was a kid but it seems like, usually the otters and penguins are having the best time, so I like hanging out there.
Thanks for sharing the pics, good fun.

Hilary said...

Great captures of some cuties and beauties. And your captions made me laugh. Sweet Pea made me smile. I suspect you enjoyed your outing a great deal.

And Simon and Garfunkel are running through my mind now. I do believe it. I do believe it's true.

Anvilcloud said...

That was fun. You are very clever.

Tabor said...

Went to the zoo outside of Orlando and it is poorly funded and poorly maintained and was a disappointment. Zoos can be fun and sometimes very depressing.

Kat said...

Beautiful zoo! And gorgeous pictures. I'm glad you were able to enjoy some downtime in such a lovely place in the midst of all your testing.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Suldog said...

The orangutans remind me of someone I see in the mirror quite often (especially the one who looks like he's craving a smoke, although the other one does have the look I get when I'm served salad but was expecting a pork chop.) And I am glad I am not an otter.

Secret Agent Woman said...

You got some great shots there.

Jocelyn said...

Forget libraries: you need a job as a photo captioner! I snorted at the GQ Lemur one the most.

koi seo said...

When I go to the zoo the animals are either hiding or asleep.