Wednesday, August 02, 2017


Although shortest in duration, transition is the most intense stage of labor occurring just before the second stage when the baby is pushed down the birth canal to be born.

This wait
Has far exceeded
Any normal gestation
By decades.

This labor
Has been protracted,
A rhythmic
Annual contraction
When imagination
In attempt to grasp
What reality
May be.

I pace
My home,
My yard,
The driveway.
My husband
Has finished painting
A long ignored room,
Has cleaned,
Has sent away

It won’t be long now,
Just an hour until
She calls from the hotel.
I breathe,
Hang sheets on the washline,
Paint my toes.

Nervous tension
As unseen forces
Propel me
Through time
The car bearing
The woman
Who carried
But never held me
Pulls into the driveway
And she hears

My first cry.


Craig said...


There might be tears from here, on your behalf. . .

Kat said...

Oh my goodness. This made me cry.

Stephen Hayes said...

A very poignant read. Thanks for sharing.

Tabor said...

Whoa. Is there a hint of a true story behind this?

lime said...

Craig, Kat, Stephen, thank you!

Tabor, more than a hint...

koi seo said...

There might be tears from here, on your behalf. . .