Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend Report

Well, she did it again! Diana has proved herself the mighty hunter once again. For the third year in a row she has brought home a deer within the first two hours of the first day she hit the woods. Thursday was the opening day of the youth hunt and she got a nice sized doe, so we have a freezer full of meat once again for which we are thankful (we hunt for food not sport). The very first year she got a big buck right off the bat, experienced guys called it luck. Last year, when she got a doe the first day they said, "Well, she is really a lucky gal." Ok fellows, it's the third consecutive year. Still calling it luck?

Friday night was homecoming. Mind you, I loathe football. I have absolutely zero interest in the sport whatsoever and cannot explain any aspect of it. The ONLY reason I go is to see Diana march in the band. That part I love and nobody better interrupt the field show. Homecoming is different, I go to be the dutiful band mom and help set up. Then I endure this hideously boring game, watch a bunch of vapid girls (ok, one of them wants to be a pediatrician so I guess they are not all vapid) compete in a popularity contest for a plastic tiara and the band does NOT get to march. AND, I froze my butt off. The upside was the people I sat with. They were an amusing lot. My son, Isaac, actually follows this game, knows what is going on and kept quizzing me. "Mom, do you know what a down is? An incomplete? An interception? Do you know what the flag means? Did you see what that guy just did?" He was so proud of me when I'd actually get one right. If he has anything to do with it I may actually be forced to learn something about this sport and be able to give a better description of it than "unbelievably large boys in spandex and pads crashing around and fighting over an improperly shaped ball." How can I remain completely uninterested with that eager little face looking up at me and trying depserately to inform me?

Saturday, I went to a baby shower. A group of us went in a 15 passenger van to the area where I grew up. I've always liked the drive descending from the Poconos to the rolling farmlands of southeastern Pennsylvania. Two hundred year old stone farmhouses and barns marked with hex signs begin to dot the scenery. Trees thin out a bit and reveal the cornfields. I love how the cornfields change the landscape over the course of a year. Right now the dried stalks stand up like thin and weary sentries soon to be felled. After the first light snow, the short stubs will poke out of the frosty layer until a thicker blanket covers them and makes the fields look like a bumpy white chenille bedspread. Spring means it is time to break up the hard earth and start again so dark, damp soil can make way for little green sprouts that soar to over a man's head. Ok, I confess....I even like the smell of cow manure when they have spread it on the fields. When I was in college, I knew I was almost home when I caught the first whiff of it. I'd inhale deeply every time. Yeah, hunting and cow manure....I must be a complete hick, right?

So.....what makes people call you lucky? Were you a quarterback or a homecoming queen? What interest have you developed as a result of your children's influence? What sights and smells let you know when you are 'home?'


bsoholic said...

Congrats Diana!!!

I was neither a quaterback or a homecoming queen (thank goodness), I was more of a 'alternative kid' grunge and skateboarding were pretty popular back then.

Don't have any kids - can't learn from something nonexistant. ;)

Ariella said...

I am posting for the AF who says she would have done it herself if you allowed non-blogger comments.

So.....what makes people call you lucky?
Probably the number one thing that makes people say that is the AM, who shops, cooks, and washing dishes, reading to the kids and is all around alright kinda guy.
Were you a quarterback or a homecoming queen? No, but was the Valedictorian, and voted most likely to succeed. Was also the entire graduating class.
What interest have you developed as a result of your children's influence? Oh so many, but the lastest in castles, which were mostly really really disgusting.
What sights and smells let you know when you are 'home?'
Being island folk, the smell of home is somewhat different.
After being away for a long time we arrived by way of the ferry and the smell of the water, and the wind in my face, the sea gulls wheeling and the splashing of water and thobbing boat engine were almost enough to make me speechless. Till a child decided to hang off the side of the boat.

Breazy said...

Way to go Diana!

I was first runner up in homecoming one year . I was in 5th grade then and it didn't really matter to me that much. I had other things on my mind.

When I have been away and I am coming home the first thing is the site of the mountains . Then the smell of the mountains hit me and I know I am there. I love to travel but I crave the sight of these mountains when I am away for more than three or four days!

Hope you have a good day!:)

barefoot_mistress said...

I wanna see that pic of your Diana with that deer, and the tongue hanging out!

Jodes said...

Awesome, I love deer sausage!!! Things that are home to me or smells of home. Cinnamon candles, fresh baked bread. FRESH AIR!!! i grew up on a farm and the air in the country is fantastic even when you can smell the neighbors pigs or cows.

snavy said...

LMAO at "unbelievably large boys in spandex and pads crashing around and fighting over an improperly shaped ball."

My parents get tons of deer in their yard every night. My dad set up a motion dectector so he know when the get there.

My girls make me feel lucky and very proud.

The Village Idiot said...

My 12 yr old seems to perfer the shotgun and blasting clay pigeons out o fthe sky. The up side of this is, you dont have to trek around through marsh and swampland or the bush beating birds out and up into the air.

I am not a lucky person. Take me and any other one person and send us down the same stretch of road and i wll hit all the lights red.

And Lime, i have a fur lined sink to go with the electric dog polisher

barefoot_mistress said...

PS I had this really bratty friend tell me once, "You always get what you want!" I could see by the look on her face, she just wanted to slash my eyes out at that moment. Why do I always get what I want? Good karma! :P ...or, just lucky, I guess! :P

lime said...

bs, but you'd look so darling in a tiara!

ariella, thanks for helping the AF who graduated at the top and the bottom of her class

breazy, i understand loving that sight of mountains too!

jodes, youjust made me suddenly hungry

snavy, they should make ya feel lucky and proud!

idiot, lmao ok, but do you have cruel shoes?

bare, here take some googles to protect yourself, hehehe

The Village Idiot said...

No cruel shoes lime but I would like a nice blue spotlight...right over here and i feel funny..because i have a slice of bologna in each shoe

Melody said...

Because of my son's love of Baseball I learned to tolerate the game and eventually even enjoy it. Also because of the kids I like Basketball, I watch it on TV so that I can talk to them about it. I was neither a quarterback or a homecoming queen...but Alas I still consider myself love anyway. Upon entering my home town is a breathtaking view of the always means HOME.

lime said...

hehehe, melody. yep i understand baseball so i can talk to my husband. great view to be greeted by! thanks for sharing:)