Thursday, December 22, 2005

Playing Santa

No HNT pictures this week. Over at Insane Asylime I played by Osbasso's rules for HNT this week. Here I am going to play be my own rules and give gifts to the folks over there on my blogroll.

Breazy gets her car fixed, a healthy family for the rest of the winter, and some general fussing over and pampering because life has been kinda shitty this week for her.

Brian gets to go to the bookstore of his choice and take as many books as he wants. he gets whatever tunes he wants but cannot find for his new iPod. He also gets to skip ahead to the point where 12/24 only feels sweet.

Thom gets a lifetime supply of primo grade catnip and a free pass out of the cubicle. He also gets some peace of mind.

BS also gets a free pass out of the cubicle (airline tickets to the destination of your choice) as well as an endless supply of the beer of his choice and a great big hug for helping me with some of the technical bloggy stuff.

Seamus gets a much needed rest from his recent ordeal and the job of his dreams that allows him to follow his bliss.

Sherri gets a total spa package with makeover and new wardrobe to combat the frumpy feelings. And then she gets a romantic weekend getaway with her hubby.

Fred gets whatever drugs he needs to cope with teenagers at school all day then come home and deal with them some more. After his week with 7 females, 6 of them teens, he gets a week at some primal man camp where he can beat his chest and reconnect with testosterone.

Bantu gets a brand new bike to his personal specs. He also gets to eradicate from existence all traces of TheCoffeeShopWhichShallNotBeNamed.

Ariella I am sending your Alpha Female, Alpha Male, AND Things 1 & 2 to the obedience school of your choice. I am also hooking you up with the adorable Labrador you love so much.

Cricketina gets a speedy completion of her degree and the job of her dreams.

Mel gets what Breazy gets. She sounds like she has had a rough week too and needs a break. Peace to you, hon!

Colleen gets comfort and family harmony after the passing of an uncle. She also gets a whole set of top-notch camping gear and because she loves the outdoors so much.

Osbasso gets an orchestra full of professionals who show up for rehearsals and performances on time and ready to give it 100%.

Damasta gets to own the company she works for and therefore make all the rules and plan the menu at the cafeteria. She gets to eat carbs without guilt too.

Goody gets every novel he has written published. He also gets a national promotion tour. Not that I dig Oprah, she gets on my nerves, but she seems to be able to spike sales so I am going to include having her pick your books too.

Shezzie gets the trog to move out of his cave and start interacting like an evolved human again.

Snavy gets peace and quiet for as long as she wants it. Aaaaaahhhhh.........

Susie gets to go back to India whenever she wants and she gets a backstage pass to the next Tori Amos concert in her area.

Tan Lucy Pez gets whatever HER heart-of-heart's desire is.

Jodes gets a cure for her friend's cancer.

Zombieslayer gets his nation back from the zombies that have taken it over.

Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah, Happy Kwanzaa. May you all have peace and happiness and the warmth of family and friends who love you.


Furzl said...

Great gift selection. Happy holidays.

bsoholic said...

You are too kind! Everyone's going to love your gifts. Thanks so much!

Merry Christmas! :)

DaMasta said...

AWwwwww....gee, thanks, Lime!!! You're the best!!!

Kick my ass, that's cool.

Jodes said...

that was awesome, thank you and I am back!!!!! For today and tmrw anyway.....then off next M-T-W.

Breazy said...

awwwwww Lime ... that is so sweet ! I wish you were within hugging distance because I sure would throw my arms around your neck about right now . Thank you! Merry Christmas ! *HUGS*

Wenchy said...

Merry Christmas to you. :)

James Goodman said...

Very generous gifts indeed, Lime. Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas.

barefoot_mistress said...

Backstage to Tori AND India too? Woweeeee!!!! There could be no better gifts to me, Lime! XXXXXXX

(I have some secret, evil Xmas gifts for you, but we'll have to talk about that in PM) :P

Brian said...

Hey Lime, I like your style! I could really get into all those books and all that music.

Merry Christmas hon!

The Village Idiot said...

awww, nuthin for the idiot!

that's ok, i luv ya anyhow. Happy HNT!
the idiot

lime said...

idiot (east coast version) how about a carib beer from trinidad to add to your collection? that and a gift certificate to the tattoo studio of your choice

Logophile said...

Darlin' are you on the dog's side here?
And where is my present

Wirthy said...

I won't be with family for the holidays but I will have a bunch of booze, and that's just as good.

Happy HNT!

The Village Idiot said...

No More bad coffee!!! You do give the best gifts!

snavy said...

You are truely the BEST!!! Thank you!!

Ariella said...

Lime, perfect gifts, all the way around, you are fab

Tan Lucy Pez said...

All rightie then! I get happiness for everyone. Oh, and a big ol' chocolate bar. Thanks kid! You're the best.

Chickadee said...

Whoo-hoo!!! Awesome! You made my day. Thank you. :)

FunkyB said...

All lovely gifts! Have a wonderful weekend, celebrating Whatever! HHNT.

Bridget Jones said...

Now that was a lovely lovely post!!!!

Merry everything to you too, lime!!

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Fred said...

Well, thank you Lime. My drug of choice is a glass of wine before dinner. As for the men's camp, I'll take a weekend in Vegas with the boys. Oh, and don't forget the round of golf.