Friday, January 06, 2006

A Meme for Friday

I stole this from Tan Lucy Pez.

7 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1. See my kids grow up to be happy, educated, compassionate people who make a good impact on those around them.
2. Get my master's degree.
3. Spend an extended time in Greece.
4. Travel the rest of the world (too many places to list).
5. Bathe in a vat of chocolate.
6. Play the guitar well.
7. Have the doctor really make sure I am dead before he sends me to the morgue.

7 Things I Can Do
1. Play guitar badly.
2. Play the radio well.
3. Sing badly.
4. Dance well enough not to get laughed at.
5. Read and write backwards or upside down.
6. Pick small things up with my toes.
7. Kill any houseplant with cruel efficiency.
(You were expecting practical skills here?)

7 Things I Can't Do
1. Put both feet behind my head.
2. Stand on my head.
3. Go a day without chocolate.
4. Watch a football game and enjoy it.
5. Eat sauerkraut.
6. Understand trigonometry.
7. Speak Swahili.
(Interesting to note, my life seems pretty good nonetheless)

7 Things That Attract Me to Another Person.
1. Intelligence.
2. Sense of humor
3. Compassion
4. Zest for life
5. Common courtesy (which seems less and less common these days)
6. Electromagnets
7. Timely payments (direct deposit makes this much easier for both of us, if you are interested we can work out a plan that suits us both, I'm very reasonable).

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. Please try to feign interest. (teenagers, ya know?)
2. Domino's? Yes, I'd like a pizza. (again, the teenager thing)
3. Please sir, can I have more chocolate? (always said with a pathetic, hungry look)
4. Do I look like I know where your (fill in the blank) is?
5. Son, where are your glasses and why are they not on your face?
6. Yes, dear.
7. I love you.


Jodes said...

I did that one a few months ago, it was fun.

Breazy said...

great answers Lime ! Happy Friday and I hope you have a good weekend !

barefoot_mistress said...

Very good! Noticed chocy is mentioned a lot! :P

bsoholic said...

LOL - great list!

Barefoot, one might suspect Lime hasn't had her chocolate fix yet today... :P

logo said...

Good list,
I like it.
And ooooooh, now I am not looking forward to teens.

James Goodman said...

cool list. I see the mention of the toes again... :D

Gary said...

I tried to learn guitar when I was married. I was so bad at it that my wife gave my guitar away to a friend without even asking me. I wasn't mad though. I was so bad that I knew he'd put it to better use than i did.

BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog.

Crescendo said...

Fun list. Good work !
Happy New Year !

Anonymous said...

lime, thank you for stopping by today and for your kind comments.
(kiss on the cheek)

snavy said...

Oh - I loved that!! Very cool!!

Tee hee - reading as I sit here eating Dominos - they deliver!!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Good stuff! Loved the "Electromagnets" crack.

I think reading and writing backwards or upside down is a useful skill. Wish I could do that.

Bridget Jones said...

love the chocolate bits too!

Sheri said...

Fun answers! I can't believe some people dont like sauerkraut. How the heck do you eat a Rueban sandwich without it?

The Zombieslayer said...

5. Bathe in a vat of chocolate.

If you do, take pics. ;)

6. Play the guitar well.

Proud to say, I could do this. But requires a lot of time. That's seriously what separates good guitarrists from average is that the good ones found time to practice.

3. Sing badly.

I stay on tune, but have horrible tonal qualities. Most people just cover their ears or leave the room when I start singing.

4. Dance well enough not to get laughed at.
5. Read and write backwards or upside down.

Well, I'm a horrible dancer, but your #5 is really impressive. I can't do that.

7. Kill any houseplant with cruel efficiency.

I killed two real nice raspberry plants last year. :(

Seamus said...

Bathe in a vat of chocolate and please sir can I....
Why bother with Dominos???
Electromagnets - implants??
Greece - hmmm, Greece sounds good (as the rain continues)

Fred said...

I love these lists. They just take too much time to put them together.

As a guy, I always say "Yes, dear" all the time. It's the key to a happy marriage.

lime said...

jodes, i must have missed it, dang

breazy, you have a great weekend too!

bare, there's a reason for that

bs, how very astute of you ;)

logo, teens? be afrid, be very afriad....

goody, what can i say? it's noe of my few skills

gary, you are way more easy going than me. my guitar was my grandfather's. if hubby gave it away i might have to hurt him....badly

crescendo, happy new year to you too!

tc, *blushes* pecks your cheek

snavy, we have to pick up, we live too far away

TLP, glad ya liked that wise crack of mine. as for the reading writing thing, i taught myself out of boredom

bridget, if yer really nice, i willshare. hehe

sheri, youare assuming i'd ever eat a rueben sammich

zombie, LMAO. i promise if i ever bathe in a vat of chocolate i will take pics and post em right here!

seamus, sure can! hehe. lmao@ implants! if i won't dye my hair do ya think i'd go to the trouble of implants. i am all natural! ;) hehehehe

fred, glad you ejoyed. i do find 'yes, dear' tends to make things go more smoothly than 'bite me!'

Seamus said...

I was thinking of implanted magnets, but hey...LMAO!!!!!

lime said...

seamus, lol, color me embarassed

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