Monday, February 13, 2006

The Muse of Blogging


Migraina and Pathogena are the twin muses for blogging apparently. Lesser known than their nine sisters above, they visited me in my time of need, bestowing upon me the idea for 'True Confessions.' As they whispered in my ear and I struggled to discern their voices through the incessant thumping in my skull I wondered, 'be this the voice of a demon or of an angel?'

They were summoned by the sounds of rib-shattering coughs and unearthly wretching, and they appeared in a pulsing strobe of blinding lights that seared through my eyeballs. And yet, for all this pain, they granted such inspiration as to lead me to admit an early affinity for Barry Manilow. Thus, many of you, spoken to by the same muses, were inclined to admit similarly shocking predispositions, and not hesitantly, I hasten to add.

I saw comments from people I had no idea even read this blog. I was quite intrigued at how such a seemingly lame idea for a post brought such a hearty response. So I am curious to know.....

1. What posts of yours have you been shocked to get a really good response to?
2. What posts have you been shocked to get a poor response to?
3. What inspires you as you generate ideas for posts? Who is your blogging muse?


Jodes said...

WOW, those are tough ones. I am shocked that my breast cancer posts are not getting more response. Lost of new people have come my way but not as many as I would like. If I could as many comments everyday as i do on HNT, I would be happy.

Jodes said...
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Jodes said...

I deleted that, I hit the publish button twice.

logo said...

Mostly my muse is a short black-haired gal I know.

I don't think I have had too many suprises regarding what people comment on and what they don't over at Dog's Life.

bsoholic said...

Not sure who my muse is, in any case it hasn't been around much for me lately. I've been pretty uninspired to post much.

I was pretty surprised at how well Tag was recieved, just a few crappy drawings that everyone seemed to like. That's pretty cool.

snavy said...

1. When I was doing the "Finish the Sentence" thing - I was surprised that anyone responded.

2. I don't know.

3. Kira from the movie Xanadu. (true confession - I love that movie)

Actually, I blog as the mood hits me. Sometimes I don't blog at all and on others I post at several different blogs in one day.

barefoot_mistress said...

I've noticed that if I spend a lot of time working on what I think will be a totally interesting post with fabulous photos, research and stuff, that it will be read by Lime, Logo, Snavs and Idiot and that's about it.
On the other hand, if I quickly slap something silly onto my blog, it'll get 15 responses....moral: don't work too hard on the blog, just let it happen.
And admittedly, people do like T & A for HNT don't they, but with a creative flair.
And, I have to say, that HNTing with Mr Ratburn, has been an unexpexted fun surprise for both of us!!!!!

Breazy said...

1. probably when I posted about all the deaths in my family a few weeks ago .

2. hmmm I am not sure on this one .

3. things that happen in my daily life .

There are actually alot of times that I have a really cool idea for a post because of something I have saw , read or heard but I am not good with words so it just comes out plain and simple therefore I delete it .

Mark Leslie said...

1. In general, usually the posts that I put the least amount of effort and thought into get huge responses. (Except for the whole Darth Tater serial story - people tend to like that stuff)

2. When I first started blogging almost a year ago, I thought I'd come up with some pretty funny stuff, but I think nobody was reading, so therefore, no response at all (sounds like a Phil Collins song)

3. (I like the blogging muse concept you've generated here -- good one). My blogging muse is a beautiful lady called Life.

lecram sinun said...

The ones I enjoy most (and takes most time) are my Picture Daze posts. I've stopped for a while but will continus them once the fest is done.

Flip, Pick & Riff I thought was a pretty successful meme that I created. I've actually tracked them as far as India.

I also like it when the Wacky Muse tickles my fancy... usually a post about a real incident that I can get "creative" on. One of my earliest posts of this genra is at

Anonymous said...

My greatest response has been when I've written a poem and found just the right picture for it(usually takes me at least an hour).

Least response..most of my posts..LOL

My blogging muse is usually from my emotions or empathy for others.

Fred said...

1. My blogoholic post. It got 50-60 more comments than I had been getting. I was blown away.

2. My Fast Freddy post. I thought more folks would be amused. (Castpost is acting up lately, maybe people couldn't hear it?)

3. My ideas really come out of the blue. I'm a pretty random person, so I don't really focus on one thing. It's whatever I'm thinking about that week. Looking at old pictures helps me come up with some of the nostalgic posts I like to write about.

The Village Idiot said...

Sadly..My Abs seem to generate the greatest response

One rather deep one where i let the blogging world see behind the mask of the idiot...

Seattle Buses and their drivers are my muse baby!

lime said...

wow, what great responses from all of you. anyone else detecting a pattern here? the stuff that we post that is really close to home seems to get a ho-hum and the silly stuff we toss out gets raves (with some exceptions). something else to ponder.....i'm going to let that percolate a while. talk amongst yourselves and let me know if there are more thoughts.

lime said...

btw mark, if i ever do get to paint a combine lik e a giraffe i will be sure to take pics....same goes for my other big wish to bathe in a vat of chocolate before i die. promised those pics elsewhere. hehehe

James Goodman said...

I am amazed any time anyone reads any of my posts. :D

Bridget Jones said...

I'm posting/blogging to ummm take the place of journaling, which started years ago. It's easier to type than handwrite (journal) and besides you can share the blog thoughts.

Muse? None. Like the fellow said up there, life.

Bridget Jones said...
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FunkyB said...

OMG -- I almost did a post on Barry Manilow! I totally loved loved loved him. Even now (pun intended) when I hear him on the radio, I'm just getting all mushy inside!

And of COURSE you can link me... like you had to ask, silly Lime!

Chickadee said...

I gotta say that sometimes I'm disappointed in the lack of responses I get when I post serious stuff. The two posts I have made recently where I got more of a response than I expected were the "I had an odd experience today" and "Dizzy-headed" posts I had.

I'm going to whine here a little bit for a moment. I've been blogging now for a little over 6 months and my comments/readership following is still low. I get frustrated sometimes because I spend a bit of time reading and commenting on others' blogs. Where's the love?

But then again, having a low volume of readers isn't necessarily bad...I don't get as many negative comments or weirdos (yet.)

DaMasta said...

When I used to do Duties lists on Quesadillas, I was surprised at the number of comments I got. On the other hand, since I've been doing them on the 5th, I'm surprised at the number of comments I'm NOT getting. Hmm?

Also, when I write poems and serious posts, I get poor responses, but when it's off the cuff funny stuff?... the comments keep pouring in!