Friday, February 10, 2006

True Confessions

Maybe this is lame, but having a kid with bronchitis, fighting a headache that really wants to turn into a migraine for 3 days, and having procrastinated on a mountain of schoolwork all week does not make me the most creative person. So I'm just going to toss out some true confessions. I'm not talking about the skeletons in the closet that we all have. I'm not about to haul those out for all the world to read. Nor am I inclined to ask about yours. I'm just talking about the silly things that when you admit them to people they either arch an eyebrow, gently question your sanity, remark on your bad taste, or doubt your refinement. These are the things that are harmless but make you wince inwardly expecting a bad reaction. Here are a few of my true confessions. Give me a giggle and share some of yours.

1. When I was a teenager I owned several Barry Manilow albums.

2. I actually enjoy watching 'American Idol' with my kids.

3. I've always wanted to paint a combine (the big piece of farm equipment) with giraffe spots, so it looks like a puking giraffe when it is being used.

4. I like all the cheesy line dances at wedding receptions.

5. I love a gigantic bowl of Count Chocula and Frankenberry mixed together and soaking in milk until it's a big soggy mess.

No tags on this. You can either give me some answers in the comment section or you can grab it for your own blog. Just let me know if you do it at your place so I can come check it out.


Fred said...

Can't think of one yet. I'm trying.

Jodes said...

that was cool and the combine thing made me laugh again. I posted about my night out that will be happening tmrw night, I am so excited.

barefoot_mistress said...

My first LP was the Partridge Family! Ewwwwwwwww!
Second was Elton John Capt Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

James Goodman said...

I hope the child feels better and the headache miraculously vanishes.

Indigo said...

I listen to Reba McEntire and Sevendust one after the other.

Hope you're feeling better soon hun. Sending you tons of good vibes!!


lime said...

fred, ok, well i expect your homework to be done and on my desk by day's end.

jodes, have a super time!

bare, ok admit it....youhad a thing for david cassidy didn't you.....i think i love you.........hehehe

james, thank you very much

prairie, brave of you to admit, hehehe

Breazy said...

I don't miss an episode of American Idol since singing has always been my dream . hehe I love Count Chocula and Frankenberry but I have never mixed them however, it sounds really good ! Hope you have a good weekend ! :) Barry Manitlow has to be better than New Kids On The Block ! LOL!

Breazy said...

oops and I hope Limelette and you both feel better real soon !

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I am trying to think about a steven king movie that can include this list in the story line....

The combine scares me that is where i came up with the king link

The Zombieslayer said...

5. I love a gigantic bowl of Count Chocula and Frankenberry mixed together and soaking in milk until it's a big soggy mess.

I love this too, but I eat it before it gets soggy. I actually like the crunchy mess. Yummy yummy.

Snavy said...

#1 - I bought Barry Manilow greatest hits cd - recently!

#4 - I love me the Marcarena, Electric Slide and some good old Hustle!!

Fred said...

Okay,how about the fact that I'm a soap opera fanatic? The Brits don't call them soap operas because they're in prime time, but that's exactly what they are.

My fix is Eastenders. I can't watch it anymore since they pulled it off BBC America, but I read each episode on the BBC website.

There. I'm a nerd.

Bridget Jones said...

I did the B. Manilow thing too. Then bought one for former SIL and edited the cover with the cellophane still on (Fred Manilow's greatest hit, some blacked out teeth, etc.)

The combine thing sounds fantastic. If you're anywhere near O town and in that mood let me help, K?

Like line dances too.

Can't think of anything I haven't already confessed to but will...there's gotta be something...

snavy said...

Hey Fred - I still get BBC America - you want I should tape???

logo said...

you all are soooooo weird

Chickadee said...

OMG, I went through a phase where I was in love with Barry Manilow. I've got several albums and CDs. I saw him on Tony Danza the other morning and I'm thinking I'm going to have to look at his newer CDs.

I also saw him in concert. He's great...really knows how to entertain the audience.

Anonymous said...

these are some pretty good confessions, I like them especially the one about the Combine.
My brain is a little fuzzy right now I'll try to think of some stuff later.

Barry Manilow is a tremendously talented person who gets more of a bad rap than he should.
No I don't have any of his cd's but I usually find myself singing along with Copa

barefoot_mistress said...

Um, it's even worse Lime, I had a crush on Danny.....

lime said...

breazy, i gotta agree with your assessment of NKOTB, and i NEVER had one of their albums.

lance, my oddities as a king novel.....i like the angle! lol!

zombie, i like it both ways actually

snavy, woohoo...youand me the next reception!

fred, i saw them a few times when i lived in trinidad

bridget, where's o town

logo, like you aren't??

chick, lol, yeah i saw him no some talk show somewhere. it's what reminded me.

tc, you and me leading the conga line when copa cabana comes on?

bare, that is even more cringe-worhty than admitting to the album purchase

Thomcat said...

1. cheetos and pepsi
2. mayonnaise and french fries
3. tv show - house
4. i sing and play air guitar while stuck in traffic
5. that damn x box

Moosekahl said...

1. I owned every album ever made by New Kids on the Block and even a couple of their individual albums after they split up
2. I like peanut butter on about everything but toast...cornbread, yup; bread pudding, yup; french toast, yup; bread...nope.
3. I like watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns
4. I wore broomstick skirts and thought I looked cool (I didn' me)

Fun uh. my favorite of yours was the combine. I'm a farm kid. that paint job would have cheered up our plain silver monster!

lime said...

i dig your #4, as you know i dance all over my kitchen AND SING LOUDLY

moose, i totally had a crush on bo duke whe i was much younger. glad you were digging my idea for a combine

neal said...

-I had a crush on Laurie Partridge.
-I love dill pickles and ice cream at the same time.
-I have trouble sleeping at night but I can take a nap anytime.
-I still like the Monkees...kinda
-I had tickets to see the Bangles and I had a tux rented and I was gonna rush the stage and try to kiss Susana Hoffs.

lime said...

LOL neal........i bought the monkees greatest hits for mr lime because we met each other at a monkees concert

Spider Walk said...

Hi Lime,
Don't feel bad. I used to own every Barry Manilow album ever made. I would even sit by the tv with my cassette recorder( remember those?) and record him when he made tv appearances! Our tastes couldn't have been that bad....he is still around and turning out albums :)

Hope you feel better soon, kiddo.

lecram sinun said...

People don't raise an eyebrow at my insanity anymore... it's a given. LOL!

- OK... I use to cry at a certain coffee commercial that use to run on TV a while back.

- When I was 8 years old... I was gonna be Pope... even had a little Pope outfit.

- I use to get my former wife to buy me tights to wear under my pants in winter because I liked the feeling better than thermals.

- For 5 years I was looking for a "Long John Silver's" to buy so I could live in it.

I think that's good for now, huh?

lime said...

spider, i seriously cannot believe the number of barry manilow fans who have come out of the closet over this!

lecram, the pope huhs? at least youwere catholic. my parents were atheists and when i played dress-up i used to pretend i was a nun. hehehe. i shall kiss your ring, still trying to figure out that long john silver's thing.

Seamus said...

Loved your "Trini" audio post - I think you've got that "down" :)

Hope you get over this soon, that sux flirting with a migraine.

Confessions? Hmmm,
ok, one the the few TV shows I'll actually watch is Project Runway - we love making up new "you're out" jokes!

logo said...

Alright, fine, here are some specific confessions to assure you I truly am as weird as you thought.

1.) I once took my gum out of my mouth and stuck it to my husband's moustache because he was sporting a air of superiority I didn't care for, insane giggles and stunned and incensed silence followed, match the character with their mood

2.) I do rather like Neil Diamond, not so much with the Barry Manilow.

Is that good enough? Have I confessed enough to be one of the cool kids now?

lime said...

seamus, glad you enjoyed. i enjoyed your audio blog too!

logo, i am violently allergic to the ...ahem, 'singer' you mentioned. even thougheh wrote for the monkees. he makes my skin crawl.

Bridget Jones said...

Lime, O town is Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Thought of a few

-dark chocolate truffles
-nacho cheese doritos
-singing in the car/shower--badly
-wearing comfortable underwear (don't give a flying fig how they look)

Miss Innocent said...

Hmmmm....Here's a few of my little secrets

1. I always wanted to be a cowgirl
2. I am terrified of cotton balls
3. I laugh frequently in my sleep
4. I taught the kids in my pre-school class how to say shit in 5 lanuages other than English
5. I actually LIKE cottage cheese

Mark Leslie said...

If you ever do paint a combine like a giraffe please make sure you take a picture of it to share with us, k?