Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More ABCs of Lime

Jericho posted a set of interview questions for me on Monday. He loves to make people think and his questions are doing just that. I had hoped to post my responses today but various minor family issues such as sick children have hindered me. I want to do his questions justice because I know he spent a lot of time digging through my archives in order to craft them. I just am not up to speed for posting them today so expect them by Friday. Jericho, my apologies for the delay.

In the meantime, Damasta also tagged me. So in lieu of the interview and a Weird Wednesday News post here are some weird Lime-ish things.

Accent-Which one do ya wanna hear? I do a killer Pennsylvania Dutch and a passable Trini

Booze of choice - Read my lips, "No more vodka!" Wine is just fine.

Chore I hate - Ironing, especially when the ants go marching two million by two million

Dog or cat - allergic to both, gimme a snake

Essential electronics - computer, iPod

Favorite perfume(s)/cologne(s)allergic to most women's perfumes but I can tolerate Obssession for women, and Polo for men is liquid foreplay as far as I am concerned. But really Lime au naturel is my thing and bare man skin is pretty groovy too.

Gold or Silver?either, but I wear mostly silver

Hometown - a podunk speck on the map in Southeast Pennsylvania


Job TitleChief Cook and Bottle Washer

Kids? - yep

Living Arrangement - I have arranged to live

Most admired trait - Now how the ferk do ya answer a thing like this and not sound stuck up?? Ok, it must be my humility. I am so humble you wouldn't believe it. I mean I have gotta be the most humble person you've ever met, maybe even on earth.

Number of Sexual Partners - One at a time please. Queue forms to the right, please take a number and wait your turn, we are now serving if! ( I crack myself up)

Overnight Hospital Stays - yep, 3 c-secs.

Phobia - A world wide chocolate shortage. Is there a word for that?

Quote - 'The world is full of suffering, the world is also full of the overcoming of suffering.' Helen Keller

Religion - A relationship, not a religion.

Siblings - One brother

Time I wake up - At the crack of dark.

Unusual talent/skill - Balancing coins on my elbow and snapping my arm down to catch the coins in my hand. Not a high demand for this skill though. Last time I answered this I said picking stuff up with my toes. That at least has some practical application.

Vegetable I refuse to eat - Brussels sprouts, all the nastiness of one head of cabbage concentrated in horse pill form, blech!

Worst habit - Procrastination

X-rays - Yeah, I ordered me a pair of them x-ray specs off the back of a comic book. I see London! I see France! I see bloggers' underpants!

Yummy foods I make - The vegetable casserole my whole family hates. I LOVE IT! And everyone else who has had it loves it, so there! And of course I have a number of chocolate recipes. I make really good curried venison too.

Zodiac sign -Libra


truckdriver_sefl said...

Liquid foreplay:-}

and I love your comment on religion!!

lecram sinun said...

Love all of these! :)

Breazy said...

on the question about perfume or cologne I should have put liquid foreplay but didn't think of it . I can smell a man who is wearing Curve for men and it tears me up ! Great list !

barefoot_mistress said...

Very Interesting info, madam!
Im pretty impressed with the coin/elbow trick!

Gary said...

I think Helen Keller has to be my greatest all time hero.

Seamus said...

Oh the Buffledog is pouting now!!!!!!!!! ;)

airplanejayne said...

good stuff, and funny! hope ya' don't mind me stealing it!


bsoholic said...

good stuff! I was tagged with this too, but never got around to it.

lime said...

trucker, lecram....thankee very much

breazy, woohoo!

bare, for my next magical trick....

seamus, special dispensation for buffledogs

jayne, steal way!

bs, well come on! what'
s the hang up??

Phain said...

Love it all! I may have to steal this from you. Looking forward to reading your interview answers...

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Vegetable I refuse to eat - Brussels sprouts, all the nastiness of one head of cabbage concentrated in horse pill form, blech! Too funny! I used to like them. Now I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

Breazy said...

I LOVE the new profile pic Lime! Is that the sepia you've done it in ?

Bridget Jones said...

What a cool mime!!

Hate B Sprouts too

ick ick ick

MyUtopia said...

Thanks for sharing. You are too funny. I am a libra too :)

DaMasta said...

LOL, Lime! Thanks for doing the tag! Bsoholic h-a-t-e-s tags, that's why I tagged him.

I never thought to answer the question about men's colognes. I melt for Obsession for men. OoOOoooo..

Uh... I thought everyone could pick up things with their toes?!

snavy said...

LMAO at "Living Arrangement - I have arranged to live..."

Great answers!!!

lime said...

le chat, i hope i don't dissappoint

lucy, shall we chalk it up to youthful folly?

breazy, yep it is sepia

bridget, myutopia...thanks, glad you enjoyed

damasta, it was fun. thanks for the tag. we need to press bs into submission

snvy, why thank you, thank youvery much (elvis sneer)