Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tagged again

Bluebolt tagged me with a list of fours so here goes. I am throwing in a few of the things from Snavy's list of threes too, just because some of them looked fun.

4 Things I need every morning
Orange Juice
A shower
Hugs and kisses

4 Things that turn me off
Power outages

4 things I believe in
Taking responsibility for yourself
The power of chocolate

4 things I am afraid of
Ski masks
Horror movies
Something awful happening to my children
A world-wide chocolate shortage

4 things I do every day

4 things I want to do before I die
Bathe in a vat of chocolate
Visit Greece for several months
See my children grow up to be people of character
Paint a combine like a giraffe

4 people I want to see
There are too many to pick just 4, so I will say several of my blog buddies and my 3 closest friends who all moved away within a year of each other.

4 numbers that rule my life
Social security number
Phone number
My weight

4 favorite colors
Puce and pomegranite polka dots with a heavenly blue border and sea green flecks

3 names you won't answer to
Shelly (Well, I may answer but you won't like the form it takes)
Hey, you!
Call me anything else, just don't call me late to dinner.

3 parts of your heritage
Pennsylvania Dutch
Homo sapien

3 things you are wearing right now
I have to be wearing something? Sheesh, ok.
Lip balm

3 favorite songs
Didn't we cover this last week?

3 of your hobbies
Playing guitar badly
Driving the Mom-taxi

3 places you want to visit

3 ways you are unstereotypically male/female
I don't wear or even own make-up.
I like snakes and lizards and want one as a pet.
I know the names of various power and hand tools and how to use them.

4 People to tag....I don't usually tag but today I will tag
BS because he says he needs blogging ideas.
Idiot because he's been kind of silent lately.
Gloria Jean because she tagged me last week, hehehe.
Jericho because he made the comment that no one tags him.


James Goodman said...

3 names you won't answer to

And yet, there are at least three that you will answer to... :D

lime said...

james, LOL....true true!

snavy said...

Woo hoo --- naked blogging!! All is right with the world!

Very fun answers!!!

Jodes said...

I love how chocolate was in almost all of them!!!!!

logo said...

fun stuff!
One of my Michelle friends went through a brief period of being called "Meesh" Odd, and now, however many years later, she has a husband who occasionally calls her that.

barefoot_mistress said...

You made this post while in the NUDE!?? :O

bsoholic said...


lime said...

snavy, yeah except it is kind of cold here today!

jodes, but of course!

logo, 'meesh' was what i was most commonly called when i lived in Trinidad. i liked it.

bs, eep op ork ah-ah.

Indigo said...

yikes that's all you had on !! I'd have to answer mitts, coat, and scarff :( I'm freezing !!

Great list though hun!


Blue said...

42 - that rocks - wish I had thought of that :-)

Anonymous said...

I really like your list...but we have to talk about this chocolate obession..heh heh heh
great list.

Bridget Jones said...

Love your list but liked the way you tagged even better! Right on Lime!!

gloria jean said...

What a cute pic. The camera seems to like you...