Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Trini Tuesday-Love is in the air

A little more vocabulary expansion today. In honor of Diana being all gaga over this boy I will keep teens and flirting as the theme.

Bamsee: Backside, bottom, posterior, also referred to as bam-bam.
Gyal, de way yuh shakin' yuh bamsee will make a boy go mad!

Bazodee: Giddy or light-headed. Totally confused. Can rfer to being head over heels in love or the disorientation following a car accident. (don't you love that contrast?)
Dat chile takin' one look at Winston an she gone bazodee!

Belly: Intestinal fortitude, guts.
Dat boy have real belly, carryin' on with Flora when he say he love me.

Current: Hinted sexual interest.
Man, I gettin' current from dat gyal in the de red dress.

Cut-eye: A malicious look.
He think I givin' current? Nuh man, I givin' him de cut-eye instead.

Doux-doux: (doo-doo) Sweetheart, sweetiepie.
Come gimme sugah, meh doux-doux.

Love buttons: Pimples, called such because of the frequency with which teeneagers get them and how they fall in and out of love.
Petal, yuh have a few love buttons, gyal. Best keep yuh face clean.

Surprise de water: To finally bathe after a long time.
Well, Renwick mus' be bazodee fuh some gyal. He gone and surprise de water and lookin' so nice all of a sudden

Tabanca: The forlorn feelings when a love affair ends. The increasingly severe forms are tarange, and foofooroo
Things eh work out with Flora an' Winston. Now see dem havin' some real tabanca.

Too-tool-bay: Same as bazodee.
Oh gosh, look how he all mad fuh she. Dat some real too-tool-bay happenin'.


barefoot_mistress said...

LOL, excellent, Lime!

word veri: ufpljeck

Dat Diana gone all ufpljeck ovah dat boi dere!

Logophile said...

Awesome, I have got to figure out how to work some of these in, I love it!

James Goodman said...

Those are great. I can't wait to get home and call my wife Doux-doux. :D

We share several different terms of endearment, but I bet this one catches her off guard.

Anonymous said...

these are so cooooool!
Sometimes I can figure out how the word is used in a sentence before I read the definition..:)

Bridget Jones said...


snavy said...

I like these!! Very cute!!

BTExpress said...


I really did laugh my ass off, but I'm sorry, I'm Bazodeed. (That means confused, right?) What does this have to do with your daughter being in love? I'm old, so please excuse the dumb question.