Monday, March 27, 2006

You Look Just Like Someone I Know

Bluebolt had another fun thing I swiped from her. If you go here you can load one of your photos and be matched up with celebrity lookalikes. I am forever being told I look just like someone's cousin, neighbor, daughter-in-law, friend, whatever. This past weekend I was told no less than 3 times that I looked just like someboday a person knew well. Last week at my son's school I was repeatedly called by a name other than my own because I look like that person. I guess I have a really nondescript look that allows me to look like a myriad other people. So, I thought I'd upload my photo and see what star someone thinks I look like.

Here's what I used

Here are my results.

Apparently I look most like Moran Atias. I got a 70% match on her. Never heard of the girl. Apparently she is an Israeli model. Well, she's pretty at least. I can handle that.

Next we have Alyson Hannigan (63% match)formerly of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. James, forgive me. I swear I never killed a vampire.

Now we move onto Leonardo DiCaprio??? At a 61% match?? Ok, I have one whisker on my chin that I pluck, but I have NEVER had stubble like that! Puhleeze...

Barbara Stanwyck also registers at 61%. Frankly, I am not seeing it, but at least she aged well. That is a ray of hope. I'm really not digging the hat though.

Next we have Liv Tyler at 59%. Well, personally I have always thought she was completely gorgeous and wondered how on earth someone as hideous as Steve Tyler produced this beauty. I don't see the likeness to me but if you wanna tell me I look like her that is fine with me.

And then we have Janet Leigh at 57%. Well, When I did my green face for HNT someone told me I looked like her daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis. That was a new one for me. I don't know how much I look like either of them but my kids might say there is a resemblance to this picture.

Well, there you have my celebrity lookalikes. I just bet they constantly hear, "You look just like this blogger I know!"


Sheri said...

I agree - Liv Tyler is stunning and she must thank God she looks like her mom. lol

Ok - I did the celebrity thing and I matched with Sam Neill at 70%. wtf? I look like a man? Damien from The Omen? oh God. Thanks for that.


Gary said...

I've seen these posts on other blogs and they are always fun.I think Leonardo is your closest match. You both always have this sly look on your face, like you are ready to smile about something funny.

barefoot_mistress said...

I'm almost afraid to find out who they think I look like.....
Fun post Lime!

logo said...

You know, I told Liv, just the other day that she reminded me of you!
I actually get that "You remind me soooo much of____" all the time too!
I have a friend, who is also a neighbor and we are constantly being asked if we are sister, she is pretty cute though, so that is ok with me.
I did this and got matched as
73% Lucille Ball
71% kim Novak
71% Pamela Anderson (ACK!!)
66% Chaka Khan
64% Beyonce (woo hoo!)
Not too bad over all!
Good fun, Limey, thanks.

ShyRocket said...

This is hilarious... I have to go check this out right away. One of the things that initially attracted me to WW was her likeness to Liv Tyler. I have to go see if this site agrees.

Take care and I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

ShyRocket said...

STEVE WOZNIAK???? And they couldn't even give me a handsome picture of him.

Sob... sob... sob...

lecram sinun said...

That is quite a stable of celebs... you "look like" there.

Personally, I'm a little scared to try this one out... I'm figuring Rasputin may be the only one I'll match up with... and I already know that. LOL!

Still Searching... said...

I did that star thang too. Can't say as I agreed to much w/ my results. Maybe I'll try again w/ a different picture.

snavy said...

I've tried this before - its very cool & interesting!!

I love the results you got. You so DO NOT look like Leo - lol!!!

miss_lissa said...

Ooooohhh!! I am so snaggin this puppy!
Great results! Liv Tyler is one of the most beautiful women I think too.
When my hair was long, straight and blonde I used to get a lot of "You look like buffy!"
now I just get a lot of "You look tired"...
well no shit. lol I have 3 kids, daycare and tons on the go.
Anywhoo, now I'm curious as to who I look like. I wonder which of the marx brothers I'll get. ;)
I'll post my results on my blog in a bit here. L8r

truckdriver_sefl said...

Liv Tyler is a beautiful lady indeed as are you my dear:-} Now go have a wonderful Monday!!

The Village Idiot said...

So I took the bait lime...was pleased with most of my results..there was one however....

James Goodman said...

Wow, that is way cool and no worries, if I saw an honest to god vampire...I'd stake that sucker myself. :D

Seamus said...

Alain Delon - 66%
Micky Rourke - 66%


Neve Campbell - 53% WHAT?

Jericho said...

Oh, I'm sorry - pardon me, Moran? I am looking for Lime.

If you see her, tell her that her interview is out here waiting ;)

BTExpress said...

At least you were matched with good looking people. I won't even tell you who they matched me with, because it just makes me depressed. BOO HOO...... :-(

Breazy said...

if I were you I would pick Liv Tyler ! hehe ! She is beautiful and like you, I don't understand how something that gorgeous came out of something so ugly . BLECH!!! You are a beautiful woman Lime !

DaMasta said...

That was some crazy azz sh*t!

Aparently, I look like a young asian girl and Michelle Pfeiffer.


Even tho Leo is a dood, I think he's hot. You should be happy to look like him! :D


Anonymous said...

I think you are a beauty in your own right!:)


Jodes said...

gonna have to try this and report back or put it on my blog. too cool.

Blueprincesa said...

People always tell me that too.

Chickadee said...


I get that "you look familiar, do I know you from somwhere?" line A LOT. I think I have the same nondescript look too. Or maybe in another life I was a world leader or something. Who knows.

Johnboy said...

Alyson Hannigan... Did you have as much fun that one time in band camp?

I haven't taken it yet. But I always here Bruce Willis. Hmmmmmm.

Johnboy said...

CONDOLEEZA RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my GOD!!

Maybe I submitted a picture of my ASS by mistake.

I'm sticking to Bruce Willis thank you.

Prank web site! Prank web site! :)