Friday, April 07, 2006

Breazy and Nanofiction

Breazy's interview will be up later today so be sure to come back but in the interim here's a nanofiction. Feel free to add a chapter, tell me more about the characters, or give me a new one entirely in the comments.

Her smiling grandfather walked into the kitchen, fishing hat on his head, gear in hand. As he approached her the girl reached for a long missed hug. Shadowed hands restrained her. A voice reminded her, 'You can't touch him.' The alarm clocked jangled her awake and she shed a tear as she remembered his death.

*UPDATE: Breazy's interview is below this post.


Breazy said...

I am excited about what kind of questions you have in store for me and I am ready so I will be back later to get the questions . I would add some to your story but I am not really good with words so I will wait until a couple more people comment ! Have a good day !

barefoot_mistress said...

Wow that was cool. Lime...thanks for playing 55...will be back for Breazys interview later....

James Goodman said...

She drug herself from the bed, still clinging to the image of the smile that touched her so deeply. She stared around her room, wondering what he would think of the life she led. She walked to her night stand, picked up the phone, waited for the answering machine to pick up.

“Nancy, it’s me. I don’t think I’m gonna make it in today.”

She quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. As she stood in her closet, she caught sight of the battered old suitcase stuffed against the back wall. She opened it, sifting through the pictures that filled it until she found the one of her grandfather in his fishing gear. She tucked it gently into her back pocket.

She gathered up her gear from the shed out back and after a final inspection loaded it into her truck.

“It’s a good day to go fishing,” she told her reflection in the rear-view mirror as she backed out of the driveway.

miss_lissa said...

oh wow!
This reminded me of my Opa. I miss him terribly.

hmm, lets see what I can add in 55 words...

"She slowly got out of bed and put on the dress her mother picked out the night before.
Down the stairs she crept. Breakfast was silent, and so was the car-ride.
She shivered outside in the cold and placed a rose atop the casket. I love you grandpa, she whispered, tears falling.

Tommy Gunn said...

In the car she thought back. It was so sudden. Now she understood ... he knew it was coming. He came by to say goodbye in his own way ... to make peace ... and she didn't have the fucking time to give him! Damned stupid, selfish bitch! "Tomorrow" she promised him as she walked out the door.

logo said...

I like your twist on 55 Friday!

Bridget Jones said...

v---e---r---y cool

Blueprincesa said...

You say a lot in very few words.

Phain said...

She choked back a wimper because she knew that the only place she would ever see him again was in her dreams. She was careful to collect her thoughts each morning, like treasures stored up in a little silk pouch. She wanted to make sure that every memory she had of that old man was hers to keep forever.

*~*heck - I almost made it under 55 words!*~*

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful! What a great writer you are.


EroticFae said...

She sat up as the alarm continued to scream in her ear. A tear sliding down her cheek, she let out a sorrowful wail.

"He's mine! You can't have him too! Damn you Bastian! you can't take him from me too....."

She stood and readied her swords. A war had been started.

(Think Modern Chrysalids....with swords. *Sheepish Grin* I'll get better at this 55 wds thing. And yes I know at 1:05 Sunday morning this is coming through a little late...but a girl can try. )


Anonymous said...

I don't have anything to add at the moment but everyone did a great job and lime I love how you started the story.

Moosekahl said...

I have had that dream...Grandpa and I were playing cards, i was abou to pull my last discard and smile "gin rummy" when my alarm wakes me up. I haven't decided if I like those dream visits or not yet.

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