Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Weird News Wednesday-It's Getting a Bit Hairy

International German Beard and Moustache Championships in Hesel, northern Germany. Some 100 participants from eight nations compete to become world champion in one of 16 beard and moustache categories. (AP Photo/Kai-Uwe Knoth)

(The very concept is very odd indeed, rather unnerving even)

Windmill beard???
If a date tries to blow in his ear and misses does some utility meter go off indicating the megawatts of power that have been created?

'Come into my parlor,' said the spider to the fly...(was the fly wearing
I wonder?)

Just plain disturbing...
I think I saw this guy in a Vicodin/Percoset/anesthesia nightmare...MAKE IT STOOOOOOP!!!

So ladies, do these guys thrill you with their follicular prowess? I'm thinking of starting an International Underarm and Leg Hair Competition. Any takers?

Men, any of you inclined to challenge these fellows?


David said...

Why is it that the women have to shave anyway? Is there a written law or code that women have to shave under the arms and legs? I know in some cultures this not a requirement. Have you ever noticed how many products are on the market in America to remove body hair?

Hey, I like a natural women.

James Goodman said...

I must respectfully decline the challenge, lol. But damn...

MyUtopia said...

That is crazy! I think I will have to decline tha tinvite to your competition : )

Fred said...

Since my hair is probably as long in the back, will it do if I turn around and perform these wonderful tricks?

barefoot_mistress said...

OK LIme, you gotta lay off the pain meds....there are no beards on those guys, you are hallucinating.

They look bare faced to me, and probably to everyone else, right guys? RIGHT?


AlRo said...

Yikes!! Scarey -- those would work with my Wedneday Capcoms!!

That second last one looks like Queer Eye for a Straight Guy got to Santa Claus!!

lime said...

david, kind of mind boggling the number of products, yes!

james, come on...where's your sense of adventure??

myutopia, no underarm corn rows then?

fred, you're in!

suse, here....have a vicodin, see if that doesn't clear things up

alro, lmao!

snavy said...


I'm scared -- hold me.

Logophile said...

I will hold you snav, if you hold me.
I thought she was our friend, now I see it was all a plot to pull sadistic tricks like this on us...

James Goodman said...

james, come on...where's your sense of adventure??

I'm afraid it is slightly trumped by my sense of self pride. :D

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I've seen these dudes before and ... wow. Scary.

But they all certainly do have big smiles. They seem to be enjoying themselves immensely.


lecram sinun said...

I was worried there for a while for the styling gel industry - not anymore! LOL!

lime said...

snavy & logo, forgive me

james, and who could blame you!

aag, yes they do look like they are having fun. it's part of what scares me! j/k

lecram, i hear german hair gel companies saw their stocks jump recently!

BTExpress said...

How come you left out the pubic hair catagory? I think lots of people would want to see that competition..

miss_lissa said...

underarm corn rows.. your killing me here!
Unfortunately Lime, I'm going to have to decline your invite to the challenge although here we get a lot of French fruitpickers passing thru in the summer that just might take you up on it.

Facial hair and body carpets (sorry boys) just don't do it for me.
And was it just me or did that last dude kinda, just sorta look like Robin Williams?!?

airplanejayne said...

Okay -- a whole new chapter of nightmare has begun.

lime said...

bt, i think i'll pass on that one

lissa, lmao, yeah now that you mentin it i can kinda see it!

apj, i'm so sorry

Alistair! said...

dearie, dearie me! Some people just have too much time on their hands.

Phain said...


Rob said...

Limey, personally I prefer the "clean-shaven" look. And I'm not a big fan of mustaches on men either! ;-)