Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday 55ish

So many days have passed in this cell. I've scratched my name here where I've been shackled. When I'm gone the next condemned soul will know someone else once felt the same burden in this hole. When I came, the sentence didn't seem so bad. It became interminable. Now my release date has come.
School's out!

Dedicated to Isaac, who has asked me every day how soon summer vacation starts.

And yeah, I know it's 56 words, not 55. Whaddya gonna do about it? Give me detention?

So tell me, what plans do you have for this summer? I'll be spending mine in therapy to get my hand and arm back. Hopefully, we'll make it to the beach once or twice. Diana hopes she can find a job. Calypso and Isaac have apprenticeships at a local historical site. Mr. Lime will be doing a couple of roofing jobs.

Have a great weekend!


barefoot_mistress said...

LOL Hey Im the 55 police and you have one word too many. There is a fine for that,you know....

Sorry madam, hand over the chocolate immediately and youmany remain in the game!

XXXXX Today is Ratburns last day of school, Hannah has four's an end to an era, I say...Winter Blogfest 2005-2006 is over...ackkkkkkkkkkkkk!

lecram sinun said...

My Summer will be all about setting up this new chapter in my life... so, it'll be busy. :)

keda said...

quick just edit the has to 's and you'll be fine!

i wanted to say thanks. and i know how it is. blogger has also been rubbish lately so i've had real trouble commenting anywhere.

as for the hnt below, i'm the same. even if the rest of my nails look ok my thumbs are gnawed. mine are brittle too ans being a masseuse i can't really grow them long anyway. very funny pic, go get a manicure and show it off babe.

Gary said...

I will be remodelling and repairing my house if my energy level stays up, which I assume it will. Maybe sometime in July or August I will take a trip to somewhere cooler than Houston. Actually, that would be just about anywhere. :)

Logophile said...

We will be trying to enjoy the free time Mr. Logo has this summer.
But without spending too much money, guess that means alot of going to the beach down there road here.
Good thing I love the beach!

AndyT13 said...

T-T-Teacher stop that screamin, teacher don't you see?
Don't wanna be no uptown fool. Little girl from Cherry lawn how did you get So bold?
How did you know that golden rule?
Just got David Lee Roth tickets! Woohooooooo!!!!!!!! HHNT btw blogger was a bitch yesterday.

Alistair! said...

OOh Shawshank redemption.

Robert van de Walle said...

Roofing jobs!?


I sure hope he's immune to falling.

steve said...

working baby working!!

Rob said...

"And yeah, I know it's 56 words, not 55. Whaddya gonna do about it? Give me detention?"

Well, actually YES, Limey, I think I might like to keep you after school for some, uhhhhm... "disciplinary" measures! ;-)

My "free time" won't be very free this summer it appears. I have a house that I bought as an investment that needs a LOT of work so I can get it back on the market and hopefully make a bit of a profit. As for fun, I'm just going to take advantage of every nice moment available to be outside. Here in Michigan, we only have about 4 months of really nice, WARM weather (I HATE the cold months!) so I savor every sunny, warm day that we get!

Thanks for askin'! :-)

Rob said...

Hey, Michelle: Any idea what's going on with Snavy's blog? I haven't been able to log onto it all day! I hope she didn't have that feared "meltdown" over the recital! ;-)

Snavy, if you can read this, please let us know if you're OK -- OK?

DaMasta said...

Ok, I actually have a cute little tidbit about it being summer.

I left for work this morning, and as I drove out of the parking lot, I noticed that there were no kids standing outside waiting for the bus. Immediately I panicked a little and glanced over to my clock, certain that I had misread the time as I was getting ready and it must have been waaay later than 7am. But it wasn't. It was 7am, almost on the dot. But then, I thought to myself, maybe today's a holiday... lemme see... what day is it?.. OH WAIT.. it's summer! LOL... I guess since I've been working at a regular job, without going to college and without having any kids, I rarely even remember that it's summer! LOL.. oops!!

Blither said...

haha I love that Lime! You are the bestest Ever!

lime said...

bare, i am wearing black today, lol

lecram, wishing you the very best!

keda, glad you understand. blogger is quite evil

gary, i've heard houston is brutal in the summer. keep cool!

logo, can i come too?

andy, aww cool! fun show i bet! may i repeat my comment about blogger being evil.

alistair, break out!

robert, say a prayer for him, please

steve, i still wanna go on a night ride!

rob, soak in the sun while you i'm betting blogger's evil is the cause

damasta, too funny! real life is a bugger, eh?

blither dear, it takes one to know one ;)

snavy said...

Blogger is evil - no meltdown. Rehearsals are over - I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the show.

I am loosing 20 more pounds this summer, playing with the girls, going to the beach and investing in a rent-a-masseur.

Phain said...

i'll be moving and settling in w/ the pixies

M said...

This summer I am turning 40!

My goal is to do the splits before the end of the year.

It has taken me 6 months to figure out which muscles I need to limber up so I can even begin to do the splits!

No other great ambitions!

PS Thank you, Lime, for being so honest and telling us about that 56th word.
I would have never known! I trust your blog and I would have never counted the words!

Phaedrous said...


You are welcome to read my musings.


miss_lissa said...

This summer I'm starting school.
Yup!! lmao- I'm probably the only weirdo in the world looking forward to starting school in the summer. woohoo!!!

I'm also working, going to the beach tons, going on trips to Vancouver Island & Calgary, going on hikes, participating in a few 10km's, camping, drinking (duh) and enjoying myself.

I think this summer I may even invest in a rope and harness to send to Mr Lime for use on the roof.


miss_lissa said...

Oh and the Trinidad Tobago vs. Sweden game???

Damn!! They've played well first half! Score is tied at nil. I'm enjoying the game! & that sucks about no cable. lol I can be your play by play announcer if you'd like hahahahhaaa!
Would be cool if they upset the favorite! Thats what I love about sports.. when the lil guy wins!! wooohooo!!!!

Fred said...


1. Don't work
2. Improve all classes
3. Spend time with childen
4. Myrtle Beach vacation

Nice and simple.

Rob said...

Yeah Limey, I thought about you yesterday when the T-T vs. Sweden World Cup game ended in a scoreless tie! A nice "David and Giliath" story if I ever heard one! :-)

lime said...

snavy, welcome back and you go girl!

le chat, peace to you all

m, well good luck on the splits!

phaedrous, they touch me deeply

lissa, sounds like a great time! and i thank you for the rope and harness. i just found out t he game actually was on network tv :-(( dayum

fred, simple is good. have fun!

rob, thx for the thoughts, now gimme a woohoo for TNT!!!

MyUtopia said...

I will be spending the summer inside, since the Texas sun can be brutal. We will do more gaming events though since there is nothing on tv.

Moosekahl said...

Glad Isaac made it through :)

My summer always included Grandma' Marathon, which is next weekend..GOD NO I don't run it, I work in the medical tent. Then a trip to Montana is in order. This year's trip is a bit up in the air because of my mom's health but I'll play it by ear. Oh yeah, sand volleyball every week too!

Bridget Jones said...

ohhh love the Wuthering Heights reference.....