Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Trini Tuesday-Go Soca Warriors!

Ok, it's a rather lame post but....
This is Trinidad's first trip to the World Cup. They are the smallest nation playing (1.1 million). Now keep in mind the USA is approaching 300 million in population and we can't seem to put together a respectable team. Here are my Soca Warriors playing their hearts out and being gracious even in defeat, even....ahem...when a Brit player grabs the dreadlocks of a Trini player to hold him down when they both go for a header...even when there is no call against said Brit player. So today they face Paraguay and I won't get to see it again. WAAAAH!
So all yuh give meh a big cheer for meh SOCA WARRIORS!
Happy Trini Tuesday!


M said...

I watched soccer over the weekend and the enthusiasm of the fans is amazing! It is infectious. Gets me all excited about a game I used to find boring!
Anyway, I think the Brits are brats!

lecram sinun said...

LOL! At least there is more interest in the World Cup this year here in the US. And yes, I still call it football... which annoys some of my American friends. (To really piss them off... I refer to American football as "rugby with helmets".)

ttfootball said...

It is NOT a lame post! I think its somehting that you know about the hair-pulling fiasco. But yes we are gracious...after all, I didnt hear the stadium Ole for England like they did for every Trinidad pass! So right now I gettin together a lime to watch the game...T&T!! We want ah goal!!

MyUtopia said...

Hope they do well

lime said...

m, they are but don't tell alistair i said so (wink)

lecram, i'm with you. american football is just stupid.

tt, chanting with you, gyal.....we want a goal! we want a goal!

myutopia, thanks!

barefoot_mistress said...

Yay Trini!!!!! Not a lame post at all, Lime, I think its totally cool!

Happy Tuesday!

Logophile said...

Go Soca Warriors!

Hair pulling Brits...really, terrible manners sometimes.

Alistair! said...

Oh my God. we are not brats!! Jeez I'm telling my mum! Anyway, now we get to beat the arses off the Swedes. Really strange being named after a tuber.

AndyT13 said...

Big up yasf dere missy! Da team gone win da worl cop! Booya!
About Mr. Lime and the family reunion...talk to him about it. In a non-judgemental, non-threatening way. Ask him how he feels and what he wants to do about it. Then accept his response. You can let him know how important it is to you to go but you understadn if he doesn't want to. Come up with some reason for the family, he has to work, whatever. It'll work out fine.

steve said...

Love that team banner!

snavylyn said...

What Logo said.

lime said...

bare, ty!

logo, good girl ;)

alistair, neener neener

andy, thanks for your input re: yesterday. it's pretty much the conclusion i've come to.

stve, yay!

snavy, lol, what i said to her.

Phain said...

woooooooooo hooooooooooooooo Soca Warriors!!!!!!!!!!1

Belizegial said...

Glad to join in the general pride being expressed here re the T&T Soca Warriors

Let's big up dem boys, dey make us real proud!