Friday, July 14, 2006

Fun in the Sun

Vacation is therapeutic. So therapeutic in fact my therapist thinks I should go on vacation more often. For some weeks, my elbow extension has been stuck at 30 degrees. She tells me this is a common plateau point and was patiently working with me to no avail. I've made good progress in all other measurements but that one. She warned me if I couldn't get past the plateau I may require splinting. When I got back to therapy on Thursday I went through the warm up, stretches, exercises. My therapist measured the elbow extension and announced, 'Almost 20 degrees! yay!!!!" She hastened to add she had been getting worried but no more. If I could I'd do a cartwheel. Instead I just did a happy dance. Then she told me I should go to the beach every weekend. I asked for that in writing. Hehehehe.

Other vacation stuff...

Getting to see my two polar opposite girls really enjoy each other as sisters was a joy. At home they bicker and argue. Away from responsibilities and distractions they were wonderful to each other.

Diana complimented my bathing suit. I foolishly complained about how fat I thought I looked in it. She and Calypso then serenaded me with Christina Aguilera's song....'I am beautiful no matter what they say. Words can't bring me down. Don't you bring me down today.....' Now how great is that?

Later Diana stole my long sleeved cover-up and her sister's sunglasses. I told her she looked cute and adorable in them. She said, 'No Mom. I'm hot, sexy and gorgeous!' I giggled, 'Confident at the very least!' She retorted, 'Confidence makes sexiness!'

I've spoken to Isaac a couple of times and he certainly seems to be having a ball in SC. Ocean, tours of Navy vessels, aquariums. I'm glad it's going well for him. I sure do miss him though. I'm looking forward to giving him a great big squeeze on Sunday.

According to a quiz
You Should Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the perfect place for you to get in touch with your inner beach bum.
Relax on the beach, go for a bit of surfing, or try to communicate with the monkeys in the jungle!

So, tell me what beach should I hit next? My therapist has ordered it so I need your help, folks. My recovery depends upon it and there's a lot of summer left. Heck, if I count Australia and South America I can be beaching well into my winter. So out with it!

Everyone have a happy weekend!


James Goodman said...

Cool! It sounds like a good time and yay on the 20 degrees. :D

You should hit any of the beaches in Cozumel. I love that island. It's just shy of paradise.

Fred said...

I'm going to say Hawaii. That's the only beach I want to escape to. The local ones, of course, far away from the tourists.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Jodes said...

i am not sure a vacation is anywhere in the future for me, thank GOD I already live at the way cute pics posted today.

airplanejayne said...

I say do the Beach Boy Beach Tour:

Aruba, Jamaica....

But where IS Cocomo!?!?!?!?


lecram sinun said...

Malaysia has some nice ones... and definately Bali!

Heather said...

Excellent on the 20 degrees!! ;-)

On the beach front, Hilton Head is beautiful. So is Florida ;-)!

FYI, my MIL sent me a link to an article from Better Homes and Gardens on how to fold a fitted sheet - and I thought of you ;-).

barefoot_mistress said...

Well, at the end of July, I think you should check out the beach at Elliot Bay in Seattle.

Then later, the beaches at Bodega Bay and Ppoint Reyes, hey!

Then in December,of course, you simply must meet Karen, Noojie and I in Goa for New Years Eve, where we'll laze at the Arabian Sea!

I love it that the girls sang it to you, I was wondering if they sang in "white girl style" or soulful style with the words drawn out and such.....LOL

Don't you bring me dowwwwnnn, toodaayyyyyyyyy

Seamus said...

West coast beaches - there are lots of west coast beaches - just sayin' :)

Logophile said...

OK, I did your South American country thing and I got...
You Should Visit Peru

Peru is ideal for your "off the beaten path" traveling style.
Head out to an ancient Incan city, visit a volcano, and don't forget to pet a llama.

As for you, definitely west coast beaches, there is a lovely one about 5 minutes from my guest room

ttfootball said...


Good beach AND good food ;-)

Solitaire said...

Any and every beach you can... hit them all! :-)

Sounds like you had a great time, sounds like your son is having a wonderful time too!

Have a great weekend!

Rob said...

You know what, Limey? To me, beaches are pretty much like sex (and pizza) -- when they're good, they're GREAT; and when they're bad, they're still pretty damn good!!! It's hard to go wrong when you go to the beach, whether it's a small patch of sand not visited by too many people or an expansive white-sand wonderment that goes on for miles and is filled with thousands of near-naked bodies baking in the sun. There's just something comforting and invigorating and relaxing and refreshing -- all at the same time -- whenever you go to the beach! Perhaps you need to make a list of ALL the world's beaches, put them in some sort of priority (using whatever criteria works for you), then spend the rest of your life working your way down the list. You'll NEVER run out of nice beaches (especially if you return a few times to some of your "favorites"), you will have ended up with every imaginable type of sand in every imaginable "place" on your body, and you will be incredibly mellow -- not to mention nicely tanned -- for the rest of your life! So, just enjoy...

As for me personally, the ones I've actually visited that I liked the best were in Hawaii (Island of Kauai, followed by Maui, then Hawaii, then Oahu in terms of most enjoyable) and Aruba (not huge beaches and not the most beautiful sand, but I loved the dry heat and constant breeze). High on my list of beaches I WANT to visit are the Greek Islands, Ibiza (Spain) and Australia -- partly because of the beaches themselves and partly because I just want to visit those places for a whole variety of reasons!

In any case, enjoy the sex, Michelle -- er, ah, I mean the beaches! Oh heck, take your hubby with you next time and enjoy the sex too! You can even order pizza at most beach resorts! How cool is that?!

James Goodman said...

On the Latin American country I got:

If you're looking for an extreme yet chill vacation, Brazil is perfect for you.
Go wild at Carnaval, get lost in the Amazon, and relax checking out the beautiful people on the beach.

Blither said...

haha Your Daughters sound perfect for me! Can I borrow them?

Ahh Beaches! Sand.. Sun.. Aloe!

miss_lissa said...

If you're looking for an extreme yet chill vacation, Brazil is perfect for you.
Go wild at Carnaval, get lost in the Amazon, and relax checking out the beautiful people on the beach.

You know, Brazil is actually on my list of places to go.

As for you visiting beaches, come visit me!! I live mere blocks away from the beach and its booooo-tiful here.

Although not quite like Brazil.

Glad to see you back Lime and to hear the great news about your arm!

lime said...

james, thanks :D hope that shoulder of yours is coming along too. and if you want to see carnival, bag brazil and let me take you to trinidad :D

fred, i totally agree on the tourist thing.

jodes, you have an extra bed?

apj, ya know, i've wondered that myself...

lecram, will you be my storytelling tourguide? can i borrow a pith helmet?

heather, i've heard hilton head is lovely. send MIL a link to mine, LOL.

susie, they 'souled it up' and of course i joined in with them:D

seamus, i'd defintiely like to explore the west coast more.

logo, i have wanted to come your way for a looooong time.

tt, i love maracas and toco. never made it to store bay. i shall add it to the list.

solitaire, i like how you think!

rob, where ya been? thought you fell off the face of earth. maui is wonderful! greece and australia....sigh....they are high on my 'dying to go there' list. i like how you think too!

blither, in that moment they were wonderful for my ego. we can hammer out rental rates later, lol

lissa, all right, sign me up! and i'm telling ya. trinidad is the place for carnival!

snavy said...

Woohoo - I'm off to Argentina to learn the tango!!

If ya want, you can go to the beach in my place in a couple weeks. I hate the beach!! I did enjoy swimming in the ocean when I was in Bermuda but that's it. I know - I'm a freak.

Anonymous said...


I am apparently Brazil

Moosekahl said...

If you hit Australia, give me a call! I think I'll join you :) Have a great weekend.

Chickadee said...

Oh man, I'll join you if you go to Australia.

I enjoyed Cocoa Beach myself...that's a pretty place, but so is the South Padre National Seashore in Corpus Christi Texas.

The beach is my favorite place to vist...I don't get out to the ocean enough.

60 and counting said...

These seven books provide information on everyone of Australia’s 10,685 mainland beaches, as well as 838 beaches on 30 inhabited islands, together with maps of all popular beaches and photographs of hundreds of beaches right around the coast.

That is a quote from this site.

There is a spot near Alice Springs in the centre of Australia, from there you are no more than 600 miles from the beach, in any direction.


DaMasta said...

i would die if i didn't live near a beach. galveston is not much to look at. actually it's the worst fucking beach ever b/c it's dirty and brown water.. LOL.. but it's sunshine and it's sand and it's touisty shops and i'm happy. so any day at the beach is a good day to me. :D

Bridget Jones said...

Costa Rica, of course!!! Thanks for the quiz, I took it and it came back with Argentina....very happy to see how rejuvenated you are and how well you're recuperating!!

Will insurance pay for your holidays (grin)?

RennyBA said...

I came to your blog from Susie's and first of all Hello from Norway.
Thanks for sharing your therapeutic vacation. We have ours now and I do agree with you: it's revieling!
Sugestion for your next beach: How about Norway? If you look at my blog you'll some of what it has to offer and may I ad an advantage too: Te romantic sunset takes forever:-)
Have a great end to your week!

steve said...

It is soooo cool to watch sisters when you take them on vacation. I dont know if its the fact they are away from home but ours always go along together as well.

BTExpress said...

Forget the beaches. Come over here and lounge by my pool. I'll even wear my g-string Speedo for you, or not. Your choice.

Margie Blystone said...

Ahhh... Costa Rica... My brother-in-law is there as I type... Seeking out investment rental properties.

Other than that I highly recommend The Bahamas! I'm convinced the water there has magical 'HEALING' powers... Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating but don't you think it would be a good idea to prove it?

lime said...

snavy, it's a deal. i'll take your place. and let's both learn the tango.

anon, long and lean and tan and lovely....

moose, will do!!

chickadee, cocoa beach makes me think of ' i dream of jeannie' hehehe

60, oh you are seriously whetting my appetite!

damasta, beach is lomg as yer not dodging hypodermics and used condoms it's all good

bridget, insurance paying? excellent idea!!!!

renny, delighted to meet you. i am now intrigued by oslo!

steve, it's nothin g short of astounding!

bte, yer killin me man, killin me. your invite is the only thing actually within my budget. lol

margie, my recovery is important enough that the bahamas warrant a try.

Tommy said...

Um, I could throw some playground sand on the floor of my bedroom and buy a heat lamp. Just saying. Congrats on breaking the plateau and have a great weekend.

Boysenberry said...

Good to read that you're enjoying the time with your girls.

We have some beautiful white sand beaches over here. Huskisson and Vincentia in Jervis Bay spring to mind.

snavy said...

LMAO at Tommy!!

Gary said...

If you go to Costa Rica watch out for the monkeys. Don't let them steat your bananas.

Good that your kids had such a nice time together.

Yay to the good therapy news.

M said...

i used to like Hermosa Beach in California. haven't been there in awhile. you have to fly into smoggy LA and drive the clogged freeways to get to the beach communities....but once you are there, just close your eyes and pretend you are in the middle of nowhere!

PS...the Great Lakes have beaches too! i like Lake Erie on the east side of Michigan. bring a sweater!

DaMasta said...

lime, heh.. yeah, none of that in glaveston tanks god!! just sand and sea weed and sun and water.. what more can you ask for.

lime said...

tommy, you'll help slather me with sunblock too? even though it's unnecessary?

boysenberry, it was truly delightful.

snavy *giggle*

m, been to LA, i'm still coughing out the smog, lol. the great lakes are indeed beautiful, though Erie is the only one I haven't seen.

damasta, not much :)

MyUtopia said...

I need a prescription to go to the beach too!

Anonymous said...

That's great news about your arm extension.Whoo Hoo.
I've enjoyed reading about the girls while you were on vacation, I'm happy everything was harmonious.:)

Next beach...MAUI!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!