Monday, July 17, 2006

5 Things

Happy day! Isaac is home! He had a great time and he very thoughtfully picked out a little souvenir for each sister and one for Mr. Lime and me. Early in the week he said he probably wouldn't spend any of the $50 I sent with him. He came back with 23 cents! Hahahaha. He told me all about his week, we had a good cuddle and played some games. Today everyone else is gone so we are going to have some special time together.

In other news, Laurie tagged me so here goes...

5 Things always in my purse:
1. My inhaler
2. Burt's Bees Lip Balm
3. Pen
4. Lint
5. Migraine meds

5 Things always in my wallet:
1. Bolivian coins.
2. Ticket stub to Cochabamba vs. Santa Cruz (Bolivia) football game
3. Note from Calypso from when she was about 5.
4. Fortune from a fortune cookie (Do not focus on what you cannot do but on what you can do)
5. My DL which has the wrong address on it because I've been too lazy to change it.

5 Things always in my refrigerator:
1. Orange Juice (ask my family about what a raving maniac I become if we run out of OJ)
2. Eggs
3. Cheese
4. Salsa
5. Something unidentifiable

5 Things always in my closet:
1. 2 unpacked boxes from when we moved 2 years ago
2. My dashiki, except when it's on me
3. The hats to both grandfathers' WW2 uniforms
4. Periwinkle blue sausage casing bridesmaid dress
5. White satin corset required to squeeze into aforementioned sausage casing.

5 Things always in my car:
1. Road Atlas
2. Box of tissues
3. FM transmitter for iPod
4. Owner's manual
5. Things the kids have stuffed in the storage compartments. Things I just don't wanna know about.

(In spite of the next list my car is really pretty tidy at all times.)

And I'm adding...

5 (or more) Things always on my desk:
1. Coin cup
2. Stack of books in my 'to read' pile
3. Scanner buried under impending tsunami of papers
4. Hammer
5. Water ring from my drinks
6. Pablo Neruda poem
7. Drawing by Isaac
8. Protective layer of dust
9. Battery charger
10. Receipts
11. Pencils with no points (Everyone else steals the ones with points as soon as I sharpen them. Yes, my desk is a disaster but I hate pencils with no points. It's a manual sharpener, people! It doesn't require an engineering degree to operate. Sheesh.)
12. Putty for hand therapy
13. Stack of bookmarks (Yet oddly I rarely use them, I usually wind up grabbing a receipt instead.)
14. Various things belonging to my kids. (They have this crazy idea that just because my desk looks like a mess I won't notice when they add something to it. Soooooooooo sadly misinformed. Their list includes but is not limited to: snack wrappers, CDs, the manuals to 'Age of Empires II & III,' a baseball & mitt, lipgloss, trumpet mouthpiece, barettes & hair ties, forgotten bits of homework, Legos, and used tissues)

5 People to tag
1. You, in the blue shirt
2. You, the one blogging nekkid
3. You, the one eating and blogging
4. You, the one with insomnia
5. You, the one desperately searching for a blog topic


airplanejayne said...

does Lecram know about the WWII hats? You KNOW he's got a hat thing.....pithy about it, eh?

ha-ha -- good list. I want to hear the story about either:
a. the hats
b. the bridesmaid dress


Logophile said...

alrighty, I guess I will be doing this one

and woman, why are you keeping a bridesmaid dress?

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh man, how did you know I was Im gonna have to do this!

Um, can I clean out my purse before I do this cuz I think I left some panties in there....

Ok Im sorry, I have been partying ALL weekend with crazy people and I'm a little intoxicated!

I'm gonna do this, I swear, it looks fun!

BTW, I saw the sausage blue bridesmaid dress pictures, AND
even the underpinnings! I feel so honored! Really people, she looked just like a cupcake! I mean, she looked just like a lovely little lady ON a cupcake!

Ok OK Im going....

Phain said...

you scare me...


M said...

I use receipts as bookmarkers too.

Um...why is the hammer always on your desk?

DaMasta said...

I think all five things in my fridge are unidentifiable.

Oh and I don't need no stinkin atlas, DaMasta don't get lost. Ha.

Ok, yes I'm the one with no blog topic so I will do this post. Yay!

Laurie said...

LOL.. funny add-ons :-)

I love Burt's Bees lip balm (and everything else that they make!)

Thanks for playing tag!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fred said...

I guess I'll have to put clothes on next time I blog. Dang!

David said...

Does your DL have your correct weight?

lime said...

apj, hhmm, i will think about possible posts on either topic. lets toss it out and see if others are interested, lol

logo, it was for my best friend's wedding 4 yrs ago. i dunno why i still have it. i still have the matching shoes too. can't throw it all away, cost too much.

susie, lmao. you are sworn to secrecy. sausage on a cupcake... bwhahahaha

le chat, i try

m, i use it for hand therapy. it also makes people think i'm weird, so that's fun

damasta, you kill me. can't wait to see yours

laurie, thanks for the tag. burt's bees is fab!

fred, i guess so! now we all know, mwahaha

david, it does not specify my weight, and if it did i'd lie my ass off. hehehe.

MyUtopia said...

What a great list! I love your tagging strategy!

Amber said...

Protective layer of dust. Lol.

steve said...

23 cents!! LOL!

I love Berts Bees wax!

Margie Blystone said...

I'm wearing navy blue... does that count? 'Cause it sounds like fun!

Nancy Drew said...

I love this one!!! Will give it a shot at the new place!!!!

ND (formerly Bridg)

Blither said...

Tee hee.. Lime, You Got it Girl!!! You capture the blogosphere!

lecram sinun said...

The WWII hars are cool... but Bolivian coins?

I'm the same way about my mess... it's mine dammit and I know where everything is! LOL!

Heather said...

Welcome home Isaac! That's too funny that he spent all but 23 cents!! ;-)

Love your list!

BKS said...

I love looking at peoples lists like that...not sure why really....and looks like I got tagged 4 times on the same blog....and no I don't have a blue shirt on ;)

Might have to use this one tomorrow if I cant be original :P

Oh and welcome home Isaac...glad you are so thrifty....I wouldn't have had a dime left lol


snavy said...

How the hell did you know I was wearing a blue shirt??? Spooky!!!

Hey - how do you like the fm ipod transmitter thing? I was thinking about getting one.

Heehee -- I'm the reason 6 girls have periwinkle bridesmaid dresses in their closets - they were very pretty and flattering however. And, I bought all of them periwinkle VS undergarments to wear under them - also pretty and flattering. hubba hubba...

RennyBA said...

What an informativ list for a man who have never been in a lady's purse:-)

Anonymous said...

guess that makes me no.5 on the tag list then...hahaha...after 2 weeks with my senora i should have stuff to talk about...but hey...not too much detail, i promise...hope you're good Lime...see you around

lime said...

myutopia, thx dear:)

amber, tis true

steve, yep 23 cents and he told me right before his friend's fam dropped him off he gave it to the 4 yr old to shut her up, lol

margie, it counts ;)

nd, cool. thx for IDing yourself

blither, now what do i do with it while it's all caged up?

lecram, a couple bolivianos from when i went there in 2000. i'm so glad you understand the mess thing.

heather, lol

bks, in your heat i don't blame you for not wearing a shirt...or anything else!

snavy, the fm thingy is pretty nifty. sometimes things seem to interfere with it but it's great to have. my periwinkle dress was simple and elegant...just not designed for anyone who has ever given birth or who has any curves at all.

rennyba, tip of the iceberg :)

fg, nice to see blogger let you comment and you survived your visit!

charles ravndal said...

Probably I should try this tag especially when I am having some mental blackouts!

LisaPizza said...

Hi Lime, I love your lists. Here's one of my favorite Neruda poems:

Of all the stars admired, drenched
in various rivers and mists,
I chose only the one I love.
Since then I sleep with the night.

Of all the waves, one wave, and another wave, green sea, green chill, branchings of green,
I chose only the one wave,
the invisible wave of your body.

All the waterdrops, all the roots,
all the threads of light gathered to me here;
they came to me sooner or later.

I wanted your hair all for myself.
From all the graces my homeland offered
I chose only your savage heart.

Moosekahl said...

As always...a fantastic list. I'm eating and blogging tonight so I think I'll do this list while I eat my ice cream :)

lime said...

charles, have fun:)

lisa, that is a really lovely neruda poem.. thanks for sharing!

moose. terrific. can't wait to see it:)

60 and counting said...

A protective layer of dust.

I KNEW I was keeping it for some reason.


Anonymous said...

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