Tuesday, July 18, 2006

100 things I want to do (or do again) before I die

Trini Tuesday will be delayed until tomorrow, but check back then for a visit to Trini beaches since so many of you gave me great beach suggestions.

Lecram Logo and Snavy have all marked blog milestones this week. So am I. Today is my 200th post so it's time for another 100s list.

I started this list in drafts a long time ago in. It sort of languished once I hit 50. Then I mangled my arm and suddenly there were lots of mundane things I could not do, things I very much am working to do again. In therapy I started a list of things I have as goals in my recovery. I'm slowly crossing things off the list and that feels great! Even something as silly as carrying a cafeteria tray is an accomplishment I will celebrate with a little cheer. So I decided to combine the two lists for this 100. They aren't in any sort of order but you may be able to figure out a lot of what I want to do and what I want to do again. My '101 things about Lime' list can be found here and my '100 things I've done' can be found here.

1. Get all 3 kids back to Trinidad.
2. Spend a few months in Greece.
3. Sleep in an Irish castle.
4. See Mombasa through my friend Regina's eyes.
5. Dance with my goddaughter in Ghana.
6. Learn to play the djembe.
7. Play guitar well enough not to embarass myself.
8. Learn swing dancing.
9. Learn latin ballroom dancing.
10. Learn to belly dance
11. Visit Australia.
12. See the 15 US states I have not yet been to.
13. Get my motorcycle license.
14. Own a BMW bike or a Harley.
15. Ride the bike cross country meanderingly.
16. Visit every continent, well, except Antarctica.
17. Hang glide
18. Sky dive
19. Parasail
20. Land softly after #'s 17, 18, and 19
21. See a glacier.
22. Go back to Hawaii.
23. Meet a bunch of my blog pals.
24. Have them show me what they love most about where they live.
25. Get my Master's degree.
26. Become more proficient, if not fluent, in Spanish.
27. Relearn French.
28. Learn Greek.
29. Study Latin.
30. Take art classes.
31. Give good massages (Isaac tells me repeatedly how much he misses backrubs and footrubs).
32. Lose 25 lbs. (I did this 2 yrs ago and have slowly gained much of it back, time to start moving my fat ass again and watch what goes in my mouth)
33. Bathe in a tub of melted chocolate. (yes, I grasp the irony in listing this next)
34. Be licked clean after chocolate bath, woohoo!
35. Return the favor for my partner in the chocolate bath, yeehaw!
36. Develop some level of skill in martial arts
37. Develop some skill in fencing again. En guarde!
38. Learn to cook a decent curry besides curried venison.
39. Make more pottery.
40. Build a functional and beautiful piece of furniture.
41. Learn to spin wool.
42. Spin enough to make a sweater or shawl.
43. Make natural dye.
44. Dye the wool I have spun.
45. Knit a sweater or shawl from the wool I spun and dyed.
46. Make a quilt from start to finish, by myself.
47. See my children grown, happy, and productive, selfless people.
48. Love some grandchildren.
49. Go to the Fremont Solstice Parade.
50. Row a boat.
51. Paddle a canoe and a kayak.
52. Rockclimb.
53. Rappel down a cliff.
54. Visit the Grand Canyon.
55. Type with two hands.
56. Braid my hair.
57. Do a cartwheel off a diving board.
58. Do pushups.
59. Fly firstclass. I don't mind camping when I get where I'm going but cattle class sucks. If you're 5'4" and your knees bang the seat in front something is wrong.
60. Go whale-watching.
61. See the sea turtle migration at Toco, Trinidad.
62. Practice archery.
63. Juggle my Devil's Sticks with skill.
64. Turn a key in a lock.
65. Unscrew a really tight jar lid.
66. Swim with confidence.
67. Schereschnitte (intricate paper cuttings done by the PA Dutch)
68. Fraktur (PA Dutch calligraphy)
69. This one speaks for itself.
70. Shuffle cards.....UPDATE: NOW I CAN!
71. Carry my biggest stockpot to the sink by myself when it needs draining.
72. Dive off the high dive.
73. Go to the 4th of July celebration at the Philadelphia Art Museum.
74. Finish more complete geneologies.
75. Instill a sense of respect for heritage (minus a sense of superiority/inferiority) in my kids.
76. Have sex on the trampoline in the front yard. Mr. Lime thinks this is very weird.
77. See the Northern Lights.
78. Have a pet snake.
79. Have pet lizards.
80. Become more skilled in photography.
81. Paint this house, finally.
82. Unpack the boxes of pictures for the walls after the house has been painted.
83. Unpack the 2 boxes languishing in my closet for 2 years.
84. Learn how to keep my desk from being so cluttered. This is probably the least likely to actually happen.
85. Make sure each of my kids knows how to make a proper Funny Cake.
86. Tan a buckskin.
87. Do some very cool and lasting collage with lots of the artwork my kids have created over the years.
88. Push a full shopping cart with both hands.
89. Make a scrapbook for each of the kids.
90. Finish writing my series of letters to each of my kids.
91. Transfer the family movies to DVD or whatever the next technology is if that is superceded before I get to it.
92. Reorganize and maybe digitize the photo albums I inherited from both sets of my grandparents.
93. Tie dye.
94. Batik.
95. Sew wearable garments.
96. Engage in my annual madness by baking obscene amounts of cookies for Christmas.
97. Weave a basket.
98. Waterski
99. Body surf
100. Visit a bunch of the beaches you all suggested.

Have I missed anything? Add some suggestions. I'm up for all sorts of things. Thanks to all of you who make the blogosphere so fun, touching, creative, hilarious, and interesting!


barefoot_mistress said...

34 and 69 woo!


Phain said...

thank you for remembering #20 - we can't have another zipline accident now can we?

steve said...

That is one great list!!

lecram sinun said...

Happy 200th! Now that's a list worthy of just quitting work and getting done! In fact, go ahead... tell them I said it is OK. LOL!

Gary said...

I buy hot curry powder a half pound at a time at five dollars a pound. I use it almost every day. I have a tomato based curry that I make sometimes with freshly boiled potatoes and frozen peas and carrots, and lots of curry powder. OI use tomato soup as the base. Onions, carrots or cauliflower would be good additions but I never seem to have them on hand. Yummy. And very low in calories too.

MyUtopia said...

What an awesome list! I want to see the Northern lights too! Althought at this point I would settle for seeing stars at night. We could only spot one last night. My husband jokingly said that is why they call Texas the Lone Star State.

Jodes said...

rad list......

snavy said...

Yay on your 200th post!!

Um... Massachusetts is a good place to whale watch!

Don't feel bad about the unpacked boxes - mine have been sitting for four.

AlRo said...

wow that's a huge list!!

airplanejayne said...

Okay -- here is my suggestion:
If you come to Fresno in March 2007 you can see the Rogue Festival. I can get you thrown out of a perfectly good airplane, and take you on a 215ft free-rappel inside a cave.

This would remove #'s 18, 23, 24, and 53 from your list.

yes.....I do believe in multi-tasking....

ttfootball said...

I gotta go another time back to Norway to see the Northern Lights, it rained while I was there b4 :(
This is a great list! I was wondering after reading #76, what does Mr. Lime think about #'s 34 & 35? ....hehe

60 and counting said...

I've 29 of your list, but I'm not saying which ones.


James Goodman said...

That was a great list. I didn't see wakeboarding on there though. Once you've tried that, you'll never settle for plain ol' skis again, lol.

lime said...


le chat, my thoughts exactly

steve, why thank you!

lecram, i will refer any complaints from management to you

gary, that sounds positively mouthwatering! my curried venison is a tomato-based thing too. i used crushed tomatoes.

myutopia, now i know!

jodes, thanks:)

snavy, i feel much better now, hehehe

alro, more manageable than 200, wouldn't you say?

apj, i would sooo love that! you rock! and how could i forget the rogue??!! #101!

tt, excellent question he's not opposed to smaller amounts of choccy. i say let's go for the gusto

60, you are a TERRIBLE tease! will you whisper in my ear if i promise not to tell?

james, ooooh i never even thought of wakeboarding....#102 :)

Solitaire said...

wow... that list is amazing! I love the diversity!

You rock Lime!

Heather said...

Awesome list!!! I just hit post 133 or something...you're my hero!

Boysenberry said...

Great list... you know I'm going to have to pinch it for my blog :)

Logophile said...

You could hit a bunch of those by coming here
And I have already arranged parking for the solstice parade, I happen to know someone who lives in the area

lime said...

solitaire, thanks!

heather, lol. lecram just hit 400

boysenberry, pinch away!

logo, you know i wanna!

Blither said...

Congrads Sweetie!

An Amazing List For An Amazing Person!

Margie Blystone said...

How about Zip-line through a rain forest in Costa Rica?

I haven't tried it personally but it sure sounds like fun! As long as I'm assured there's no chance I'll run face first into a giant spider web.

The Village Idiot said...

You forgot Kayak with the Orcas

Ride a bike down a mtn...naked

and im sure there are other equally odd things to do but those were right on the top of my head

Congrats on your 200th!

Mark Leslie said...

Congrats on 200th post. I like the "land softly" entry the most. Here's to 200 more!

Anonymous said...

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