Wednesday, August 02, 2006

We Interupt Regularly Scheduled Weirdness...

Alright, Alro AND Blither tagged my ass with this Meme. Blither even spanked me. Do you see the marks she left?? Gees, you didn't have to get so rough already! I'm easy. I would have done it. Wait, that doesn't sound right.... Nevermind. Ok, onto the meme.

Favourite Colour
: Tie dye
Favourite Food: Hello??? Did you read Monday's post??
Favourite Movie: Simon Birch for a Drama. Monty Python and the Holy Grail for comedy.
Favourite Sport: Ancient Olympic wrestling. Two guys slicked up in olive oil, rippling muscles, no steroids. What's not to love?
Favourite Day of the Week: Saturday
Favourite Season: Fall
Favourite Ice Cream: Breyer's Mint Chip or Turkey Hill Peanut Butter Ripple, depends on my mood.

Current Mood: Dizzy from spinning around trying to see if I have a 'Tag Me'sign on my back.
Current Clothes: Have you people not yet learned what I do with this question? Swim fins, chaps, a purple bustier, red and black checked hunting jacket, and chartreuse beret.
Current Desktop: Raindrops on a windowpane
Current Time: 1:25 am
Current Surroundings: Air, lots and lots of air. Which is a good thing.
Current Annoyances: When the current is too strong to swim against. That's not so good

Current Thoughts: What?? You expect me to actually think at 1:25 am?? You are so demanding.

First Best Friend: Beth, my next door neighbor. We used to tell people we were sisters.

Last Drink: Water
Last Car Ride: COming back from the grocery store
Last Crush: Orange, many years ago.
Last Phone Call: The lady Diana babysat for tonight
Last CD played: Listened to the demo of Prince's 3121 at the store. I sooo want it.

Have you ever dated one of your best friends: Yep
Have you ever broken the law: I know my Miranda rights. I don't have to answer this.
Have you ever been arrested: no
Have you ever been on TV: yes
Have you ever kissed someone you dont know: yes

5 things you are good at: Arching a single eyebrow, popping wheelies in wheelchairs, untying knots, squeezing every molecule of toothpaste out of the tube, folding fitted sheets. Should I include these on my resume?
4 things you have done today: Respired, perspired, got tired, retired.
3 things you can hear right now: Crickets, the AC, tickatappa goes the keyboard.


M said...

(-: good to know!

ps can you give us a half nekkid photo of you arching one eye brow!i think that is some genetic mutation talent. either you are born with it or you aren't

lecram sinun said...

I do the arching brow thing and it just creeps folk around here out... they complain that it makes them feel that I know and they don't. So, there are days I'll arch my brow (not because I know) just to put them off balance.

James Goodman said...

lol, those are all good answers, but Last Crush: Orange, many years ago. may well be the best out of the lot. :D

Melody said... first belly laugh of the day....

steve said...

Another really good list!

Jodes said...

I played too and oh yeah, can I borrow the chaps and umm lets see the beret? please.....

barefoot_mistress said...

Very interesting list missy, perhaps I can use some of this info for blackmail fodder one day! :D

Todays song list topic is Mosquitos!

AlRo said...

hehe.. good ones !! :)

Chickadee said...

And you know back in the day of Olympic sporting, those Greece men were nekked when they participated in those events...of course women weren't allowed to watch, but they were still nekked!

I got the book "A lost contient" by Bill Bryson. I just started reading it and it's pretty good. Still want to read "Sunburned Country". That's next...well, sort of. It's on the list of books to read.

Seamus said...

Current Clothes: Have you people not yet learned what I do with this question? Swim fins, chaps, a purple bustier, red and black checked hunting jacket, and chartreuse beret. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Colorful attire! :)

Logophile said...

I sit here in my matador's cap, kimono, saree and fireman's boots thinking to myself, I KNEW liked her!!
Oh and I keep lots of air in my house too!
Its like, we are kindred spirits or something!

snavy said...

Oooo ... I'm changing my favorite sport to your favorite sport.

btw - that Blither sure is bossy!!

Blither said...

Tickatappa.. Tickatappa!! NO NO NO!! This will NOT leave my mind!!!!

Snavy, I can hear you!

MyUtopia said...

I love that your favorite color is tie dye

Laurie said...

It seems like a lot of bloggers did memes today.. I think it's the heat.. frying our brains..

I LOVE Monty Python movies :-)

Solitaire said...

very nice! I love your sense of humor!

Happy Wednesday!