Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday 55 & Da Count

Well, we have lived through the start of school in these here parts. Already we've had a few gems.

Isaac reports that in 5th grade he no longer gets to play tag at recess. The class was instructed to play 'touch fast' during their 'wellness activity.' He demonstrated by jogging in an effeminate and overly gleeful manner and gently tapping a shoulder. He said he couldn't wait to see what the next politically correct wellness activity was and rolled his eyes. I told him 'touch fast' made it sound like a game Michael Jackson played at Neverland Ranch.

Calypso reported being sternly corrected in her terminology at the junior high. The school is over crowded so trailers (Oh, I hear the PC police knocking on my door for using that term) have been installed for overflow. She called them 'pods' and a teacher told her they were to be referred to as 'learning cottages.' Puhleeeze.

Finally, Diana, never one to mince words, let me know the girl next to her on the bus drives her bonkers with inane conversation. 'Mom, I don't care about her new jeans or her hair cut or if red is her color. It's like being in a sucking black hole of boredom.' Yeah, I know kiddo, soul-stirring conversations on fashion and interior design make my ears bleed too, but be nice at least.

Onto our Friday 55!


Am I at the right bus stop? Did it leave without me? How am I going to get to school? Who are those people back there? Are they laughing because I have a pimple? Do they hate my clothes? Do they think I'm a dork?

The first day of Junior High School is soooo stressful?

In honor of the return of Edvard Munch's stolen masterpiece, The Scream, and the start of school. Inspired by Amber's series of 55s based on pieces of art.

Lecram has instituted a new Friday feature called Da Count. That new green button over there explains it. We can all spend time complaining about any number of things but we really need to focus on what we already have. Count your blessings sort of thing. So to that end...

Yesterday I bumped into someone at a school function who I hadn't seen in since before my accident. She saw the gnarly scars and the odd way my hand moves and wanted to know what happened. I told her and she very sympathetically offered, "You must have thought 1000 times 'Why me?'" I paused and I realized that while I have had moments of thinking what a serious pain in the butt it all is or that it hurts like a son of a gun I really don't think 'Why me?' has ever crossed my mind. I posted way back when it happend that I was glad it was me and not one of my kids, their friends, or Mr. Lime. Over 4 months later I have to say I still feel that way. I'd have terrible guilt and hate seeing one of my kids suffer. I'd feel awful for my husband and we'd be in a much worse bind financially if he couldn't work. So dat's Da Count dis week. It was me not them.


Breazy said...

So you are in the same boat that I am this year with one kid in grade school , one in middle school and the other in high school . The transportation to school is always such a blast for me (insert insane laugh here)! Actually it really isn't that bad . I know what you are going through with your junior high kid because mine has said basically the same thing to me . Her whole attitude changed on the first day of school and it is like my daughter caught in someone elses body that really cares about how they look and all that! You have a good day !

Cosima said...

My son will start kindergarten soon, and I can't wait for his stories :).

That's a wonderful Da Count story, and I hope your arm will get better soon. I am up too, with a short story (Flash55 and Da Count combined :)).

lecram sinun said...

Lime, You and Janita make me and Jimmy proud to know you. The "why me" syndrome has become more of the rage of late and it certainly takes a rare individual to step outside of it. Cheers! :)

p.s. I toasted the recovery of the painting when the news broke.

p.p.s. my word verification is "oopsh"... is that Nordic for oops?

barefoot_mistress said...

LOL Lime, learning cottages indeed!
All those new fangled school terms had me thinking you must be in California here! LOL
Maybe Penn is the new Cali! Hee hee

Ok when I heard about the Scream being recovered, Lime, I was going to do my 55 on it, but use your pic instead know the one.....LOL

We kinda had a little ESP there! :P

Jodes said...

I love that painting.

Logophile said...

Learning cottage?
WTF? Are they staffed by the Keebler elves?
Love the 55!
The Screeeeeeeam
of back to school

tl said...

Wellness activity, learning cottages??

I thought the US of A spoke English.
That all sound forrin to me.


Amber said...

It is so funny that you chose that painting. I was going to do that one next week, I also drew a copy of that painting too. That is my second favorite work of art.

I love the relation of the painting to the thoughts of first day in middle school. It takes me back

snavy said...

You're kids are awesome!!

I know other's have said it but "learning cotteges"?? Good gawd!! I think she nailed it with "pods."

miss_lissa said...

oh wow~ I love how we're all rejoicing over the recovery of the paintings!!

I was so happy when I read about that yesterday I posted about it right away. lol

Great 55

suppose I should quickly do mine as well. Perhaps featuring Madonna- the other painting recovered.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

A trailer is a trailer is a trailer.

Good post. Loved the one below too.

steve said...

I love that painting and there is a very intresting and sad story behind it.

Have a great weekend!

lime said...

breazy, oh yeah! jr high is a whole special breed!

cosima, wonderful! be certain to share the best stories with all of us!

lecram, thank you and may i say i consider it an honor to know you and jimmy as well. 'janita waves' lol @ oopsh!

bare, re: CA/PA i try not to think about it too much. i must have gotten your psychic waves1

jodes, me too

logo, i dunno about the elves but the principal at my son's school is a troll...

tl, sounds ferrin ta me too. i don't speak PC

amber, yours was fabulous. youare so talented.

snavy, i agree about 'pods' yousee pod people too?

lissa, yess! do it, i want to see yours too!

tlp, a trailer by any other name.....

steve, well ya can't leave me hanging like that!

miss_lissa said...

well, the story that I know involves the erruption of Krakatoa.

It's said that Munch felt a great scream rip thru nature and he was overcome with the desire to paint his emotion.

That is the reason for the blood red sky that haunted him, in the painting. There's more to it I believe but I can't remember the entire story.

Lelly said...

'Wellness Activity'?? 'Learning Cottages'?? you have GOT to be kidding...LOL!
Sorry I missed your HNT Lime, and thanks for you comment on mine (I did comment back to you on my blog)
Fings 'ave bin a bit 'ectic lately!
Love your HNT pic tho' cos I can do that too, and have passed the skill on to my nephew and niece! Must check out this new Friday thing my cousin has started...have a great weekend!

lime said...

miss lissa, you and steve both pointed mme to the same story. really quite amazing.

lelly, i wish i could say i was kidding. PC run amok, i tell ya.

Moosekahl said...

love the kid's stories. I wondered through Target today for garbage bags and spackle but detoured through school supplies just for ole' time sake. First days of school were always something I looked forward too.

Anonymous said...

touch, i think i have played the adult version of that game with an ex boyfriend.~

-M (As If You Care)

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

Political Correct Pennsylvania Terms.

Trailer (school setting,)
-Learning cottages

Trailer (Home setting)
-Reeeeallly Humble Abodes

-Humble Abodes you can brag about

Trailer Park
-Tornado PlayGround

Trailer (recreational setting,)
-Rustic Wood Hauler
-Rustic Contents of Apt Hauler
-Culled Animal transport (Deer Season)

Van with weeds growing up through front grille in front yard:

Van with weeds growing up through most of it, up on cinderblocks in back yard:
On Site Storage

Van with raccon living in it three quaters of the year, left down by creek.
-Cabanna/Dressing Room

Three Inbred Dogs chained to van in front yard:
-'Environmentally Sensitive Security System'

Lelly said...

Hi Lime, there's an apology to ya on my site! 'Wellness activity' and 'Learning cottages'??? LOL, that kills me!

lime said...

moose, thanks:)

m, lol, haven't we all *wink*

lacquer, you're killing me!!!

lelly, outrageous eh?

Gary said...

Gee. I wish I had gone to a Learning Cottage when I was young. I think I would be SO much smarter now.

Cuz said...

Hey, what does Michael Jackson like about twenty eight year olds?

That there's twenty of them!

What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?

One's plastic and dangerous for kids to play with, and the other one holds your groceries!

Oh, and while we're at it, did you hear that Janet Jackson got pulled over by the cops? Her right headlight was out....