Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday-Naked Guy and Octopi

Last night was back to school night at Isaac's school. What a comedy of errors. He is assigned to a team of four teachers, in a building with 5 floors. We all got a map. I quickly checked for the location of his classrooms. Not one of the teachers he has for anything was marked on the map. Oooook, I know this is the school he comes to... However, I'm not alone since there are a few other parents milling around looking fruitlessly at their maps. We ask the principal, who cannot seem to recall where this particular team of teachers is located. Neither can the vice principal. Neither can the guidance counselor. I understand this is only the second week of school but sheesh...not one of these people can even tell me what floor to go to, let alone what room. We march off to the office where the secretary tells us in half a second what the room numbers are and which floor. One my son's desk was a copy of the schedule of classes for the evening. Teacher names, room numbers... I don't know whose schedule Isaac copied down but it sure wasn't his. He got his first and last class right but everything in between was wrong. Enter a class, sit down, no one is there but the teacher and me. Why are you here? Um, the schedule says so. Let me see your schedule, please. No, sorry, this is incorrect. I had Isaac last period/will have Isaac next period/don't see him at all. Well, alrighty, thanks. OK, I have some sort of free time here. I'll go to the library and get set up on the parent web page thing that let's you look in on grades. Hi, I signed up for this last year but the email address I used is now defunct so I need to change things. Grave looks, Ooooh, you have an account? Yes, I need to change the email address because the one my husband used is no longer functional. Ooohh, we can't help you here. (There are 2 dozen empty computer terminals and we have the district technology director and his assistant but they are looking like I told them I just hacked NSA computers.) If you call our office tomorrow I think we can help. Alrighty was an interesting evening to be sure.

Today's Friday 55 brought to you by Auguste Rodin and by the organizers of Parent Night.


I turned off the coffee pot and iron. I let the dog out. I have checked my dayplanner...meeting at 9, lunch with the superintendant at noon, parent night at 7. I have to get the oil changed in the car. Gees, it just feels like I am forgetting something...What could it possibly be?

Da Count:
It's that time again, time to count what you got instead of bemoan what you don't. Even though I posted it months and months ago at
Insane Asylime, I want to share what has become a bit of a mantra in the Lime household because I think it fits with the concept of 'da count.'

Limelet #3 was very emphatic about being independant from a young age. He wanted to learn to do things on his own with no assistance. One day, when he was 3 or 4, he was struggling to get his coat on. One arm was in a sleeve and he was flailing wildly and spinning like a dog chasing his tail as he tried to find the second sleeve. Knowing he preferred flying solo but seeing his difficulty, I asked gently, 'Do you want any help with that, buddy?' He continued flailing and spinning, 'Oof.....ugh......errk...mmpphh...No, but I'm glad I'm not an octopus.'

So, for da count this week, I'm counting my son, Isaac, who cracks me up with his sense of humor, touches me with his tenderness, and challenges me with his perpsective.

Let me encourage you all to make your own count whether you post it on your blog or not. For of 'Da count' you can check at Lecram's.

Have a great weekend!


lecram sinun said...

I remember that one! Made me smile then as it's doing again today! A big count there, Lime!


BTW... I'm also glad he's not an octopus either! LOL!

Lolly said...

How cute! Thank God for independent kids!

KFarmer said...

Our children are truly blessings which we should count every day-Good post :)

steve said...

I hate open house LOL!!

barefoot_mistress said...

My count for today I will put here:

I am grateful that Lil Ritas school is one story and just 300 kids.....thats da count from here!

LMAO at Zak and his octopus jacekt...LOL....if it wasnt so awesome to make an octopus jacket would be.

Cosima said...

Lol...the octopus story is wonderful. And it seemes that parent teacher night was a very Kafkaesque experience...

Jodes said...

i am so grateful for the weekend.

Blither said...

Friday Friday Friday- YES!
Your school district sounds like my school district! I'm still waiting on a return call from last year. I'm not holding my breath.

Seamus said...

Limelet #3 just cracked me right up!!! Happy Friday Michelle! :)

Spitfire said...

wow in a way we both counted our sons!

Da Count today kept me from crying all day...

airplanejayne said...

Limelet Octopi! Love the story!

lime said...

lecram, i'm glad he's not an octopus either!

lolly, amen

kfarmer, very true

steve, i'm glad i'm not alone on that

bare, i can't imagine how to even make such a jacket!

cosima, it was 'interesting' to say the least. i forgot to mention that in addition to all that, my son felt the need to call my cell phone every 15 minutes

jodes, i heartily agree

blither, how prompt of them!

seamus, the boy makes me laugh every single day

spitfire, hugs to you, hon

apj, oooohhh a literal lime there's a thought!

Breazy said...

aren't schools so much fun when parent night rolls around ? LOL! My son does the flying solo almost every morning in the winter months and I have got to the point of letting him fly ! LOL! Have a wonderful weekend Ms. Lime!

m said...

Ha,ha! Good story! I am glad he is not an octopus too! He might *still* be trying to get the coat on!

Laurie said...

That's a cute story!

I like the "da count" idea, I may play next week :-)

Amber said...

It is scary how unorganized that schol is. Makes you wonder how the school is when it isn't parent teacher night.

Logophile said...

I love the octopus story, great stuff.
Whenever I have that sinking "oh man I forgot something" feeling, its usually something vitally important, like pants.

RennyBA said...

Friday evening is the best time of the week - like forever until Monday morning. But all things must past and now it's time to wish you a great week ahead:-)

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

visions of a small boy, zipping around like a model airplane making strange noises of effort, only to find the other sleeve...

I was doing this just the other night,,, really aggrivated me...
Tells me two things.
-Some things in life are going to be the same.
-I need to learn (again,) not to put a shirt on, but to see such moments not with disgust and frustration, but with humor...
(MUCH humor, there's the stuff always falling out of my shirt pocket when I lean over, and trying to put on a sock over a damp foot while getting dressed, too...)

A boy raised by lime is bound to be a wonderful man.
(mark my words...)

lime said...

breazy, i love some of the outfits they come up with!

m, can you just imagine??

laurie, be sure to let us know if you do

amber, you have noooo idea

logo, so you and donald duck, eh?

rennyba, and the very best to you as well!

lacquer, he reminds me often of the lubricating effect of laughter. and your final sentence has brought a tear to my eye. thank you, that is my hope.

Nancy Drew said...

Glad I'm not an octopus!