Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Time for Percussive Maintenance?

I've gotten a few messages from people wondering if I did in fact resort to homicide and asking if I am ok since I didn't post earlier. Mr. Lime is alive and well. I have managed not to commit any felonious acts. I also hasten to add that my diatribe yesterday should in no way be construed as a rant against an entire gender. I like men. Some of my best friends and favorite readers are men. The men who posted yesterday demonstrated their own merit and decency and should be afforded protection from rampaging scorned women.

I did have a groovy post all planned out in my head for today but alas, Blogger was being rather pissy about it all and my server was in cahoots with Blogger so I could not make things work before I had to leave for hand therapy. I'm back home now and things are being more cooperative. I'm just running behind now since I have an exterminator coming (see yesterday's mouse reference in addition to a persistent carpenter ant issue) shortly.

Since I don't think I will have time to get this together before the afternoon onslaught of activity I will just give you a brief rundown of the arm thing. Friday afternoon is when the surgeon will excavate the metal from my forearm.

As you know, I am not keen on anesthesia. I get to try a new form this time. They are going to do a nerve block and sedate me. They tell me my arm will be a floppy dead weight for at least 14 hours and I will be asleep for only a couple of hours. I will feel remarkably well rested when I wake up. Yeah, ok...Should be interesting. I'm supposed to show up Friday afternoon, actual time is TBA, in baggy clothes, no bra, no jewelry, no make-up (hahaha, like I own any of that anyway). So in other words I should look worse than I do at the bus stop at 6:15 am every morning...think back to that HNT a couple weeks ago when I only had one eye open (for the bus stop I at least harness the twins into their underwire and have on the earrings I wear all the time). Hahahaha! An excuse for looking haggardly in public, I love it!

They tell me even though I don't get cut on until the afternoon I can't eat after midnight on Thursday. Oooooh, but I can have 8 ounces of juice or water. Whooopeeee!!!

My therapists and doctor seem to think that by Thanksgiving I should be out of therapy and Janita will be able to finish the job just on home exercises. There's an end in sight.

Thanks for the encouraging words yesterday about surgery, about bearing jerky behavior and for checking in today. It's all much appreciated. You folks are the best bloggy bunch a girl could ask for.


lecram sinun said...

Well, here's toasting Janita a speedy recovery and functionality... and that the fog of drugs clears sooner this time.

"... flee from me Keepers of the Gloom" Sorta works in this context too, huh? LOL!

BTExpress said...

Home exercises? That's a code word for masturbating, right? I hear that it's great therapy.

Anonymous said...


Glad I won't have to change my bookmark to "Nurse Rachet's Memorial House of Detention for Bad Girls" and that you are still with us. My thoughts will be with you on Friday and I hope that this new knock-out drug makes you feel all warm and loverly.


Seamus said...

Will be thinking about you on Friday, hope it all goes well!

What? Missed a Lime rant? Oh my! Must go read! ;)

Breazy said...

I have to admit that I was looking forward to some criminal pics on here today ! LOL! j/k . My prayers are with you for Friday and throughout the therapy!

Boysenberry said...

Good luck and a speedy recovery for Friday :)

And, sometimes us blokes are just a bit too thick for our own good...

Tommy said...

I wuv wooo wime! Good luck Friday sugar.

Useless Man said...

I just browsed through on a link adventure. Now I have to go back and caught up on all this.

I also hope all is well. Mind if I check in again?

Anonymous said...

My best wishes to you and Janita.

Anonymous said...


Glad to her Mr. Lime survived. I hope he will use the time after your surgery to make amends and pamper you.

I wish you and Janita all the best.

m said...

baggy clothes, no bra, no jewelry, no make up? followed by a looooong nap...sounds like my typical weekend.

airplanejayne said...


I had a nerve block when I had carpal tunnel surgery. All went well -- but my last sight of my hand was of it sticking straight up in the air. So they put the drape up, and I spend the next twenty minutes holding my arm still.....feeling it cramping but trying to relax......feeling it want to twitch, but trying desparately to hold it still....getting cramps in my shoulder from holding my hand still.....until, finally they lowered the drape so I could watch them stitch it up.

And my hand was lying FLAT on the table!!!!!! As it had been (so the Dr. said) all the time!! He said my "nerve memory" was tricking me.

Not funny.....but very interesting!

Good luck and God speed!

3.14 said...

good luck with all that nerve blocking stuff....does this mean you are no longer the bionic woman?

tl said...

I'm glad to hear Mr. Lime learned to breathe through a straw.
A trip to hospital, a good sleep and wake up with a new arm. What could be better?
I don't know about this nerve block, but I think mine might be blocked all the time.
Good luck.

Ver. lofvnjg. Sounds Martian for something nice.

James Goodman said...

There's an end in sight

Oh, that is just fantastic news. I hope all goes well.

AlRo said...

Good to see you kept him alive ! :)
keep us posted on the arm thingy! To be done by Thanksgiving, in the grande scheme of things doesn't seem all that bad... Betcha can't wait for that.

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

hmmmm, okay, just catching the blog today, (thanks for the Email though..)

yeah, women's prisons aren't as much fun as everybody says, I'm glad the Mr. wasn't off'd in his sleep.

Didn't take it as a rail against men.
I'm a man, and truthfully, I don't like a lot of my fellow men, and it's usually over how they treat their ladies and family... But I know you and Mr. Lime are okay, and just figure, okay time to pray a bit more for bro...

(still, I tend to find a lot of women are better men than most men are...)
-No disrespect intended towards the (recently pardoned,) Mr. Lime, (who, come to think of it, may want to stop by the store on the way home on Friday and buy you one hell of a lot of flowers, and that after being extra nice the night before... (just a suggestion there, chief, take it or leave it.)

Brian said...

Thinking about you hon. HOpe it all goes well.