Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Weird Wednesday-Crap-O-Rama

Well, my idea last week turned out to be a rather lame one with fairly pitiful results. I want to thank Seamus, M, and Tan Lucy Pez for playing along by sending me some rather bizarre emails in an attempt to induce Gmail to give me even more bizarre results in advertising. Alas, Gmail simply did not cooperate by providing anything amusing enough to waste blog space on. The real tragedy is I might actually have to attempt creativity this week.

I was getting panicked about needing to produce. In the nick of time I received a package in the mail from my dear Logo as part of a crap swapping idea initiated by Susie. Logo showed what craptacular magnificence she received from Susie back on Friday. I am waiting to see what Susie does with the truly amazing crap I sent to her.

What lovely crap did I receive? Let me show you...


Now to be honest this is fairly nice crap. I mean it might actually have some tasteful decorative purpose unlike the glasses Logo received or the thing I sent Susie (And heaven help you if you combine Logo's crap with Susie's crap...I'm telling ya, it could be like matter meeting antimatter.....the end of intelligent life on this planet!) But this little palm tree plaque isn't so bad. In fact, it makes me think of a terrific place with palm trees...I think you know the place...little island called Trinidad?

Ok, I know this picture is supposed to be more evocative of the Mediterranean, but I'VE NEVER BEEN THERE LIKE SOME PEOPLE!!!! Oh, sure I've wanted to. Sure, it's on my 'do before I die list.' Sure, I'm only half Greek and would give my left arm (Wait, I almost have) to see my ancestral homeland. And now I have this plaque to remind me of where I've never been. Oooooooh, the cruelty. (cue wailing and gnashing of teeth, beating of breast and rending of garments....someone get me the sackcloth and ashes already!)

Well, I have only one response to this. Logo? Remember that killer sandwich I told you about? You know, the one with a grilled chicken breast marinated in lemon pepper and balsamic vinegar and olive oil? The one with homemade fresh pesto and peppers I roasted specially for the sandwich? The one with fresh mozzarella? The one on that yummy toasted garlic herb bread? Yeah, that's the one. The one right here.


The picture came out kind of overexposed a bit but mmmmm, doesn't that make your mouth water? Mwahahahahaha!

Love you, Logo dear. Thanks for my crap. Meet you in San Francisco! Mwah!

*UPDATE: Please run, do not walk, over to Ratburn's place to see what he's doing with the crap I sent Susie!

*UPDATE to the update: Sorry the link was no good. It's fixed now.


snavy said...

I agree, that is not the worst piece of crap as far as crap goes. Funny though

Logo ... gotta love her!!

steve said...

Yum yummmmmmmm!!

Anonymous said...

That sandwich reminds me of these guys in college who would make a grilled sandwich they called "F$ck off and Die"(because it was so good). Can I use a bad word? I assume your kids don't read this blog.

I have a Weird Weds G-mail idea! Do your kids have spelling word lists? Maybe you can email those spelling lists to various people and see what G-mail does!

M(As if You Care)
ps thank you for the advice on where to get help for blogger comments.... i haven't looked at it yet but I will soon.

barefoot_mistress said...

LOL That is craptacular!

Ya know Lime, I'm sure that sandwich is delicious..but it is so rainbowy, its almost wrong.

And the photo of the sandwich is really crappy! LOL

I have more crap to send you, and my crap from you has been photographed, will make an appearance on Ratburns HNT and then mine will show up on 55 ok?

BTW that jacket makes me sneeze!
I didnt know I looked so good in that color!

lecram sinun said...

Oh... yummy crap?

Amber said...

That jacket and shirt is the crap you sent her? How funny!

lime said...

snavy, indeed, it's rather tasteful crap.

steve, thanks:)

m, lol, yes you can use bad words. amd great idea on the spelling lists!

bare, you would prefer grey, tasteless food? and whereon earth did ratburn get the shirt he wore under the craptacular jacket?

lecram, that seems a bit of an

amber, i sent the jacket, awesome in its crappiness isn;t it?

MyUtopia said...

Yummy food!

RennyBA said...

What a weird post and yes my mouth was watering - but I have to follow your instructions so I'm running off to Rathburn's.
Have a great hump evening:-)

Logophile said...

you are a cruel, cruel woman.
Mmmm, sammich sooooo gooood
I am going now to check apartment listing in San Fran

And you are very, very welcome

Rob said...

Well Limey, I know these comments won't get me out of the doghouse after my extended "absence", but at least they're a start! I wanted to say something about your post from yesterday as well, so maybe I'll stop by there after this.

That DOES look like one kick-ass sandwich! I just might have to steal the "recipe" and try duplicating it myself. I love the chicken breast, the garlic bread, the mozzarella cheese, ALL of it! How did someone who's such a talented writer, skilled "tongue roller"/"eyebrow archer", and skilled acrobat (well OK, 2 out of 3 ain't bad!) get to be such a fantastic cook as well?! You've whet my "appetite" here at your blog more than once -- and this post is no exception!

BTW, regarding your plan to "(cue wailing and gnashing of teeth, beating of breast and rending of garments....someone get me the sackcloth and ashes already!)" -- isn't that a perfect formula for an upcoming HNT picture? I just love the rending of garments and beating of breasts! Well OK, not exactly "beating of breasts", but some sort of breast manipulation! ;-)

BTW, I tried following that link to "Ratburn's Place" to see what had become of the "crap" you sent to Susie -- and it took me to a Blogger "Not Found" page! Go figure...

Have a wonderful night, Michelle!

lime said...

myutopia.....i think so!

renny, you are so accomodating!

logo, lemme know what ya find in the rentals, mkay?

rob, well...the prodigal returns! welcome back. lemme know how that sammich works out for you. lol, at your HNT suggestion. sorry about the link. it;'s good now.

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

coool, palm trees, actually imported and grown as a sign of WEALTH because they drink so much WATER... (arrogant foliage.)
nice sammich
jump to Herr Ratburns page and...


I'm thinking two things:
-There oughta be a law, or a disclaimer, ('warning aging member of Plasmatics about to flash you...')


-low slung nerples?...
(former figure painter, I KNOW these things...)

(no disrespect, Mr. Ratburn, perhaps you and Susie could enjoy that outfit in the privacy of your own home...)

-reminds me of me in a speedo.
nah... me in a speedo is worse in a speedo with that top THAT's antimatter.

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh LOL wow we really offended Semigloss with those pics eh?

barefoot_mistress said...

You guys are getting an apt in SF? NO way! Im so there!

Heather said...

That sandwich looks VERY yummy...damn, its only breakfast time!