Friday, October 13, 2006

Da Count-This One's For You


I want to thank everyone for the kind wishes yesterday. In addition to being my birthday it was also my first blogiversary. I gave myself the blog as my birthday present last year. I was desperately in need of some sort of creative outlet that was also cheap (i.e. free). What a year it's been! I don't think I really imagined what it might have been like. A little over a year ago, Snavy basically said, 'Ok, here's a blog we're going to do together, for fun.' She set the thing up and Insane Asylime was born. I was instantly addicted. I didn't really expect, even when I started this one, that it would go much beyond my few crazy fellow Blog Hijackers who I knew from Yahoo! Trivia. Susie, Logo, guys ROCK! Idiot, ya rock but ya gotta post, dude!

I started reading the folks Snavy pre-installed into the IA blogroll and found Brian, who has become a dear friend and who also encouraged me a lot when I said I was thinking of starting HOL, both with his specific urging for me to do my thing and by his own wonderful writing. I also discovered James, who is an amazing writer and who was so kind to leave such encouraging comments in the early days. The guy also blew me away by paying close enough attention to completely smoke the competition on the first 'Limer/Limeade' quiz way back in the beginning. These two guys were my first regular non-Yahoo! blog buddies and they've stayed for the ride so far and I just want to give them a special thanks for that.

Now, I hope the rest of you will forgive me for not specifically naming you all, I mean no slight to anyone. You see that list over on the side? Each one of you has become a part of this world of mine. You've expanded it exponentially by sharing your lives with me and sharing mine. You've exposed me to some places, people, ideas, music, books, art, and so many other things I would have missed had we not intersected in this vast internet. You've taught me things that have enriched me, challenged me to be a better person, encouraged me, laughed with me, sparked my creativity. You've touched me when you've shared the deepest parts of yourselves. May I thank each one of you and say I hope I've been able to return at least some of that to each of you.

A lot of you I discovered because you first said hello to me. A few of you I discovered first and you were kind enough to welcome me. Either way, thanks for the warm reception. It's been a wonderful first year thanks to all of you. Big hugs to each of you!

And if you are a lurker, please take the time to say hello, just this once, so I can greet you as well.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Snavy and Logo wrote another Limer/Limeade quiz and posted it at the Hijacked Blog. They did a great job. It's hilarious! I'd be willing to reward high scorers with a chance to determine a future post here...interview, topic, PG-rated pictures, if anyone is interested.


Anonymous said...

Why! Thankee ma'm!

lecram sinun said...

A big cluster count this week, Lime. I love it and love coming over. Yours is one of those places that has a wonderful mix of warmth, charm, wit, wisdom and wicked humor. Truely a treasure to be delighted in everyday. Cheers and Happy Everything all around!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lecram took the words out of my mouth :). I am very happy that I found you on the world wide web.

Have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for your kind comment today!

art said...

*stands up*
Hi, I'm Art and I'm a lurker
*sits back down*

Anonymous said...

!Warning quiz spoiler!

Lime, I just took the quiz and did rather poorly. Why is Mr. Lime not your greatest passion :D?

barefoot_mistress said...

I would like to point out that I received an 90% on the quiz, and I did not help write it, unlike the other Hijackers who received unfairly, 100%...

Yeah Lime, I was thinking about how we can all blame Snavs for getting us all involved in this blogging/HNT mess!
LOL Its all her fault!

Hope you had fun with George!
Everyone knows chocolate over men, always, Cosima!

snavy said...

I don't think my or Logo's scores are unfair. In writing them we proved just how much we love and know about the Lime of our lives.

Ok - second day in a row I cried while reading your post. I love you sweetie and am so glad you joined me on this wild ride!!

Happy belated blogaversary!!

snavy said...

Oh - LOL at Art!!

MyUtopia said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your blog, you always have something interesting to post. Keep up the great work .

m said...

hey, i scored a 60. at least you can't accuse me of stalking you!

Logophile said...

Wow, I've really been enjoying your birthday gift this last year.

Seamus said...

YAY!!!! Happy blogaversary too!!!! Glad you are in the sphere! :)

AndyT13 said...

Oh Jeez, I missed your birthday AND your blogiversary AND HNT?!?!
I suck. However, you ARE specifically mentioned in my count today so HB,HB, HNT and Happy Friday!

lime said...

alistair, you are most welcome, thank YOU

lecram, awwww, now i'm blushing, thank you!

cosima, thank you too. Re: my passion....i am not the one who wrote the quiz, teehee

art, thank you very much for IDing yourself, nice to meet you :)

susie, point well taken, all you hijackers should get hig scores so i may honor you differently and give whoever else high scores the crack at a post...

snavy, yo uand logo did indeed prove just that. gees i was howling laughing as i took the quiz

myutopia, thanks. you are one who has pointed me toward some wonderful books!

m, lol no i guess i can't. but can we stalk bertha???

logo, awww, thanks!

seamus, thanks. so glad you are too!

andy, were travelling, you're excused, you do not suck. you're a dear.

lime said...

oh and snavy....MWAH! i love you too hon. this is all your fault! here's a hanky. teeeheeee.

Breazy said...

Lime I feel so blessed to be able to communicate with you online. I know I don't email a lot or chat on yahoo a lot but I am not online a lot . I want to tell you that you have been a huge inspiration to me because I have saw you grow on here and now you are completely open about things and I love that . I know that if I had a problem I could contact you and you would help me through! I also know I don't get to participate in a lot of the HNT's on SWHAB but I really enjoy sharing that with all of you . So Happy First Blog Birthday ! I hope you have many more ! Love ya girl !

P.S. another thing that makes you special to me is that you are my sister in Christ ! That means the world to me.

Tommy said...

Sorry ... I'm just here for the ass pics. HA! I KILL ME! I scored a 70% I figured chocolate was way to easy so picked coffee instead ... boy was I wrong. Love ya hun. Happy bloggerversary. Have a good weekend and holla!

Moosekahl said...

I'm glad you started your blog a year ago, and I'm glad I found you as well. Thanks for being a part of my world as well. Have a great weekend

James Goodman said...

has it been a year already? i guess time does fly when you're having fun. I'm so very glad you decided to start the HOL. I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts.

ttfootball said...

wow Lime, what a great birthday present to us all. I remember finding this blog and going back through the archives and reading all the Trini Tuesdays hehehe. You are a great writer, most entertaining and full of wit. Keep it up!

tl said...

Happy anniversary as well , keep up the good posting.
I enjoy reading your view of the world.


lime said...

breazy, you're a dear and i've so enjoyed getting to know you better outside trivia. all the same things you said could be said about you too. big hugs, sis :D

tommy, coffee comes last on that list. i can't stand the stuff. hehe. but i think you're tops!

moose, thanks! glad to have intersected with you:D

james, hard to believe huh? it's been a ball! thnaks so much for being such a terrific and ling-standing part of it:D

tt, i was so encourgaed when youtold me i'd gotten things right with trini tuesday. it meant so much. glad you've added your perspective at your place too!

tl, thanks! and i love reading yours as well. you always make me smile.

RennyBA said...

I’m sorry I’m a bit late, but from the bottom of my heart: happy birthday and blogging anniversary Michelle!
This was really a great post to summarize your one year of experiences. Like you I feel blogging is a givers gain game and you have expressed it in a wonderful way. Thanks for all your kind words and we can all return the favours to you!
Now I wish you a lovely weekend and are looking forward to a new blogging friend year with you:-)

m said...

Happy Belated Birthday and Blogiversary, Michelle

ps or should I say Happy Bertha-day!

Fred said...

Happy everything, Lime! I love visiting...I just wish it could be more frequent.

lime said...

renny, so glad you said hello a couple of months ago so i could find your nordic perspective. thanks!

m, LOL. you rock!

fred, thanks, it's always nice to see you here or when you post at your place.

Nancy Drew said...

Lime you rock!!! Love the Calvin and Hobbes pic...and love your blog. Always kind, always fun, always human and educational and gutsy. Blogland would be so much poorer without you.


Brian said...

It really is hard to believe that it has been a year since you started blogging. I remember your posts with Snavvy and I remember visiting here for the first time. Then, as now, you are a gifted writer with a zest for life. I hope to have the privilege of reading you for many years to come.

lime said...

nancy, aww thanks. and who doesn't love c & h??

brian, hugs, hun. thank you. and likewise I hope to read you for many more years...

thanks to one and all.

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

sorry, quite late on the post... (yeeks, very late,)

erm, happy birthday, Mrs. Lime, (hands over daiseys,)
-and I bought this for you too, but got sort of hungry, so I saved you half, (hands over half chewed Cadbury bar, but rewrapped.)

Thanks for being here.
(Transplanted Pennsylvanians, who are New Yorkers, who are origionaly from 'Jersey, -but love Zerns, (and nearly married three separate women with bad perms and hooded sweatshirts that had something to do with 'PennState,' 'Temple,' or 'Eagles,' on them...
-well, we need somebody like you just to maintain sanity...

-So on behalf of all of us, here, happy birthday, (pulls out live box turtle,)
-damn it's uncomfortable sitting on that thing, and I don't think he liked it much either, all those weird sounds he was making,
--and did you know them bastards bite too?
--and they keep wanting to hear the same Billy Joel albums in the truck, again and again and again...)

So, yeah, anyway... thanks.