Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Weird Wednesday-Gmail Strikes Again

You may remember some time ago when I shared how an innocent remark in email set off Gmail's ad search engine. I then invited readers to email me with the craziest things they could think of in an attempt to generate more bizarre search results. I had about 3 people take me up on it and I can attest to the wackiness of their emails. You people are sick! I'm sooo proud....sniff...Unfortunately, Gmail was uncooperative and gave me very boring results.

Until this week when no one was even trying....

Phaedrous posted about several things he was thankful for. I commented by saying I was thankful for finding him in the blogosphere and some other things. With permission from him, here is part of the subsequent exchange.

He sent the following email:
You say the nicest things. I appreciate your companionship along the journey.

I responded:
I wouldn't say them if I didn't mean them. I also thankful to be so warmly welcomed on the journey.

All pretty innocent, straightforward, stuff right? Of course gratitude is not the easiest thing for a marketer. They need to create dissatisfaction that drives demand for a product. What could Gmail's ad search possibly do with this?

Get ready. I am NOT making this up. You may love my memes (or hate them). And my twisted sense of humor has been the source of serious befuddlement to others for many years but this?? Even my warped mind never would have linked a couple of people appreciating each other with...

Bird-Diaper Avian Flight Suits Stylish flight suits for your bird. Protects your home!

They offer costumes from parakeet size to goose size. Now let me tell you, if you have never been around geese they are some of the nastiest birds you'd ever desire to get a strangle hold on. I would pay serious money to watch one of these birdbrain designers actually dress a goose in one of their creations.

On one page selling avian attire for smaller birds they want you to note that smaller costumes do NOT come with hats. Awwww man! But I want a beret for my budgie!!! Is it me, or does that just sound wrong on too many levels?

Oh the indignity of being Santa Macaw.

If you have a larger bird you can get this hot little biker bird ensemble Biker Birdie!Reduced from Regular Price of $36.99Code: L-BikerStarting at: $26.99

Ten dollars off? What a bargain!! But for $27 I think there ought to be some chaps to go with this get up.

If they start offering French maid costumes and Avian dominatrix gear I am going to really wonder about these people.


Phain said...

I will full on snort with laughter to see a bird in crotchless leather pants!!!!!

Sheri said...

omg - now I know I've seen it ALL. What could possibly top this?


Anonymous said...

What scares me, is that there are people who actually use these things on birds.

I think they might be on par with the birds as far as IQ goes.

m said...

It must have been your comment on the "journey"....the marketers apprently thought you were planning on flying!

How do you get the birds into the outfits? That is hilarious.

PS I love french maid outfits. If I had a bird we could dress in matching outfits(but only if it was boy bird!)

Anonymous said...

Ah shucks. I feel like a proud parent, er "brooder?" except most of my little birdie buddies have flown south for the winter and the ones that are left are "way" too tough for those little sissy suits.

Good work, Lime. Keep Gmail rolling.


Tommy said...

ROFLMAO! I'm personally looking for the dominatrix outfit. I loves me some spankings by my toucan. And don't even get me started on my cockatoo. My mom told me this joke (when I was 14.)

Mom: What's a cockatoo?
Me: dunno.
Mom: One or two of them.
Me: **

Yeah we've been a twisted lot for years.

barefoot_mistress said...

Oh wow, what a great idea! I am going to have to add parrot finery to my clothing line.

How does Urban Prairie Parrot sound?

Jodes said...

bird costumes? that is just some great pics for you today!!!! 3 day stuff.

MyUtopia said...

Too crazy, I totally choked on my water. How funny!

snavy said...

Santa Maccaw!!! That's priceless!! (I mean the picture not the outfit)

steve said...

Dang it girl LMAO!!

Seamus said...

DAMN!!!! ROFLMAO!!!! Such creativity and suckers to buy it!

Margie Blystone said...

I think the 'Village People' should include outfitted birds in their act.

rose_michelle said...

I guess that's what happens when the dog begins to fight after being put into a tutu one too many times!

Anonymous said...

Birds have the right to dress up silly too.:)
Watch any football game on the weekend and these bird outfits don't look too bad.

~TVS said...

That's too funny!