Monday, January 22, 2007

Assorted weekend crap

What excitement goes on at the House of Lime over the weekend. Does this question plague your mind? If it does, you really need to get a life. If it doesn't...well, feel free to move along because I'm about to share. Come to the circle, children. It's show and tell time.

Diana has been cursed (to her way of thinking) with the same unruly, curly mop of hair I have only in red. She has become a devotee of straightening irons. She and Calypso got it in their heads that they needed to straighten my hair. Here are the results. Mr. Lime and Isaac absolutely hated it. I'd never go to the bother of doing it myself but it was sort of interesting and strange.

We also got a new desk. I have hated the old one since the day we got it and it was falling apart. It was falling apart and sagging under the strain of my impending avalanche of debris it ususally contains, though I had cleaned it off for Christmas and managed not to let it get completely awful since then. In any event, we assembled the new desk and I put everything back together. It looked so nice all neat and tidy. I had to take a picture. Of course this may be the only time in its life span when it is ever this clean so do enjoy the view. Bonus is you can see the new paint job in the background. Ain't it purdy??

For Christmas we got cable TV. Yes, I know the rest of the nation finds it weird that we are only now getting cable. Heck, our friend from Bolivia, which is the porest nation in South America, even has cable at home. So here we are just joining the 21st century and some interesting trends are occuring. Diana is absolutely thrilled to be able to watch Bonanza to her heart's content (so much for modernity). Seems an odd choice for a 16 year old girl but it beats MTV. We all have gone a bit bonkers for Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs. The girls tortured me with some countdown of 101 crimes of fashion or somesuch while they straightened my hair. Seems I have the top ten pretty well covered. I wear tie-dye, Birkenstocks with socks, have visible panty lines and still own 'mom jeans.' but in my defense the girls convinced me to buy mid rise boto cut jeans last year so maybe there is hope. I'm not giving up my birks or tie dye though and if you think i'm gonna walk around with a piece of butt-floss wedged up in my rear end you are out of your mind. Scratch that, I think there is precious little hope I will ever make the best dressed list. Ask me how much I care.....


Breazy said...

Both of my girls use straightening irons. I love Bonanza ! I will never make the best dressed list either because I refuse to go around half naked . Nor will I ever wear the butt floss string wedged up my rear end . It would be embarrassing if I did because I would spend all my time pulling that thing out . The way I see it is if people don't like the way I am dressed then they can turn their head and find someone that is dressed to their liking ! I hope you have a good day !

Btw.. I like your hair better all unruly . It looks nice straightened but I like the unruly much better !

James Goodman said...

Welcome to the age of technoloy, lol. :D

Anonymous said...

having spent the morning filling 2 bin bags with old toys.. clearing a new 5ft squared space in the living room and now having a break before i move on to the paper monster on my desk i am exeedingly jealous. oh for drawers.

my sis and i gave my mum money for new proper waisted and length trousers this christmas and i went shopping with her to make sure!

as for birkenstocks.. love em. but with SOCKS???

i like your wild hair best as well, though this looks nice too.

well done on the productive weekend.

Anonymous said...

I have cable for my internet connection but I sold my only TV....go figure haha

steve said...

Hmmmmmmmm could the next thing be cable internet for the house of lime??

Have a great Monday!

ShyRocket said...

Welcome to the age of cable... now you have to watch out for The Cable Guy... a good horror story to tell during circle time!

Jodes said...

happy monday.

Ameratis said...

Now Lime you know they say to floss at least once a day LOL...just kidding!

Have a great Monday!

lime said... and me working the catwalk, ok?

james.....looking up from my stone tablet and chisel, why thank you

keda, it's winter! i need to the wooly socks to keep my tootsies warm!

bks, funny:)

steve, lol, we've actually had that for 3 years

shy, no butt cracks allowed!

jodes, happy monday to you too

ameritis, shall i use the same floss in both places?? :P

barefoot_mistress said...

LOL You look cute with straightened hair, although it does look a little unnnatural!

Ok yes it is strange that Diana wants to watch Bonanza...but....mighty hunters need inspiration too!

I sorta kinda want a tv!

Blither said...

I love those shows!!! I do I do I do!! If you like those you should check out Modern Marvels- Addictive. I'm a discover/history channel junkie. I annoy my son to death.

I to have a teenage girl infected with curlitis. Poor thing is straightening her hair to death. I beg to see the her leave the curls.. Never! Pfft!

Happy Monday Limey!

Anonymous said...

You look FAB!

You can still wear the Birks and Tie Dyes. If you don't believe me, tune in to The History Channel...

The hair is great..Really!

Anonymous said...

I had a computer desk that was as tidy as that once. Thankfully it didn't stay that way long. Now it looks lived in.


Logophile said...

I went through a hair straightening phase, too much effort and if it's humid Im curly again within hours so I gave it up.
Mythbusters is AWESOME! So is Modern Marvels,Blither called that one.
Discovery and TLC and History channel, yay!

Anonymous said...

I DO love the hair Michelle.
You look so elegant and beautiful.

Well the eye roll thing is not elegant, but you are beautiful..

Sheri said...

We love Mythbusters! The other night they proved that pirates wear eye patches to help with night vision, not becuase they lost an eye. How cool is that! And here I thought I knew everything.

I love your hair straight or curly! My hair couldn't get any starighter if it tried and Hannah loves for me to straiten her hair. She even gets up early to do it.

snavy said...

I too like your hair both ways.

I finally fit back into my mid-rise bootcut jeans. I'm gonna have to start wearing low-rise underwear now though - lol.

Anonymous said...

I like the new desk and color.

We have cable internet but only the local TV stations. I liked the history channel and maybe a couple of others, but mostly I don't miss it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I prefer your natural curl but the straight looks good for a change. Plus, quality time with your daughter while she plays hairdresser, can't beat that.(-:

I am amazed about how the straight, flat look is so *IN* now. When I was a kid, having completely flat hair was something the kids teased other kids about (as was having naturally curly hair)

Apparently somewhere in between straight and curly was *the look* back in the late 70's and early 80's,

~TVS said...

Welcome to the future.... We were talking about Dirty Jobs at lunch today. Sort of makes our (teaching) jobs seem not so bad! I like Mythbusters too. Those shows are as close as I get to "reality" TV.

lime said...

bare, it felt really wierd...

blither, she needs to embrace the curl

g-man, thank you but mr lime begs to differ on the hair and i am far too lazy to maintain it

tl, i like how your mind works

logo, i'm with you on all counts

sheri, that episode was really a fun one, we caught it too

snavy, i do actually avoid granny panties so the kids couldn't get me on that.

apple, thanks!!

m, you're absolutely right about the quality time

tvs, i could get very addicted very quickly

BTExpress said...

I love tie dye, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs and visible pantie lines, but there is something about butt floss that is hot too. I'm not too fond of spending too much time on my hair. Just wet it, comb it back and let nature take it's course.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those weird pepole who used to have cable but don't have it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Make your daughter do it every week. You are the MOM!..,And a lovely MOM at that!

Anonymous said...

I alternate between straightening with iron and curling with different iron. Multiple personalities and all....

Love the wall color and computer desk.

Tell Diana that Bonanza is all well and great -- until you have to haul water to the house to flush!!!!!!


lime said...

btexpress...low maintenance is the way to go

gary, i feel better now

g-man, i can't be bothered. lol

apj, thanks! yeah, bucket flushes are no fun

Anonymous said...

I am a Birki devotee and own three pairs. In the Hong Kong summer heat, they are the most comfortable shoes to wear. We should do a group Birki HNT!

Anonymous said...

I love Dirty Jobs, Mike has a great attitude towards filth!

Anonymous said...

My hair is naturally curly... It takes 45 minutes to straighten - I don't have time for that!! I wear it curly, or up. From shower to out the door it takes me 30 minutes... I think that's pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks cute! But I imagine its a pain in the ass!!

And I love the desk. We need a new one too. Where did you get yours??

Anonymous said...

I like the curl natural hair too I think. And the boy and I are addicted to Mythbusters too...I have been known to stay up watching one episode after another on Wednesday nights till 1 am even though Thursday start at 5 for me :)

Anonymous said...

ancient thread, but I'm catching up on stuff....
-Straightened hair.. two words: Julianne Moore, (way straightened hair... majorly majorly..) -yours looks good either way.

Desk... nice desk, definite color you can have in the house when you have hunters and dead critters hanging up on the wall... balance.

Pa. and Cable.'s Pennsylvania. (Do you still heat with coal?)

Butt Floss:
-really nice desk, and did I mention Julianne Moore straightens her hair???