Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Trini Tuesday-You Know You're a Trini When...

Cleaning out my old desk yielded all manner of surprising finds. Among them was a book mark with this list on it...

You Know You're a Trini When...

  • You reach where you're going at least an hour late.
  • You point with your lips.
  • You call hanging out 'liming.'
  • The word 'storm' has nothing to do with the weather.
  • You refer to soda pop as 'sweet drink.'
  • You say 'Old Year's Night' instead of 'New Year's Eve.'
  • You refer to avocado as 'zaboca.'
  • You call hard candy 'sweetie.'
  • You call all hot drinks (coffee, cocoa, milo, tea) 'tea.'
  • You could wine and get on bad.
  • You like eating doubles for breakfast.
  • You wash 'wares' after a meal.
  • You say 'boy' to everyone, ususally at the beginning of a sentence.
  • You end a sentence with 'man.'
  • You like to call people by hissing.
  • You nod your head upwards to greet someone.
  • You show disappointment by 'steupsing' (also called sucking teeth).
  • You shorten your sentences, like 'Whayahsayin?' or 'Whahappenin?'
  • You say 'twenTAY' (20) instead of 'twenTEE' like other English speakers.
  • You speak of leaving your hair 'open' instead fo 'loose.'
  • You start gearing down for the weekend by lunchtime on Friday.

And I'll add...You know what these things mean and find them funny.

So how Trini are you?

Happy Trini Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I'm always early
I just can't call you boy
I would never hiss at you

I'm not very Trini...but I would like some tea, and it would be awesome to lime with you!....G

ttfootball said...

Doubles, breakfast of champions!!!

ttfootball said...

p.s. better you dan me to go an do audio post

(might still think about it as soon as I figure out how hehe)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have doubles for breakfast. In German you also leave your hair "offen" (open). And although Germans are known for punctuality everyone who met me, knows that that's an unfair stereotype :).

The TriniGourmet said...

"You speak of leaving your hair 'open' instead fo 'loose.'"

haha never thought of that one before in that way :) reminds me of how in college i was offending people by telling them 'i'll pass by your room later'... they thought i was saying that i would walk past their door and not say hi!!!!

they also were confused by me saying 'goodnight' as a hello :D

barefoot_mistress said...

Heh Now I wanna hang out with you in real life and see how much of this stuff that you do.

Some of my Indian habits:
I say "uh" of "ah" instead of uh huh or yeah or I gotcha...
I have the one head waggle down for a nice gesture.
I eat without my silverware alot.
I call everyone beta
I say Achaaa alot, which means OK
And I also say Chalo a lot which means lets go, or you go, or get out of here!
And some of the best things about it are that I dont ever feel like I have not enough, I have plenty of what I need, always....

Ok thats all..

Breazy said...

What are those doubles made of ? I know some that could actually pass for Trini! Thanks for the laughs and have a good day!

Logophile said...

Very good, I refuse to think about how many foreign mannerisms I've retained.
But doubles for breakfast sound LOVELY!

lime said...

you take your tea with sweetened condensed milk?

tt, i feelin fuh dem

cosima, i am sort of in between the german and trini ideals timewise

gourmet, the 'ggodnight' thing is a great example!

bare, achaaa beta

breazy, the pancake looking part is a split pea dough and the innards are curried chick peas

logo, they are rib stickers

Anonymous said...

meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

That was fun reading lime.
Sometimes you can enjoy a culture you've lived in even more when you're away.

Anonymous said...

Well.. I'm not too Trini!

* I start sentences with "Yo, wassup" and I'm not at all ebonic.

* As a full blooded Canadian I DO use "Eh" at the end of sentences (but not all the time).

* I call people by saying, "Hey hey!" or "Yo"

* Candy is candy to me.

* I DO use "Boy" alot, tho - but at the END of a sentence, not the beginning. (ie: "That was some good food, boy!" - I'm starting to think that I was a black man in a past life... could happen!)

* I have called coffee, "Tar-bean Tea" before in my writings!

* Hanging out is: Chillaxin' or "Getting together".

* When greeting someone, I actually slightly bow... something to do with working for a Korean company..

I think I'm a little fucked up... I'm a white guy, who speaks english with a french accent sometimes.. and speaks french with an english accent, I'm prone to using ebonics in some of my greetings, and I bow ... I'm ONE-EIGHTH Algonquin indian, which explain my propencity for enjoying alcohol, but i thoroughly enjoy chinese food...

I think it's official: I'm weird.

Anonymous said...

great list! I am always on time : )

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention two things:

1) When I open a bottle of wine: "I'm letting it air!"

2) When I want you to shut the lights off, I ask you if you could please, "close the lights".

Ya.. NOW it's official.

lecram sinun said...

Now that's a nice slice of Trini life. A big MMMM on doubles. Though I've been going the Malaysian route of late with breakfast... to great delight.


~TVS said...

Okay, what does 'storm' have to do with?

Obviously my Trini quotient is pretty close to zero, but it is on the list of place I want to visit before I die!

lime said...

tc, glad you enjoyed

alro, that is quite a cultural mix up you are working!

myutopia, we'll have to work on that teehee

lecram, they are diana's favorite and sadly i never learned the trick of making the bara, although i can curry the chickpeas

tvs, storm means to gate crash a paying funtion

Anonymous said...

Aint never been anywhere near Trinidad (unfortunately) but this post had me sucking air between my teeth and saying aloud things like "Whayahsayin" and "Twen-tay"... I think I might fit right in as a Trini now! :-)

snavy said...

Sounds like fun -- wanna take me sometime?

Blither said...

hEH.. lol take snavy! LOL

Blither said...

s9rrn6y wine

Anonymous said...

seems brazilians and trinis have a lot in common. Except Brazilians starting gearing down for the weekend on wednesday lunchtime.
Oh and nothing, but nothing gets done until after Carnival.

Anonymous said...

I might have been displaced at birth :) A few of those things "fit". Hope you are having a great week!

Karel Mc Intosh said...

I like being early. Howe very unTrini of me :)

Otherwise, I'm a Trini all-round. Revelled in it during my stint in England. And I let my English get bad, bad, bad. So bad, that when I returned home, even my friends were like "wham to you gyul".