Monday, January 29, 2007

Top Cat Tag

Top Cat tagged me to list ten of my favorite things that begin with the Letter K. So here goes...

Kindness: We all need to show more of this because aren't we all touched by it when we receive it?

Kay, Karen, Kim, Kris, Kathy: K seems to be a popular intial in my extended family for a particular generation, all those ladies are relatives of mine.

Kitchen: Mine has always been something of a sanctuary. I had a teeny weeny galley kitchen for years. Now I have a nice big eat-in kitchen with a fabulous stove and dishwasher. I was ok with my old one, I love my new one. Cooking, listening to my music and dancing long as I don't have to hurry it's bliss.

The Kingsmen: Their version of Louie Louie is just too fun. In fact, when I was a teenager 93.3FM WMMR in Philadelphia used to sponsor an annual Louie Louie parade. Anyone could enter a band or a float or anything. The only stipulation was everyone could only play Louie Louie. I can't hear the song and not want to groove on it. Isaac is my little lover of classic rock and he has figured out the opening to it on his trombone...the madness lives on!

Kenya: When I moved back here from Trinidad I had a very hard re-entry. Around that same time I met my very dear friend Regina who is from Kenya. She was here under less than preferred circumstances and had been enduring her own rough adjustment period. We just understood each other better than anyone else around us and a beautiful friendship was born. I was honored when she told me she thought I was more Kenyan in spirit than American and that she felt she could take me home and not be afraid I'd look down on anything there. She taught me some very yummy Kenyan dishes to make and we always enjoyed sipping some Kenyan chai together. I'd very much like to visit Kenya with her. Oh, did I also mention she is from the Kamba tribe? More Ks!!

King, Martin Luther, Jr.: He's been one of my heroes since I was a child. What can I possibly say that hasn't been said before...amazing man of strength and conviction.

Kids: The world and everything in it is brand new to them. I love their wonder at learning about it. I love their enthusiasm. I love seeing their minds work. I love when they can teach me something.

Knowledge: I love to learn new things. And although I can't remember where I put my keys or that I have to get a kid to an orthodontist appointment unless there are 37 notes left around the house I can tell you that Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar which is one the the world's major vanilla producers and the only place to which lemurs are indigenous. Clearly, I am a vast repository of useless knowledge. I do have an appreciation for practical knowledge too...

Kidneys: Let's face it, we'd all be in very bad shape without at least one properly functioning kidney. I'm quite fond of mine.

Knitting: I'm not especially skilled in this area. I'm a little better at crochet. I have so many fond memories of my Nana knitting something whether it was for me or someone else. I still have blankets she made and sweater sets she knits for each of my babies. When I curl up under an afghan it's like a hug from her. I would like to redevelop some skill at knittting.

Kisses: The chocolate ones by Hershey are a treat. And then there are....soft nibbly kisses on earlobes or lower lips, little pecks of kisses on cheeks or noses, airy kisses on closed eyes, tender or passionate meetings of lips, lingering explorations from head to toe with various rest stops in between....yummy!!

I think Robert Burns said it well...

To A Kiss

Humid seal of soft affections,
Tend'rest pledge of future bliss,
Dearest tie of young connections,
Love's first snow-drop, virgin kiss.
Speaking silence, dumb confession,
Passion's birth, and infants' play,
Dove-like fondness, chaste concession,
Glowing dawn of brighter day.
Sorrowing joy, adieu's last action,
Ling'ring lips, -- no more to join!
What words can ever speak affection
Thrilling and sincere as thine!

Yes, I know that was 11, not 10. When have you ever known me to do a meme straight??

If anyone wants to play along let me know in the comments and I will assign you a letter.


KFarmer said...

I don't think it's kismet that I am digging your K's, you're the best :)

Anonymous said...

Michelles hair, and and comments at times.
Limes sense of humor.
Whichever way it's spelled, thats our Michelle Trini Limey!

Mornin Lime.

lime said...

kfarmer, another fine contribution!

g-man, i konsidered using kinky for my hair but i already had 11 things.

Anonymous said...

Kool meme! Maybe you and I can practice knitting together because I would love to learn how . I hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said... are so good at doing memes I think you could be a professional
Great answers, I loved reading them.
Thanks for playing along.
You're really KOOL.:)

steve said...

Kisses thats what I'm talkin about!!

Ameratis said...

I would love to play along :) Can you give me a letter, please!

I laughed at the kidneys part, oh so true and serious what you mean but still quite humorous to put :)

I can't wait to have a nice kitchen in which to cook as well, my sardine can at the moment does not allow too much moving room.

Anonymous said...

Well done, I applaud you.
I do so love knowing that I am not the only one who has this particular skew on knowledge. The two most common questions about what I know or don't know;
"Why the heck do you know THAT?" and
"How on earth can you not remeember THAT?"
Ah well, what can you do?
Go ahead and give me a letter, I'll try not disgrace this fine tradition.

lol ;P
word veri -dumelf
Legolas' lesser known, handicapped brother

lime said...

breazy, want to brave the cold up here and come knit with me by the fire?

tc, thankyouthankyou. did you just call me a cigarette?

steve, pucker up! :*

ameratis, terrific, take a tag with letter T!

logo, you are my kindred soul, with your very vast knowledge i challenge you to the letter V

barefoot_mistress said...

You forgot

Ameratis said...

I finished my T list! Thanks for tagging me :)

snavy said...

Always the rebel Ms. Lime!!

lime said...

bare, hwo coudl i forget that!!! hijackin krazies, krazy krazy hurrah hurrah!

ameratis...on my way to chekc

snavy, see me in my james dean pose?

DaMasta said...

Hehe.. cute poem! And, you, yourself are quite poetic in your writings and answers.. that's one thing I love about your blog, you have such a passionate way of speaking/writing! I can see you at home anywhere, you seem to have an open heart and an accepting nature! :)

DaMasta said...

Oh, and I'll take a letter! :)

Botmun said...

I am a K too.. and no one put me on their list so far ... :(
hint, hint, hint... :D

lime said...

damasta, thank you for the kind words. how about J for you...

Anonymous said...

Interesting K(ey)-words memo and I just loved the end:-)

Sheri said...

Great meme Michelle! I would lov to do this but I can't commit myself to anything right now. Lif is getting in the way and I'm spinning out of control busy right now.

Just wanted to say hi!

Anonymous said...

'...that's right Philadelphia, we want ALL of you out there to do just












(DeBella is DeBomb...)

---Though Pierre Roberre talking about Minerva his Microbus, (and saying 'God Bless the Grateful Dead.' still warms me..

(Believe it or not, a girl from Philly --who never even Heard of Fresno, read one of my post on Famous???
-and wanted to know if I had a ticket from the DeBella DeBall,(or anything from the Louie-Louie Parade,) for the scavenger hunt he was doing last year... (sadly... no.) -She also knew one of the members of Beru Revue, (he's her neighbor.)

Oh.... the stories.

-Like waking up and looking outside your back window of your 3rd floor row home apartment,
down on Thirteenth and Spruce,
and finding a whole Sunday Inqui, ALL over the fire-escape
(It was beautiful, looked like it was a forest...)
(took a while to clean up, though.)

-and half of a huge orange foam rubber dildo,
that had landed seven feet from the window,
(not so beautiful...)

Remind me to tell you the story about the after hours club we went to freshman year, where the tall fetching lass sitting next to me turned out to be, um, a guy, (with tennis ball buzies...)

Phila... far from boring... (Far from the 21st. Century as well, but still, -far from boring...)

(Garrison Keillors broadcast from there this past weekend wasn't exactly flattering either... whuf..)

pretzels for breakfast, (with mustard.)

Anonymous said...

hey Lime...thanks for dropping by...that link was'll email you the track when i get home tonight ok...??? xxx