Friday, February 16, 2007

Da Count-This Makes Me So Very Happy

I was looking for some actual footage of Blood, Sweat and Tears performing You've Made Me So Very Happy because a very dear friend who left this world 2 years ago today enjoyed it so much. I found other songs but not that one. Then I found this guy singing the medley and I knew that my friend, with his love of silliness, would have LOVED seeing a chinese guy with a bad combover and a shiny psychedelic jacket do this song.

His time here was too damned short but I'm counting that it was long enough for us to intersect and for me to have warm and wonderful memories. I'm counting his crazy sense of humor which he never lost. I'm counting his generous and gentle spirit.

I miss you but...I'm so glad you came into my life.

Since we've had a couple of snow days this week, here's another one of his favorites.


G-Man said...

Always thinking of your friends Limey, whether they are with us or not.

..Oh we know who really likes the jacket!

Have a great 4 straight days home with the kiddies.....Galen

Anonymous said...

that was funny and I bet your friend is smiling.
Thank you for sharing your memory of your friend.

James Goodman said...

a very touching tribute to your friend, Lime. Thank you for sharing.

Jodes said...

lovely tribute. have a great weekend.

Ameratis said...

I love that first song and I love even more that he says " You make me so wery happy!" the accent is awesome!

Great count Lime!

logo™ said...

Good job,
well chosen songs and many hugs to you
Love ya, Limey

barefoot_mistress said...

Someone is up there having a good laugh!

Lacquer, Semi-Gloss Lacquer said...

nicely put.

(that's alot of class coming from someone couped up with an ice storm, three rammy rugrats, and a lot of tie-dye.)

MyUtopia said...

Great clips!

lime said...

g-man, the jacket is a bit too shiny for my tastes.

tc, yes, i think he'd smile ear to ear at this

james, thank you for taking time to enjoy it

jodes, thanks, you too

ameratis, of all the renditions i saw by other artists, even though this guy was funny, i actually thought he was the best too.

logo, thank you, i needed that

susie, i can hardly believe it myself...

lacquer, suggesting my judgement has been affected? lol

myutorpia, glad you enjoyed

lecram sinun said...

LOL! A delightful count all around, Lime. (If we kept our asses in the afterlife) he would be laughing it off right now! You remembering him this way is a wonderful celebration of his life.

BTW... I love the "yeah, this a paying gig" look on the faces of the musicians for Mr. Vegas. lol!

snavy said...

Great songs!! And, a lovely da count.

damasta said...

I can't see the videos (i'm at work), but I wanted to wish you a happy friday, and like snav said, a lovely da count. :)

RennyBA said...

They where great - one of my favorites. I so much remember the movie: The Owl and the Pussycat:-)

SignGurl said...

Lisa Loeb! Mr. Sign worked at a radio station and Lisa came in to do a promo and sang to him on the air. He's still swooning.

What an awesome tribute, Lime.

Cosima said...

Lol... that's coolness personified!

That's a wonderful tribute to your friend. Smiling, happy memories are the best.

Manny said...

I love this song!

Tommy said...

Lime, this is a GREAT post. I know he's smiling down and snickering at this. I'm also sure he misses you as much as you miss him. It's amazing how close we can get to our internet friends, isn't it. I miss you and hope you are doing well. Holla!

Dan said...

Lime, you're very sweet. I'll bet your friend was very glad you were a part of his life as well.

G-Man said...

( A lonely DJ in his sound booth at 1:10 am )

...this is KLYM, Kay-Lime Radio, you are the 20th caller! Congratulations on winning that free Tie Dye seminar at the Alleghenny Art Fair.
In addition to your Grand Prize, you've won 2 tickets to the local stage production of Mennonite Madness!
..please stay on the line.

keda said...

awww that was lovely.

and smiley :)

airplanejayne said... have now made me SO VERY HAPPY..... and yes, I will be singing this for the rest of the day... really....thanks...

lime said...

lecram, good point! i missed the faces on the other musicioans until you pointed it out. i was distracted by the jacket

snavy, thanks

damasta, i hope youcan see them at home

renny, glad youenjoyed!

sign, that is totally cool!

lime said...

cosima, ya gotta dig it!

manny, so glad

tommy, big hugs. thanks...i miss you too ya big special lug

dan, thanks so much

g-man, brilliant!!! LOL

keda, glad you'rwe smiling

apj, dance on the bus for me will ya?

airplanejayne said...

::swinging from pole on the bus::

"take it to the bridge now. Tie-Dyed babe...blah-blah-blah I'll be your slave
blah-blah-blah I'm bringing paisley back.."

KFarmer said...

A very nice post for a friend- It's funny how songs remind of us of those who have crossed over. I wonder if they feel our love? I hope so :)

Jodes said...

where is everyone??? it's monday.